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What is Optimized Charging

How to enable optimized charging on iPhone and Apple Watch

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Apple devices are getting smarter every year. iOS 13 was taught to protect the battery from premature aging and loss of capacity, and this year a similar feature appeared in watchOS 7. UiPservice explains how to use optimized charging on iPhone and Apple Watch.

How to enable the feature on iPhone

To enable Optimized Charging, make sure your iPhone is running iOS 13 or iOS 14. Then follow these instructions:

  • Open the menu “Settings”. “Battery”. “Battery status”.
  • Move the slider next to Optimized Charging to the right.

How to enable the feature on Apple Watch

Apple Watch charging optimization is one of watchOS 7 innovations. This means that only owners of Apple Watch Series 3 and newer can use the function.

  • Go to Settings. Battery. Battery Status.
  • Turn on optimized charging.

If your iPhone or Apple Watch’s battery isn’t holding a charge, Optimized Charging won’t save it. Only battery replacement will help to restore autonomy to the device.

UiPservice provides battery replacement services for Apple devices. We use only quality components and get the job done as quickly as possible. You can sign up for service with our managers in and Telegram.

Disable effects

This decision is controversial and is unlikely to help owners of the third and fourth generation Apple Watch. But the owners of Series 1, 2 will help for sure. Without the effects from the interface, it jams much less. It’s more pleasant to work this way.

  • Open the Watch app;
  • Go to the “My Watch” tab;
  • Select “Basic”;
  • Choose “Universal Access”;
  • Then “Reduce Motion”.

On watches of the first and second generations, it is worth turning off the interface animation

Customize Apple Watch notifications

The fewer notifications, the stronger the nerves. It is worth turning off the extra ones at least for this reason. By default, Apple Watch copies the notification settings from your iPhone. For example, if notifications from Viber are disabled on it, then there will not be Viber in the notifications section on the watch. But if notifications are turned on on the iPhone, then on the watch they can be turned off.

  • Open the Watch app;
  • Go to the “My Watch” tab;
  • Select “Notifications”;
  • Disable unnecessary notifications.

If you turn off unnecessary notifications on Apple Watch, the watch will work longer

On Apple Watch, it makes sense to leave especially important notifications, but disable minor ones, like Instagram likes. If you like them, then let them pour on the iPhone, but not on the watch.

Vlad Gorokhovsky

Many people complain about the autonomy of the Apple Watch, so before buying I was worried that I could not track my sleep and night heart rate with it. After all, in theory, when I sleep, the watch should be charged.

But the battery life of the Apple Watch turned out to be not so small, and the charging itself takes much less time than I expected. And if you develop a certain habit, then you can not take off the watch even while sleeping.

Use Simple Watch Faces

Apple Watch has an OLED display, which means that only those pixels that display a color other than black use energy. Simply put. black pixels are disabled. If you look at such a display under a microscope, it looks like this:

Apple Watch display pixels under a microscope

The less information on the screen, the less it consumes energy and the longer Apple Watch will work on a single charge. And vice versa. animated Clock Faces with photos or Mickey Mouse will drain the clock faster.

The less rendering on a watch face, the less energy it uses

How to Wear Apple Watch 24/7: Charge and Set Up Properly

The Apple Watch’s battery life turned out to be not so short, and the charging itself takes much less time than I expected. And if you develop a certain habit, then you can not take off the watch even while sleeping.

How to charge Apple Watch

Lithium-ion batteries, which are also used in Apple Watch, have an interesting feature. their charging speed is not uniform and depends on the level of the current charge.

The developer of the Sleep app, David Smith, conducted a study and found that the watch charges at an average rate of 1% per minute, but when it reaches 80%, the speed drops by half.

It will take 70 minutes to charge the watch from 10% to 80% and another 40 minutes to charge it to 100%. Approximately the same data is indicated on the Apple website.

How long does Apple Watch take to charge?

My own measurements show that the watch charges a little faster. In 60 minutes, the charge rises from 10% to 76%, although for this I use AUKEY Quick Charge 3.0. Its regular USB port delivers 12W versus 10W for iPad charging and 5W for standard Apple Watch charging. As you can see, there is no doubling the charge speed, but the Apple Watch power controller still allows the watch to charge a little faster when using a more powerful charger.

