Apps don’t work on my Samsung TV

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To install a browser from Yandex on a TV, you need to do the same as in the previous paragraph. Open the catalog of programs from Samsung. Find “Yandex Browser” there (not to be confused with Yandex TV). Start installation and run the program through the appropriate menu. Synchronization of data between TV, PC and gadgets is also available here. And the interface did not disappoint. So when choosing between Yandex Browser and Google Chrome, only mail and search engine will differ.

How to update browser on Samsung Smart TV

Over time, the Samsung Smart TV browser may slow down, stop loading videos on web pages, or close spontaneously. The obvious solution is to change the software version to the current one. But this can be done only by completely updating the TV software version through the settings. In this case, the device will offer to install a new firmware via the Internet, or using a flash drive.

Review of browsers for Samsung Smart TV

Older Samsung models, as well as some new models from the budget segment, run OS Tizen. With access to the network, everything is much more complicated there than on Android TV. In the latter, the Play Market allows you to use anything from FireFox to Dolphin.

But Tizen is not a problem either. Here, too, it is quite possible to “google” something or read the news. The branded browser is installed by default. All you need to launch it is Internet access. The browser is in the list of applications of the SmartHub service (or App TV. depending on the model). Its interface appears when you press the button of the same name on the remote control (it is often hexagonal). Just find “WebBrowser” in the list and click on the icon. The system will download and install the web browser.

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Browser on Samsung Smart TV

If the browser “dulls” and crashes, and the video on the web pages does not play, this does not mean that it is time to run to the service center. The problem is almost always fixed by reinstalling. Refreshing the browser on your Samsung Smart TV is as easy as shelling pears. It is enough to follow the elementary instructions that even a child can cope with. Switching to a third-party analogue like Chrome is also no big deal. The main thing is that the TV supports changing the Internet browser.

Internet update

Following this instruction, you can simply and quickly change the software version to the current one:

  • Open Smart Hub, find the “Support” section in the menu.
  • Find the item “Software update”.
  • Select the line “Update via the Internet”.
  • Wait for the TV to check if new software versions are available.
  • If TV finds fresh software, you just need to confirm the download and installation. Next, the automatic update process will start.

It is better not to interrupt the process, especially since you should not pull the cable out of the socket. The operating system may be damaged, as a result, you will have to carry the TV to the service. Such a mistake is unlikely to turn into a serious check for repairs, but it will waste time and nerves.

Differences from the built-in app TV

Samsung TVs have a fairly functional browser. It is clear that in comparison with Windows counterparts, it is heavily curtailed. And yet he:

  • Works in multitasking mode. That is, it supports switching between multiple windows. The function works relatively quickly.
  • Supports HTML 5. the code that most sites run on, as well as Flash.
  • Controlled from smartphones via Tizen.
  • Offers a nice library of widgets.

Nevertheless, Chrome and Yandex Browser will be more convenient for most users. The interface is more familiar there, and the speed of work is better.

Disable or uninstall software that was installed shortly before the crash. Scan TV for viruses

To avoid conflicts between the software and the video hosting service, you will have to temporarily abandon programs and widgets installed at about the same time as the problem occurred. If there are several such programs, uninstall them one at a time. After deleting each, check if the problem is fixed.

Infection of Smart TV with malware often provokes several diverse problems at once. For example, the failure of certain applications and the failure of some system functions. A complete calculation of the symptoms of a viral infection of Android devices. in this article.

If the antivirus cannot cope with the malware, or YouTube does not recover after removing it, reset the system to factory settings.

Check if your TV is set up correctly and connected to the Internet

According to user reports, many of them noticed that YouTube stopped working on the TV after changing the system time, IP address (including by connecting to a VPN), region of residence or DNS servers in network settings.

Google services, which include YouTube, are blocked, for example, in China. If you set China as the country of your location in the settings, then access to the content of the video hosting will be closed for you. Therefore, to exclude the influence of the settings, return them to the state in which YouTube worked correctly.

