Application for tuning guitar on Android

The guitar tuner allows you to perform professional tuning of any string instrument on Android; speed, accuracy, it will surprise many who want to try its functionality. Perfect for both beginner guitarists and professionals in the musical art. To implement the features, the application uses the device’s microphone.

Tuner features

A large number of musicians are already using the guitar tuner. And this is not surprising.

Features and functions will please many:

  • The tuner is characterized by special accuracy, convenience for different types of guitars.
  • In the characteristics, you can switch the program to professional mode, which allows you to perform high-precision tuning of instruments for use by experienced musicians.
  • Changing the configuration mode to the functionality for beginners, you will get a convenient, intuitive interface that teachers recommend using.
  • The visual response is intuitive, while logs are kept and the history of previous signals is recorded.
  • An automatic tuning mode is available, which is very fast and does not require extra clicks.

A little more about the features of the program

In addition to the described, the Guitar Tuner has many more features. The metronome allows you to manually beat the rhythm using the monitor screen. while supporting the change in sound. The application has built-in games that allow you to learn the necessary chords and train not only the technique of the game, but also the ear. At the same time, the internal library has all the possible charts of previously known chords.

There is a function of learning some songs, melodies. Four songs with traps sewn into the program help test the skills of playing a stringed musical instrument. The sound recognition technology implemented in the application has won multiple awards. At the same time, application developers are actively establishing feedback with their users, taking into account all the tips and suggestions.

During the instrument tuning period, background noise is automatically muffled, which makes it possible to perform tuning in any room. Serious specialists worked on the application development: software developers, professional musicians and sound technicians.

Application for tuning guitar on Android

And why exactly is it?

It will help beginners to learn the basics of playing the guitar and at first it can replace the teacher or supplement his lessons. For complete beginners, there is a training that will help you understand the mechanism of action of the tuner and tune the guitar for the first time. In addition to all types of guitars, the program helps to tune such instruments: mandolins, banjo, violas, violins, balalaikas, cello and any other strings. The application has additional features that are implemented on a paid basis. But all the basic settings work in the free version.

Decided to learn how to play the guitar? Not sure how to tune a tool? Download the application on Android right now and get a lot of pleasure from its use. The guitar tuner is one of the best products in this direction, professional developers are constantly working to improve it. Install the application and learn to play the instruments with pleasure!

You can download the Guitar Tuner on Android from our website, for free, without registration and SMS, using the direct link below.