I charge my Apple Watch with AUKEY Quick Charge 3.0

Another great option for charging devices is BlitzWolf for two USBs. It charges just as quickly, but physically less.

To minimize charging time, it is best done in two stages. It all depends on how you use the watch and how much charge you have at the end of the day. Taking into account my training, I usually have 50–55% left in the evening. That is, you don’t need a lot of time to charge. In theory, 110 minutes should be enough.

Personally, I worked out this ritual: 30 minutes on exercise in the morning and 40 minutes in the evening. These figures are approximate and I do not specifically follow them, but in the morning I charge the watch a little less than in the evening. This mostly happens while I shower, eat, or lie in bed. In general, in those periods when the watch is not particularly needed.

I charge my Apple Watch for about 30 minutes in the morning and 40 minutes in the evening. This is enough to keep the hours always charged.

Even on days when I have a two-hour workout, the charge on my Apple Watch never drops below 40% by 9pm. With this charging mode, the watch, as a rule, has time to charge up to 100% every morning.

In several years of using Apple Watch, I have never had such a case that the watch was completely discharged or went into power saving mode.

Now, here are some tips to help you get the most out of your Apple Watch on a single charge.

Use the minimum required brightness

In Apple Watch, there is no manual brightness control in the usual sense, it always changes automatically depending on ambient light. But you can choose from three automatic brightness aLGorithms. This can be done both on the watch itself and in the Watch app on the iPhone.

  • Open the Watch app;
  • Go to the “My Watch” tab;
  • Select “Brightness and text size”;
  • Set the desired brightness.

Set Apple Watch to Maximum Brightness

At first I tried to set the minimum, but in the tropics, the average value is still more pleasing to my eye. I think that in winter, the brightness can be safely twisted to a minimum.

Vlad Gorokhovsky

Editor. I am writing about software and gadgets that interest me. Making a KeyKey keyboard trainer for Mac.

Which tablet keeps charging longer

The tablet assumes autonomous operation. Accordingly, the uptime indicator plays a key role. The user expects the greatest return from his device, so he tries to find out which tablet keeps charging longer. When choosing, most choose a device based on the size of the battery. This is not always correct, although it is a significant factor. The difference between battery capacities can be impressive, but the operating time, to the surprise of the user, can sometimes tip the scales on the side of tablets with capacious batteries.

And how much should the tablet hold in general? Modern devices are on average focused on 6 hours of battery life at average loads. Cheap tablet PCs usually last about 3.4 hours, and top-end ones. up to 10-12 hours.

Research essence

The main task that the research group faced was to determine how long the tablet keeps charging, depending on the loads with which it must cope. A sufficient number of tablets from different manufacturers were chosen, including the Chinese “No Name”. All devices passed three tests:

  • time until the battery is completely discharged when surfing via Wi-Fi;
  • the time until the battery is completely discharged when surfing via 3G;
  • the time until the battery is completely discharged when watching HD-Video;

For the relevance of the study, all devices had the same brightness of 200 nits set by the exposure meter. Next, the weighted average operating time was calculated based on three tests. To ensure that the results are not hasty due to the effect of the size of the display on the battery charge, all devices have been divided into two groups:

  • tablets up to 8 inches
  • tablets from 9 inches and above.

Which study

The topic became relevant and interested not only consumers, but also companies conducting various kinds of research. A complete and up to date objective study was carried out by the Which company. It is interesting that the company is independent, that is, no one could influence the publication of the results in someone’s specific direction.

Factors affecting the duration of the work

For a long time, a tablet that holds a charge for a long time does not depend only on the parameters of the battery. Many factors play a role here, including:

  • processor power consumption;
  • display diagonal, brightness and matrix type;
  • energy consumption by modules and sensors (Wi-Fi, GPS);
  • unique energy-saving patented technologies of companies;
  • know-how.