In addition, the speed of the Internet connection, which can be pulled by other devices on your home network, affects the download and playback of videos. For example, computers when they are intensively playing or downloading torrents.

Eliminate System Function Failure

If, shortly before the problem appeared, you rolled back the TV firmware to factory settings, update it to the current version.

On old Smart TVs with a built-in YouTube application, the lion’s share of errors occurs precisely after resetting the system to its original state. After all, along with the firmware, the application rolls back to a version that is no longer supported. And when the system is updated, it is also automatically updated.

On TVs and set-top boxes, where the YouTube service is installed separately, the conceived problem is also solved by resetting and then updating the firmware. This simple operation eliminates system errors and creates conditions for the correct operation of the software.

Check your app version. Reinstall

It happens that a video hosting application is not something that does not work, but does not even want to be installed on TV. Perhaps this is because you are trying to put a version of YouTube for smartphones and tablets on your TV, because in the Google Play store, its icon looks the same as that of a TV.

The service application for Android TV can be downloaded here.

Check your Google account

If the video hosting starts up, but does not download content, go to its settings and click the sign out button, and then sign in again.

Check if other services, such as Gmail, are available for your Google account. Try to log in to YouTube with another user account.

If problems only arise in your account, check its settings and make sure that it is not blocked by security programs.

YouTube does not work on a TV with a Smart TV or set-top box

In the previous articles, we figured out what to do if YouTube video hosting won’t open on computer and mobile devices. Now it’s time to figure out why this service does not start or does not work correctly on Smart TV and set-top boxes. And also. learn how to restore its work in the event of a complete or partial failure.

Clear YouTube history, cache and saved data

Below is the sequence of actions on Android TV. If your TV is running a different operating system, this solution may not work for you.

  • Open system settings and go to the “Applications” section.
  • Find the YouTube service in the list, clear the cache and delete the data one by one.

If YouTube opens, but does not work correctly, for example, does not download content or does not read the playback ID, clearing the history sometimes helps:

  • Run the application.
  • In the left column menu, click the “Settings” button.
  • Clear browsing history (hourglass icon) and search history (magnifying glass icon) one by one.
  • After that, restart the application.

New instructions for installing applications on Samsung Tizen Smart TV J-series

Installing applications on Samsung Tizen Smart TV (up to firmware version 1412)

Copy the wgt file with the application to the / userwidget / USB folder of the flash drive. 2. Insert the USB flash drive into the TV. 3. The application will be installed on the TV. 4. To launch the application, press the Smart hub button on the remote control, select Popular. Applications. My App, select added app.

Installing applications on Samsung Tizen Smart TV (after firmware version 1412)

Install the latest versions of Java and Samsung Tizen SDK 2. In Tizen SDK, go to the Samsung TV SDK menu. Preference. Samsung TV SDK. Security profiles, click the Add button, click the Generate button 3. Create an empty project in the Tizen SDK File. New. Tizen Web Project 4. Replace the contents of the project with the files of your application (.html, config.xml, icon, etc.) 5. Right-click on the project folder. Build Package 6. Connect the TV to the same network as the computer 7. On the TV, go to the Smart Hub menu. Applications. My App (My App)

It is better to manipulate the TV first. The development mode can be checked in “My Apps“. there will be a red inscription “Developer mode”. If it did not work to switch to development mode, you must enter the Smart Hub under the account “develop”.

Sequentially press on the remote control 1 2 3 4 5 9. In the window that appears, set the switch to “ON”, enter the local IP address of the computer with Tizen SDK, click “OK” 10. Restart the TV, first turning off the Power button, and then pulling out the plug from outlet 11. In Tizen SDK, on ​​the Connection Explorer tab, open Remote Device Manager

Allowing the TV to install apps on the TV is very important as it transfers the security certificates that Samsung has previously signed. It is easy to do, after connecting the TV, a device with IP TV will appear in the “Connection Explorer”. Right-click on it and select the “Permit to install applications” item. You can read more about creating certificates and allowing to install applications here.

