Application For Downloading Music To Phone

Listening to your favorite music on your smartphone is convenient and easy. You can do this on the road, on the street, doing household chores. Mobile applications for downloading music will greatly simplify the process of downloading files.

Standard programs are not suitable for these purposes. Their capabilities are not enough for a mobile device. We bring to your attention a useful selection of applications for Android, which will interest every music lover.

To play tracks, you need a good audio player. An overview of the top players can be found here. All of them support the main Android music formats, as well as lossless, including FLAC.


Videoder is a free application for downloading music to your phone with over 100 different resources. It can be installed on a smartphone, tablet or PC to create your own collection in a couple of clicks and without long downloads. Initially, software downloaded videos only from YouTube, but over time, the list of available resources has expanded significantly.

Application For Downloading Music To Phone

Videoder performs a quick search through a system combing a set of streaming video and audio services. You can choose the quality of the recordings, configure other options based on personal wishes and preferences. The tool is powerful, versatile, has wide functionality and does not require a large number of unnecessary actions.


Zaycev is an application for quickly downloading music tracks in mp3 format. Thanks to him, millions of hits will appear on your phone in two counts. Just to have enough memory. You can download your favorite tracks for free and listen to them later, including offline.

In Zaycev, a huge selection of music is available for free. Rock, pop songs, chanson, rap from world famous artists, domestic and foreign showbiz stars. No network? No problem. The main thing is to download music to your Android in advance.

Google Play Music

The program integrates free radio with thousands of tracks of all genres. Create your own radio stations by choosing singers, bands, compositions, albums. In addition to your services, a quick convenient search in style, genre, eras and other parameters that can be set in the filter. It is possible to download 50 thousand audio tracks from your collection for listening on PC and mobile devices.

There are paid and free, as well as family subscriptions. You can download your own tracks for free, create radio stations, access podcasts, create playlists in accordance with personal preferences. Among paid tariffs, the most profitable is family (for 6 people). For an additional fee, access to more than 35 million tracks is provided, YouTube subscription, the ability to listen to music without access to the network, the complete absence of advertising messages.


Another functional application for downloading music to Android devices. Purchases are supported, a wide range of free options is provided.

  • Millions of old and new tracks;
  • Large selection of ready-made collections;
  • Regular updates to collections;
  • High-quality sound in HQ format;
  • Music recognition option;
  • Access to tracks without the Internet;
  • Radio;
  • Advanced functionality of paid subscriptions;
  • The ability to create your own playlists.

With this application you will not miss the most interesting news. They are selected by the editorial staff. Ready-made playlists are a great option for those users who do not want to make lists on their own. Those songs that users get to the chart "Yandex.Musics" listen right now.

Radio, selections by years and styles. The program has everything, you just have to choose. Maximum features are provided by a paid subscription. The sound quality is high, there is no advertising.


An application in which there are not only melodies recorded in high quality, but also texts.

Text versions are loaded dynamically for those songs that are currently being played. Musixmatch is a convenient program compatible with most players. You can include text translations. There is a paid and free version. The paid one has the widest possible functionality, but it heavily loads the memory of the mobile device.

We reviewed the best applications for downloading, listening to music on Android. Choose, install and use!

Convenient access to services where you can listen to music online or download it to your Windows phone device, download music editors and audio players.

  • Listen online 17
  • Download 7
  • Musical instruments 2
  • Ringtones 6
  • Editors 5
  • Players 14

Top Free Music Apps for Windows Phone

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Radio 101.Ru

The official mobile client of the popular radio portal


A very large collection of tunes to set as a phone call

HQ music

Downloadable audio player with background support

All music unlimited

Search and download music from the Internet


Compact audio player with a beautiful interface

VK Ringtone Maker

Creating ringtones from the library of users of VKontakte

Sky media player

Multimedia player with support for streaming video and cloud services


The official client for the music site Zaycev.Net

Cool music player

Beautiful music player with sleep timer and "living tile"

Record collection

Mobile application for listening to Internet radio

Top Paid Music Apps for Windows Phone

Ringtone maker vk

A convenient application for creating your own ringtones

Download Mp3 Pro

Full-featured.Mp3 downloader with file manager

Music downloader

Download music to your phone, watch YouTube videos

Yivosoft recorder

Multifunctional audio recorder with PC sync support

Music Player plus FM

Player for media library with support for FM and online radio


Listen and download audio and video podcasts

Qloud media

Play video and audio files stored on a PC on a smartphone

Sleep music

Sleep timer with a wide selection of tunes and the ability to mix

IRecorder Plus

Record, edit, save and play audio notes

Touch music

Convenient audio player with gesture control

Get a list of TOP-best applications in the mail:

VK Music
VKSaver (VK Sever)
VK Tune

VK Music. Trouble-free program for downloading music on Android

Millions of users daily wonder: how to download music from the Internet to the phone, which applications are suitable for download. Alas, not all music services allow you to download music to your phone unhindered. By the way, recently the social network VKontakte introduced a paid subscription. This is another tough restriction for fans to listen to music offline.

MusicSIG. Application for downloading music from VK

MusicSIG browser add-on. This is essentially an application that allows you to download music from a VK to a computer or mobile device for further listening without a wifi connection.

Zaitsev.Net. Download and listen to music on your smartphone

Zaitsev.Net A mobile application that combines a music downloader and an audio player. Thus, users can fill their phone, tablet with their favorite songs, without bothering with payment or choosing another rocking chair.

Recognizing an audio track by passage: the best services and applications for iPhone and Android

Finding a song by melody is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Fortunately, modern services and mobile applications have learned to look for a passage of a song, a melody in a huge database. In this collection. Perhaps the best services and applications that will help you find your favorite song by passage. They work on iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac OS.

How to download online tracks from SoundCloud to a PC or phone

You can listen to millions of songs from all over the world, download your podcasts using the special SoundCloud platform. This, in fact, is a great music social network where you can listen to music, create your own playlists, chat with music lovers from all over the world. But many people want to not just listen to music. Download their favorite tracks to their computer, laptop, tablet. In how to download music from SoundCloud, we will understand today.


How to free download music from Odnoklassniki

Many people use the Odnoklassniki social network to communicate with friends, relatives, and read news. But besides this, users listen to music in Odnoklassniki, and it often happens that there is a desire to download this song directly from the social network. But to do this is simply impossible, because the site’s functionality does not allow this. Is there a way out of this situation? Naturally eat!

We offer you 6 basic ways to download music from Odnoklassniki. They are used by other users of the social network. This can be done without registration, absolutely free.

Download songs from VK without programs, through online services

The network offers many ways to download music from VK. All these methods require the installation of extensions, applications, etc., which is not always convenient and possible. In this guide I will show how to download music from VKontakte without programs. The collection also contains services for downloading music from VK without installing programs.

Overview of applications for downloading music to Android phone

Mobile applications for downloading music will greatly simplify the process of downloading files. We bring to your attention a useful selection of applications for Android, which will interest every music lover.

How to download music to your phone or transfer from a PC, instructions for Android

We list the most convenient options for downloading music to an Android phone (tablet): from a laptop, PC, over the Internet, via a usb cable.

Few still use a smartphone solely as a means of communication. It has long been a multifunctional device that acts as a player, camera, text editor. However, in order to listen to your favorite tracks, you first need to download music on Android. We will share proven ways on how to fill your phone with your favorite tunes for free and quickly.

Download VKSaver (a program for downloading music from VK)

VKSaver. Desktop application for free music download from VK. You can download it on this page.

VKD. Useful extension for downloading music from VKontakte

VKD program will help you download music and videos, as well as photos from the social network VKontakte. All this. In the free version. Concurrently VKD. This is a good program for downloading videos from VK to your computer.

How to download music from "Contact" to phone: the best downloaders

Instructions on how to download songs, music from VK to phone (Android OS). The best programs for saving audio tracks to a mobile device. VKSaver, application "VK music", MusicSIG and other browser extensions.

How to download music from YouTube to mp3: ssyoutube, Savefrom and other applications

I will share the best ways to download mp3 music from YouTube. We will consider not only software for downloading audio from Youtube, but also Vkontakte, Vimeo, RuTube, ssyoutube, Savefrom.

VKsaver. Program for downloading music VKontakte. How to download music from VK page

Instructions on how to download music from VK pages to a computer or phone. For this we need VKsaver. Free program for downloading music VKontakte.

How to download songs from VK using the MusicSig program (instructions)

A detailed description of the capabilities of MusicSig, the link you can download the program for downloading music. Also published instructions on how to download music and video from the social network VKontakte using this extension program for the browser.