Test results for tablets up to 8 inches

The tablet with the longest battery life turned out to be the iPad Mini by an unscrupulous lead over all competitors. The average operating time of the “Apple” device under loads was 783 minutes. Next up is an emerging competitor for Apple and Samsung, the Amazon Kindle Free HD. Its running time is 591 minutes. An honorable third place was taken by Nexus 7. Strange, but Samsung’s Galaxy TAB failed to enter even the top 5. 6th place with 425 minutes.

A strange judgment from users on forums that Android tablets hold less battery power than other devices. So, apart from the iPad, the top 20 includes almost all Android tablets. Although we remember about other systems. Windows and Linux, for example.

Test results for tablets over 10 inches

Here, too, Apple pulled out, taking gold and silver. The average battery life for iPad with Retina display is 811 minutes, and iPad 2 is 590 minutes. The bronze was taken by the Sony XP device. Tab. S, which lasts 534 minutes. The top 10 also includes devices from Samsung, Google, Microsoft and Asus. It is interesting that from 10th to 30th place of the device has approximately the same indicators, averaging about 300 minutes.

As you can see, tablets with a long runtime on the market are presented in a limited number of models. These are the flagships of the leading manufacturers. It is especially difficult to increase the operating time of devices when there is a trend of ultra-thin devices.

Choosing an inexpensive tablet, you may need to rely not on the operating time, but on other indicators. the processor and RAM, the type of matrix. Autonomy issues can be dealt with by purchasing a separate Power Bank (external battery). True, it will not look very beautiful, but the operating time of the device can be increased up to a day. You can view and select an external battery here.

Autonomous mode of Apple Watch, how long does the battery last??

But Apple didn’t call its watch “smart” for nothing. IWatch has a Power Reserve function. This is to turn off everything except the time display. That is, the gadget goes into offline mode, in which the battery will last as much as 72 hours. Unless, of course, you will watch the time every 10 minutes.

Of the advantages, it is worth noting that the Apple Watch comes with a wireless charger. You can recharge your watch anywhere:

  • in the park;
  • outside;
  • in the forest.

So, you have purchased a Smart-watch, you are using it with might and main, and suddenly you find that it will soon “run out”. And where can I see how much charge is left? It’s simple:

  • Swipe up on the screen, the “Preview” list appears.
  • Now we swipe to the side (right or left. it doesn’t matter), we find the “Preview” screen, which displays the battery charge level.

Many of us still cannot move away from old mobile phones, which were disassembled and assembled like a designer. Apple decided to remember the old days and made some parts of the smart watch easily replaceable. Battery is one of them, as the Apple Watch battery wears out faster than the watch itself.

How long does the Apple Watch battery last for battery life??

If you haven’t heard anything about the Apple Watch and the power of its battery during autonomous operation, then it’s time to get to know them better. This new gadget looks like an ordinary wristwatch. However, the developers position them as “smart”:

  • fully computerized;
  • work in tandem with your iPhone;
  • flexible display made of sapphire crystal;
  • there is a microphone and speaker for listening to music.

With this watch, you can call or send a message to 12 contacts at once. A convenient function if your activity is connected with constant communication with people.

This product can also be used as:

  • pedometer;
  • heart rate monitor.

How long does the Apple Watch battery hold??

And there is enough memory to download enough:

  • your favorite music;
  • a photo;
  • video.
  • How long does the battery last?
  • Discharging and recharging Apple Watch
  • Apple Watch life in numbers: 1,000 recharges
  • Autonomous mode of Apple Watch, how long does the battery last??
  • Instead of a conclusion

How long does the battery last?

In general, Apple Watch is a multifunctional product that has been popular with customers for more than a year. However, with today’s fast pace of life, people often have a question: how long will my gadget charge last? For example, the Apple Watch 1 battery lasts up to 10 hours. Also, many are interested in how long does the Apple Watch 3 charge? According to the manufacturer, the watch can fully work for 10 hours (like previous generations). Apple Watch 4 battery life. 18 hours.

Whether you are on the road or at work, you always want to be in touch and online. Of course, there is a portable charger, but no one wants to carry extra weight with them. Better to get a device that won’t run out of power at the most inopportune moment.