Add a device with the New button, enter an arbitrary name and IP address of the TV, leave the Port field unchanged (26101) 13. Click Connect, the new device should appear in the Connection Explorer 14 list. Right-click on the package with the application (.wgt). TV Web Application (Emulator / Device)

Does not open

Sometimes a problem with the operation of the service occurs due to an overload of the processor or memory of the Smart TV. If there is no YouTube, although it worked before, you need to turn off and then turn on the TV.

how to fix crashing app or app not working on any smart tv

Another common reason for an application to disappear is the presence of viruses. If YouTube is missing, check your internet connection speed. Most often, site failures depend precisely on the signal level.


The main reason that the program does not start is the lack of Internet access. If the firmware update does not help, then you need to contact the service center.

Sometimes the TV model does not support installing the app. In this case, you can use the built-in browser to monitor the popular application. It is important to remember that for YouTube to work correctly, the browser must play Flash and HTML5.

Problem type

How to fix the program depends a lot on the type of problem you are experiencing. You can choose recovery options only after determining the root cause of the service disruption. You can carry out the initial diagnostics yourself, without the help of a wizard.

The reasons

To choose the best way to solve the problem, you need to diagnose all external connection errors of the application. The most common reasons for YouTube not working on a Samsung TV are:

  • updating and changing the standards of the service itself;
  • system errors;
  • technical failure on the side of the site;
  • termination of support for this TV model;
  • uninstalling the program.

The application can be restored. This is done in two ways: by updating the TV’s firmware or by installing a new version of YouTube. Sometimes errors occur due to technical work on the service. In this case, the program will start working on its own after a while.

Important! Models released before 2012 are not compatible with this app. In such cases, it may be necessary to install additional equipment.

Does not turn on

If YouTube Samsung stops showing, you need to check your internet connection. Sometimes the service is suspended due to a technical failure on the side of the site. In this case, you need to reboot the system and reinstall the application.

Installation instructions for the new version.

  • Select the section “My Applications” in the main menu of Google Play.
  • Find YouTube in the list and select the item to uninstall the program.
  • Confirm the action on the remote control.
  • After uninstalling the old version, you need to install the new one. To do this, select it in the search bar. After that, find your TV model in the list and click on the “Update” button.

Why YouTube Doesn’t Work on Samsung TV and How to Fix?

YouTube is a one-stop video viewing service. Due to its wide possibilities, the site is very popular with spectators of all ages. Modern Samsung TVs automatically connect to the Internet and open access to this program. However, in some cases, the application stops working. There are several simple ways to restore it to work.

No download

If the reason for the lack of download of the program is the software operation, you can restore the factory settings of the TV. The update procedure can restore the correct operation of not only YouTube, but also other applications.

How to return?

It is no longer possible to restore an application that is missing and missing from the toolbar. You will not be able to return the official version, even if you use the reset of user settings and flashing.

There is an easy way to use the program if you install its counterpart. You can do this yourself using any device connected to the Internet.

How to Fix Samsung Smart TV Apps Not Loading || Samsung TV Apps Not Working

Installing a similar app:

  • Download the program and install it on your TV.
  • Unzip the file and save it to a USB flash drive. The name of the document must duplicate the name of the service.
  • Disconnect the TV from the power supply and connect the USB flash drive.
  • Turn on the TV, after which you will need to immediately launch Smart Hub. The YouTube icon should appear in the list of available applications.

Simple solution for old TVs

Most often, the problems of the absence or incorrect operation of the YouTube application are easy to install yourself. If none of the above methods helped to solve the problem, then it would be best to contact the service center for help.

What to do if the YouTube app does not respond to Smart TV, see below.

Why YouTube doesn’t work on Samsung TV: reasons and what to do?

What to do if YouTube does not work on Samsung TV? The YouTube utility is in great demand among people of all ages. This is due to the fact that the site provides an opportunity to watch movies, TV series, educational or scientific videos and music videos. You need to connect to the Internet and open the program. If you have any problems with the application, we recommend using the recovery instructions.

