Applications Do Not Start On Iphone X

On Windows 10 there are a lot of interesting universal applications that will be useful for each user in everyday work with a computer. For example, Mail, Groove Music, Drawboard PDF, our official client, Microsoft Edge and many others. Typically, these applications work without problems. they start quickly, work stably and without frequent crashes. Nevertheless, there are cases when the application you need (or all applications for Windows 10) stop working in principle and do not start. What to do in this case? This article contains a number of tips that can help you in difficult times.

For your information: Unfortunately, we cannot say that these tips will surely help you. Try all of the above until the problem goes away. Sometimes the source of the problem may be unobvious things, so from time to time the correction of errors resembles finding a needle in a haystack. We tried to collect the maximum number of practical tips here, which in the vast majority of cases still helped users and us personally, so at least it’s worth a try.


If a specific application does not work, you can try to perform a reset. Perhaps there was some conflict or bug in the application files, because of which it stopped running or does not work correctly.

  1. Click Win i or open Parameters in any other way convenient for you. Go to the section Applications. Applications and features.
  2. Find the application you need in the list, click on it, and then click Extra options.
    Applications Do Not Start On Iphone X
  3. Scroll down a bit and find the item Reset. Click on the appropriate button. Note that resetting the application will result in the deletion of all data and associated accounts from the application.

If the reset did not help, try uninstalling the application (there’s nothing to lose anyway) and reinstalling it. If we are talking about a system application that cannot be removed in the usual way, look at the instructions for how to uninstall Windows 10 system applications. Also keep in mind that problems with the application may be caused by a crooked update. Unfortunately, in the Microsoft Store there is no way to roll back to previous versions of applications, so in this case you only need to wait for the updated version to be released, in which the developer will fix his own crutches.

Full re-registration and installation of applications

You can use the special command in PowerShell that will re-register all installed applications and reinstall them. Keep in mind that in some rare cases after this command various unpleasant artifacts may appear, such as empty squares. The positive side of this method is that in almost all cases, it helps to return your applications to an adequate working state.

For reference: This instruction must be executed on behalf of the Administrator. If your profile does not have such rights, you will need to enter the Administrator password or make the current user an Administrator.

  1. Click Win x and select PowerShell (Admin).
  2. Paste the command into the PowerShell window Get-AppXPackage | Foreach. Press Enter and wait. Various errors may occur on the screen, but you should not pay attention to them. Just wait for the procedure to complete.

Checking the integrity of system files

This method is unlikely to help, but you can also try it if the previous methods did not bring the desired result. As mentioned above, the most unexpected way can solve the problem, so try everything in a row. Using a pair of commands, the system will check the integrity of the files and also try to restore its “health”.

  1. Click Start, type cmd and right-click on the command line. Select Run as Administrator.
  2. In the command window that appears, enter the command sfc / scannow. Scanning may take some time, so be patient. If the utility detects errors, it will automatically fix them. If no problems were found, enter the following command: Dism / Online / Cleanup-Image / RestoreHealth.
  3. Check if applications start after scanning is complete.

What else can you try

If you know other methods that at one time helped fix the problem with broken applications, tell us about it in the comments.