Is it discharging quickly and how long does the Apple Watch battery last??

iWatch is designed for active people who work hard and move. Based on this, we can assume that the watch should work without recharging for at least 8-10 hours. According to research, the Apple Watch battery lasts for 18 hours. Naturally, this time varies, depending on your use of the gadget:

  • conversations;
  • checking mail;
  • listening to music;
  • fitness training;
  • configuration.

Also, the battery life is highly dependent on the settings you set. The battery will most likely last even longer if you send a couple of messages and that’s it.

If you are a fan of chatting, then we warn you that iWatch is enough for you only for 3 hours.

Discharging and recharging Apple Watch

The battery of the Smart-watch is slightly more than 200 mAh. According to technical characteristics, such a capacity should be enough for a day of use. But many buyers complain about the device being discharged too quickly. Reserve Strap Battery Strap Example.

The time it takes to charge your Apple Watch is 150 minutes (approximately 1.5 hours). Unfortunately, studies have shown that during this period it is possible to charge the battery only by 80%. To ensure 100%, you need to wait at least another hour.

We said before that there are many ways to extend battery life. There are a couple more designed specifically for this Smartwatch:

  • disable Siri, physical activity;
  • automatic switching on of the device;
  • decrease screen brightness.

Apple Watch life in numbers: 1,000 recharges

Apple has announced some useful information about its Apple Watch. It became known that the new models of smartwatches have a 205 mAh battery. Thus, in total, the initial 100% level is designed for 1000 recharges.

How long does the battery last? If we assume that a person will charge Apple Watch every day (which is not surprising, because watches perform more functions than other ordinary ones, even if they are smart ones), then the watch will last him up to three years.

How to Fast Charge your Apple Watch!

Fortunately, the device has a Power Reserve mode, which allows you to significantly save on the charge level, which is enough for operation up to 3 days.

After three years, the company says the reduction in uptime will be noticeable. In any case, 1000 charge cycles is a serious figure. While the iPad can boast only half of this number. Compared to other gadgets from Apple, smartwatches will serve the wearer the most.

Instead of a conclusion

It is worth noting that smartwatches not only consume energy, but also replenish it. For example, you save on charging your iPhone. With iWatch, you use your mobile phone less often, thus saving energy on it. But here, too, there is a stumbling block. The watch will still take a couple of percent of the charge, whatever one may say.

Apple Watch will be an excellent gadget for modern and active young people who prefer the company’s products and enjoy using it.

How much does the battery of Airpods really hold??

Many Apple device users are interested in how long the battery lasts for Airpods. The wireless headset is actively replacing the classic wired one called EarPods, since the new iPhone models do not have a 3.5 mm jack.

The decision of manufacturers to abandon it caused outrage among customers: not everyone liked using the adapter that comes with the new smartphones. But Airpods have become a way out of this situation, the only question is how long they will last without recharging the battery.

Apple headset charging process

Airpods charge from zero to one hundred percent in just twenty minutes. a very impressive result. With the help of the charging case, you can extend the operation of the headset for an additional day.

  • Put your headphones in a special case.
  • Connect Lightning cable to case and charger.
  • Or connect the cable to the USB connector.

You can charge the charging case separately by removing the earphones from it.

How long will the Airpods battery last without charging

According to Apple, the Airpods battery is only rated at 20mAh, but it works:

  • in the music playback mode for five hours;
  • talk time about two hours of continuous communication.

The set comes with a charging case that allows you to charge Airpods several times, which increases the time you use the headset.

How to track the charge level of your headphones

If your headset is running low on battery power, the earbuds will alert you with a beep. You can find out the charge level through the iPhone, for this, bring the open case to the smartphone and wait. A window will appear on the screen with the charge level of the headphones and case.

The indicator under the lid of the case is also able to show the state of the battery. The color of the indicator will alert you to the status of the battery when the earbuds are in the case:

  • green. fully charged;
  • yellow. about 60 percent of the battery;
  • flashing white. the headset is ready for setup.

Even if the battery of Airpods is charged, they may shut off. This happens if the headphones do not fit well in the ears and periodically fall out. To avoid disconnection, special silicone pads can be purchased.