Why YouTube doesn’t work on Samsung Smart TV: reasons

To solve any problem, you need to understand the reasons. You ask yourself the question: “Why isn’t YouTube working on a Samsung TV?” We offer a list of the most likely causes:

The program refuses to work with TVs “younger” 2012. With the help of additional devices, you will not be able to bypass the restrictions.

Error 400 in YouTube on Samsung TV

Error 400 is the most common cause of failure. According to official data, the error occurs in case of network problems. But in practice, users report a crash in the event of a clogged cache and problems with the login account. Therefore, to get rid of the problem, try clearing the download folder. An excessive amount of data leads to program failures and other troubles. Cleaning is needed in case of braking during video playback. To remove the cache:

  • in the smartphone settings, open the Applications folder;
  • find the name “YouTube” in the list;
  • scroll to the end and click on the “Clear.
  • check if the smartphone is connected to the mobile or home Internet;
  • enter the Play Store and click on the “My Games” button;
  • to update all available widgets, select “Update All”;
  • check if the procedure was successful.

Ways to Watch YouTube Videos

recently, YouTube could be used on small devices such as phones and tablets. Now offered in modern models. There are several options for taking advantage of YouTube on TV. If the utility icon disappeared on the screen, then use an additional gadget, a tablet or computer. Connect the device to your home internet and open the app. Find the button that allows you to transfer the screen from the device to the TV. Samsung Smart TV owners download the program directly. However, more often than not, in such models, the application is automatically installed. Another option is to use a prefix. It will help to reproduce the picture on the screen. Pre-connect the device to your home Wi-Fi. Go into the program and write a query in the search, press the Play button. Video is ready to watch.

What to do if YouTube stops working on Samsung TV

YouTube not working on Samsung Smart TV? To eliminate it, you need to understand why the work was stopped. There may be no sound or no picture. The Internet is gone or the system is down. It will not be possible to determine immediately. First, try rebooting and installing it again. If the problem persists, the device may be out of date and unable to maintain functionality. In this case, watch the video through a browser. To do this, write YouTube in the search bar. A special version of the application will open in front of you. Make a request and enjoy watching programs, TV series or movies. This method is not entirely convenient, but it is available to any device. Have you tried all the methods and don’t know what to do? Contact the service center. The operator will tell you what actions need to be performed. However, first of all, try to fix the breakage yourself.

Resetting Smart Hub Settings

It is important to find the factory sticker on the back of the TV before resetting the settings and make sure that the device is certified in our country. If the device is not made for Russia, it may be blocked by reset.

To reset Samsung Smart TVs, go to the Settings section. “Support”. Then select the Self Diagnosis button and click on Reset Smart Hub. To perform this function, you need to enter a pin code. If you have not changed it, then the default code is 0000.

General Recommendations for Troubleshooting the Megogo App

Often the answer to the question “Why megogo does not work on TV” is problems with the speed and stability of the Internet connection. To make sure of this, you need to distribute wi-fi via a mobile phone and check the operation of the application. You need to determine the speed of the Internet connection using the site, it must be at least 10 MB / s.

If everything is fine with the Internet, repeat the following recommendations.

Check for all software updates via device settings.

Restarting the device is often the solution to the problem. That is, turn off the TV, unplug the power cord, wait a few seconds.

If errors occur due to software malfunctions of the TV, then you can solve this problem yourself. However, if failures occur due to a malfunction of the device itself, that is, “hardware”, you need to contact specialized services.

Megogo updates can be another reason for the error. Information about all available updates and innovations in the application appears on the site

If none of the recommendations could solve your problem, write to the technical support of Megogo users via e-mail [email protected]. messengers “Telegram”, “Viber” or by phone number 08006011234.

Samsung Support for Smart TVs

Why doesn’t Megogo show if you have already tried all the described methods and none of them helped? To resolve the error, you can contact the developers directly through the Samsung support forum.

Through the forum, you can download all available updates, find out more detailed information. Through it, there is a consultation with specialists who can give you more detailed recommendations for solving the problem, depending on the model of your TV.

Why Megogo does not work on Smart TV

Megogo is the largest online cinema available in Russia, the CIS and Eastern Europe. Today it is used by over 60 million people in one month. The service provides users with access to more than 70,000 pieces of content, which includes more than 5,000 feature films and serials, 1,500 cartoons, more than 65,000 entertainment, educational shows, concerts, news programs.

Some of Megogo’s content can be watched for free by watching a short ad at the beginning of the video. Films and TV shows are also available in good picture and sound quality. opportunities open up when you subscribe. watching cult films, cartoons, TV series, film premieres of Russian and foreign production.

You can watch TV through Megogo. Free access to the main TV channels is open, for example, First, TNT, Russia. After paying for a subscription, more than 221 channels of various content become available.

Watching new products, favorite movies, TV series at home via Smart TV is gaining popularity. However, when watching through smart TVs, the Megogo app sometimes stops working. And users often have questions “Why doesn’t Megogo open on TV?”, “Why movies are not loaded on Megogo?”

In this article, we will try to answer all these questions and offer actionable recommendations for solving problems. So that your viewing of movies and TV shows in good quality does not interfere with any problem.

Why Megogo doesn’t work

There are two reasons for errors in the application: problems in the Megogo itself or with the device program. Often errors are associated with the operation of the Megogo program.

If your TV has problems with the Megogo program, then you will see a black screen at startup, the application will not start at all, videos, TV channels will freeze, the notification “system error. try later” will pop up.

Why Megogo doesn’t work on Samsung TV

Samsung smart TV users often have problems with Megogo. Usually this is due to a glitch in the application, rarely the problem is in the TV itself. If megogo stops working or freezes, check if other applications are working. If they work, then the problem is in the video service itself.

  • A black screen is the most common problem for Samsung TVs;
  • the program freezes;
  • you cannot enter the application;
  • the application “kicks out” the user and issues a system error.

DNS change

If reinstalling the application, resetting and resetting the settings did not help, then another way to make Megogo work is to change the domain name system, or DNS for short. It is a phone book that connects the name of the site with its numeric address.

To change DNS on Samsung TVs, go to the “Settings”. “Network”. “Network Status” tab. Then check your network settings and internet connection. Select “IP Settings”. “Configuring DNS”. In the window that opens, write “” and click on the “OK” button.

Changing DNS is not the best way to troubleshoot Megogo. As most users report having problems with other apps after completing a shift.

Replay errors

Reasons YouTube isn’t showing

If YouTube is not working on your Samsung Smart TV, then there is no need to panic. To troubleshoot problems, you must first use a simple method. You need to uninstall the application and install it again. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • go to the Play Market and select YouTube in the “My Applications” catalog;
  • click on the icon and press the “Delete” key;
  • after uninstalling, you must click the “Update” button.

Then you need to launch the application. If the application refuses to play the video after the update, you must download the YouTube TV utility in APK format. In the future, video viewing will be carried out through this program.

And also for Samsung Smart TVs there is another program for viewing video hosting. To do this, you need to activate YouTube Activate in the TV settings:

  • open TV and YouTube settings at the same time;
  • select the “Link devices” item;
  • enter code;
  • in the YouTube settings, select the “Connected TVs” section and re-enter the activation code in the “New TV” line;
  • to confirm the actions, press the “Add” button.

If the application still does not load or gives an error, you need to clear the cache:

  • open the Home section on the TV;
  • in the settings, click on the “Applications” item and select YouTube from the list;
  • click on the item “Data cleaning” and confirm with the “OK” button.

The reason for the malfunction may be that the program was previously disabled. To start YouTube, click the “Enable” button and confirm the actions with the “OK” button.

Once enabled, you can see how the YouTube widget has changed. As a rule, such manipulations are enough to eliminate problems.

As a last resort, you need to reset your TV. Steps for Samsung Smart TV:

  • select the “Support” item in the menu;
  • a window will open where you need to click on the line “Reset settings”;
  • the TV will ask for a code, by default the security code is 0000;
  • after entering the code, confirm the actions by clicking “OK”.

Then you need to turn off the TV receiver from the network, then turn it on after a few minutes. Most often, resetting the settings to zero helps solve YouTube problems.

Causes of malfunctions

Perhaps every user has encountered this problem. It is worth considering several types of problems, trying to identify possible causes.

Is not downloading

The causes of malfunctions can be:

  • application error;
  • technical failure of the service;
  • changes in video signal delivery;
  • incompatibility with TV model.

What to do if YouTube is gone?

The reason that video hosting has disappeared from the TV is most likely the end of support for devices released before 2012. And also YouTube may simply disappear from the taskbar, and it will be impossible to return it. In order to continue using the application, you need to download the unofficial version.

This can be done as follows:

  • download the analogue program YouTube to your computer;
  • the application must be unzipped and saved on a USB flash drive in a folder named YouTube;
  • insert the USB flash drive into the USB connector on the TV, after disconnecting it;
  • turn on TV and go to the Smart Hub section;
  • the YouTube widget will be highlighted in the list of available programs.

Another way to watch YouTube is through the dedicated Samsung Video TV Cast app. You will also need a phone or tablet. Video TV Cast for TV must first be downloaded from Samsung Apps. Then, from your phone or tablet, you need to go to the Play Market and find the Video TV Cast Samsung TV-HD Movie Streaming program. After installation, a window will be displayed on the phone where you need to accept the conditions and click on the checkmark. To pair devices, the following series of actions are performed:

  • in the application on the smartphone, open item 2 and write down the IP address;
  • after starting the application, the line Enter IP address will appear on the TV, where you need to enter numbers;
  • after entering the address on the phone, press “OK”;
  • if the connection is successful, the blue icon will change to red;
  • on the phone in the search term line enter YouTube and click “Go”;
  • on the YouTube portal, enter your username and password for your account;
  • choose any video;
  • a link will appear at the bottom of the screen, on which you need to click;
  • the video will appear on the TV screen.

If your TV has a browser, then it is quite easy to restore your YouTube view. You need to set the name of the video hosting in the browser line and follow the link. If necessary, enter your username and password. and you can enjoy watching videos.

There are several other ways to watch YouTube. This requires a phone or computer. Before working with devices, you need to make sure that both devices are connected to the same network. There are several steps to follow.

  • Launch the application on the phone or on the computer open YouTube in the Google Chrome browser.
  • If there is a TV receiver model name in the network, the key will appear. You need to click on it and select a TV receiver.
  • The video will appear on the big screen. At the same time, you can manage content from your phone or computer.

Why YouTube doesn’t work on Samsung Smart TV and how to fix it?

YouTube has become an integral part of the lives of many users. Video hosting allows you to watch various videos, cartoons, films and series. Modern Samsung Smart TVs already have a built-in program. But what if YouTube stopped working? The causes of possible problems and how to fix and configure the platform will be discussed later in the article.

How to set up the app?

Setting up the app on Samsung Smart TVs is easy. If for some reason the application is not included in the “stuffing” of the TV receiver, you need to download it. Installation and configuration procedure:

After installation, the application will appear in the list of available programs. To start, you need to click on the YouTube widget and enter your username and password to enter. Then you can watch your favorite videos.

Thus, all YouTube problems can be fixed in various ways. Even if the program has disappeared from the available applications, you can restore access through third-party techniques. If you follow the correct algorithm of actions, then even a novice user can set up YouTube.

See below for what to do if the YouTube app doesn’t work on your TV.

Nuances when installing widgets on TV from a flash drive

Unfortunately, the NstreamLmod application has been functioning in test mode for 30 days; before working with it, you need to make sure that it is still working. You will not be able to install again for free.

But there is a way out of this situation. You need to start LMod and select the list from “Tsnakemana”. Next, click “USB storage” and re-perform all the settings.

Sometimes it knocks out an error when opening the program, but you don’t need to be scared right away, because after the TV is overloaded, you can find and open it through the Smart Hub menu.

Series B and C

Now let’s take a look at the boot process for Samsung B and C models:

  • We overload TV;
  • Click on “Internet TV”, then click on the “A” button;
  • Select a user to enter the PIN code;
  • Go to the menu, select “settings”;
  • It is obligatory to select the item “Developer”, there you need to enter the IP address and save;
  • In this window, select the item “Synchronize”;
  • We agree with all actions.

How to download the app

Various apps on Smart TV show how much smarter TVs are. Samsung has a very large number of free widgets and they perform various functions and thereby expand the possibilities.

Additional Information! The company has blocked the ability to install applications from a flash drive and it is not easy to get around this situation.

Every Smart TV owner has no idea what kind of world opens up in front of him with the help of widgets. Depending on their purpose, they are divided into categories in which you can find and choose anything.

  • Online viewing of films, blogs, TV series, concerts, etc.;
  • Music audio players where you can listen to new music for every taste;
  • Games. here the variety is endless, as they are divided into many subgroups, genres, age categories;
  • Service of additional programs for tracking the exchange rate, world time, weather and other.

First, let’s take a look at the process of downloading the widget to Smart TV:

  • Turn on the TV and go to the main menu, use the remote control for this.
  • We select the “Network” section to make sure that the TV is connected to the Internet.
  • We create an account if it was not installed when the device was purchased. In some devices, it is common to all programs called Smart Hub. If there is no such program, we all know the Play Market.
  • In the login line, enter the email address, come up with and remember the password and click the “I agree with the terms” checkbox. Account is now available.
  • In the “search” item, enter the name of the program that you want to download. If you don’t know what you need, you can go to any widget and read all the necessary information on its page.
  • To download the program, click “Download”. After the end, a window will appear, which will indicate that it is already on your TV and you can use it.

Important! Before downloading the application to your TV, you need to check the availability of memory on the device.

Installing widgets

In order for the process to proceed without problems, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  • PC and TV communication problems will disappear if you turn off the antivirus firewall;
  • The installation process means synchronization of TV and computer, for this you need to create a user account called “Develop”.
  • Press Internet TV, go to settings. authorize the owner of the “Develop” type;
  • You can start installing the widget.

Installing Apps and Widgets on a Samsung Smart TV

Everybody knows the meaning of such a phrase as “Smart-device”, because today each of us widely uses the capabilities of tablets or phones. The queue has reached other devices as well. Next, we’ll take a look at how to install the app on your Samsung Smart TV.

When buying such a device, not every user knows all its functions, and there is a huge number of widgets for every taste. The main thing in installing the program is to know the steps where to go, and this is quite a simple matter. Samsung Smart TV lets you experience all of its TV capabilities.

Series E

Series E differs from others in that after pressing the SmartHub and “A” buttons, the inscription “Samsung account” appears. There is no need to be afraid of him, enter “develop” in the free field, after which we remember or write down the password generated by the TV. Next, click “Login”, after which you can start installing various programs.

  • Log in with your account;
  • Select the “Service” section by clicking on the PU Tools;
  • Find in the options. Developer;
  • After that, we are looking for “IP-address”, where we enter the required IP;
  • At the development point there will be updated programs, to start it, click on “Synchronization of user programs”.

F series

On the F-series model, it will not be easy to authorize the user, so before proceeding with the installation of widgets, we will consider this process in more detail. To do this, through the PU, go to the menu, in which we find the Smart functions. The account can be identified by selecting it from the list. We leave the menu by clicking on the checkbox “Remember password”.

  • On the PU, press SmartHub to access additional programs;
  • Click on “Options” and select “IP Settings”;
  • We register the IP address of the server;
  • Click “Start App Sync” to see the list of applications;
  • reboot TV if needed.

Samsung D series

This Samsung model requires new user authorization. This is done very simply. On the remote press “Smart HUB”, then the letter “A”, entered the menu. Now the standard authorization procedure takes place, after which you can install the required widgets.

  • Press the Smart key and the red button “A”
  • By clicking on the “D” button, go to and create a section with the “Develop” user;
  • Click “Server IP” and enter the required numbers in the window that opens;
  • Next comes the “Synchronize” button, as a result of this action, the nStreamLMOD and OVP widget will be created;
  • We leave the installation section;
  • We click on the “A” key to initiate an exit from the account. records;
  • We go into the system again;
  • There will be a list of downloaded programs.

Installing applications on TV Samsung 2013 Smart TV (Setting up IP-TV in Smart TV)

How to install applications for watching IP-TV and others on Samsung TVs with Smart TV made in 2013.

For today I decided to step aside from the topic of trading and relax a little. A couple of months ago I bought a new 2013 Samsung TV with Smart TV, and there was a problem with watching IP-TV, which my Internet provider provides for free on my TV. Since this is my second Samsung with Smart TV, at first I thought that everything is simple. As in the first one, you open Smart hub, log in with a standard username and password in Smart hub, fill in the ip address of the player installation program for viewing, and everything is ok.

Instructions for setting up LG Smart TVs

But it turned out to be not so simple, in Samsung TV with Smart TV in 2013 the Smart hub system was updated, and you can log in only when you enter Samsung Apps, and the navigation in Smart hub itself has also been updated. Therefore, I had to install an application for viewing IP-TV CN.RU (now it is called 4TV) from Samsung Apss. It simply adds the address of the Play list of your provider (it can be different) in m3u format and watch Internet TV on your Samsung TV with Smart TV. But the fact is that this application is still a little damp, and it seems to be good to use it, but somewhat inconvenient. Often providers offer their own applications for Smart TV, or the nStreamPlayer application slightly redesigned by the provider.

Now about the main thing, how to set up IP-TV on a Samsung Smart TV 2013, after extensive searches for a solution to the setup problem, I found a way that made it possible to set up IP-TV on my Samsung 2013. I am attaching instructions on how to set up IP-TV, and install the application for viewing on Samsung with the new Smart HUB 2013.

When setting up IP-TV, and installing the application, follow everything strictly point by point and everything will work.

How to Install Smart TV Apps in 2013 Samsung TV

Press the button on the regular Menu remote control or the Misc button on the touchscreen, use the arrows to move to the Menu button on the on-screen remote control, (I only have a touchscreen) 2. Select the “Smart Functions” menu item 3. Select “Samsung Account”, select “Login” 4 We enter “Email”: develop (enter in the window without using any e-mail, just a word) 5. Enter “Password” including the exclamation mark: sso1029dev! (most likely it is not required to enter it, try first without entering a password, I did not enter everything went fine) 6. Put a checkmark “Remember password”. 7. Press “Enter” 8. Exit the menu 9. Press the “Smart Hub” button 10. Select “Add. app ”11. Select“ Param ”12. Select the“ IP Settings ”menu item and enter the IP address of the server (it is usually given by your provider for downloading the application, or the application developer) 13. Select the“ Start App Sync ”menu item 14. You should have an icon of the installed application in Smart HUB, if it does not appear, restart the TV 15. Installation of the application for Samsung Smart TV 2013 is completed.

In order to update the application, simply repeat steps 1-3, 7-11, 13-14

Usually, the Smart TV applications provided by the provider for watching IP-TV are already configured and no additional application configuration is required, you can simply launch the application on your TV and watch Internet TV IP-TV.

If you downloaded a third-party application, for example nStreamPlayer (at the moment it seems to have become paid), then in order to set up IP-TV on your Smart TV, download the Play list of your provider, save it to a USB flash drive, insert the USB flash drive into TV, enter Smart hub, run the application, select the list on the flash drive in the Play settings, and run. IP-TV is working. Alternatively, indicate in the application the Internet address of the provider’s Play list, which can also usually be found on the website of your provider. And run it, everything should work!

That’s actually all you need to set up IP-TV on Smart TV Samsung 2013, or install another application.

You can also use TheDark SmartTV MediaCenter Smart TV application to watch IP-TV and other functions. with it you can watch IP-TV and use various Smart TV widgets on your TV.

I hope my information will help you and you will not have any problems watching IP-TV.