Apple watch 3 or 4 what to choose

Apple Watch 4 40mm and 44mm Specifications

It’s worth noting that Apple Watch 4 has significantly changed its display:

  • from 38 mm to 40;
  • from 42 to 44 mm.

Thus, both watch models have become somewhat larger and more massive. The screens have become much larger, so it is no longer possible to use some accessories from previous models. The screen itself has become more rounded, thanks to which the watch is not as rectangular as it was before.

Also worth noting is the increased screen resolution:

  • Series 3. 342272 pixels.
  • Series 4 40 mm. 394,324 pixels.
  • Series 3 42 mm. 390312 pixels.
  • Series 4 44 mm. 448368 pixels.

The two Apple Watch 4 models have the same:

  • processors;
  • speakers;
  • microphones.

In addition, the colors of these watches are also the same. The choice should be made based on the appearance, as well as on some features. Which Apple Watch 4 to choose. 40 or 44 millimeters, of course, it’s up to you to decide.

Who is suitable for?

Surveys were conducted with the owners of the 42mm Apple Watch, and almost everyone liked the new 40mm model the most. All information is perfectly visible on the display, and on the wrist such a watch looks much richer and more interesting.

If we talk about the 44 mm Apple Watch 4 models, then they are ideal for people who adore massive and large products. Up to this point, did the clock seem too small to you? Then you should definitely get this large model. In addition, on such a model it is very convenient to read even the smallest text or examine pictures.

Of course, completely different sizes of watches will be relevant for each person, because everyone has their own ideals. However, if we talk about the golden mean, then we can distinguish exactly the forty-millimeter model. In simple terms, this model can be called universal. As for 44 mm, this type of device is suitable only for fans of massive watches.

Which Apple Watch 4 to choose. 40 or 44 mm, which is better?

Many will say what the question is? Naturally, the larger the screen, the better, so the 44mm Apple Watch Series 4 is better than the 40mm.

However, the 4th generation Smartwatch has slightly different features. Relatively recently, a large model could have liked absolutely everyone, but now things are a little different. Perhaps a small watch will suffice. Yes, and to call them small just doesn’t dare. The display is really decent here.

This article will go into more detail about which Apple watch series 4 to choose. 40 or 44 millimeters. It will also explain what are the differences between these two Smartwatch models.

  • Apple Watch 4 40mm and 44mm Specifications
  • Which Apple Watch 4 to choose. 40 or 44 mm?
  • Who is suitable for?
  • Watch compatibility with old bands

Which Apple Watch 4 to choose. 40 or 44 mm?

Until now, 38 millimeters was enough for a woman, and 42 millimeters was perfect for men. However, now it is best to choose a relatively old watch size and not choose an oversized device.

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Watch compatibility with old bands

Previous bracelets will perfectly fit new models:

  • If you still have a strap from the 38mm version of the watch, you can use it for newer models as well. There were no gaps or other unpleasant aspects that could adversely affect wearing the device.
  • It can be noted that the creators tried to do everything possible so that from an aesthetic point of view, everything looked as high quality and attractive as possible.
  • It is possible to use new straps on old watch models, which is quite convenient.
  • It is worth noting that backward compatibility can please not only those people who have purchased iWatch 4, but also those who wish to collect a collection and use different straps for different occasions.
  • Over the several years of the existence of such bracelets, a huge number of various options, shapes and colors have appeared. For this reason, you can combine any models that you like.

What’s the Difference Between Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple Watch Series 4

In terms of design, the watch has become not only larger, but also thinner. To do this, the developers had to slightly reduce the battery capacity (we will dwell on this point below) and compensate for the losses due to the more energy efficient 64-bit S4 processor and the W3 chip, which is responsible for wireless connections and supports the Bluetooth 5.0 standard (Apple Watch Series 3 works with Bluetooth 4.2 ).

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Apple Watch Series 3:

Apple Watch Series 4:

One of the biggest improvements to Apple Watch Series 4 is the bezel-less display that’s much larger.

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Apple Watch Series 3:

Apple Watch Series 4:

The usable front panel area for the four latest models of Apple Smartwatches is:

  • Apple Watch S3 (case height. 38 mm). 563 mm²;
  • Apple Watch S3 (case height. 42 mm). 740 mm²;
  • Apple Watch S4 (case height. 40 mm). 759 mm²;
  • Apple Watch S4 (case height. 44 mm). 977 mm².

That is, even the 40-mm Apple Watch of the new generation has a larger display than the 42-mm model of last year, and the difference between the 38-mm and 44-mm models in this component is almost 100 percent.

Apple Watch Series 4 sizes: which one to choose and why

In 2018, Apple changed the dimensions of its Smartwatch for the first time, increasing the case height from 38 and 42 mm to 40 and 44 mm. It would seem that the change is insignificant, but in practice, many buyers of Apple Watch Series 4 (detailed review) were faced with a rather difficult choice.

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Information display and usability

In addition to the criteria listed above, when choosing the size of the Apple Watch Series 4, you should also consider the planned use cases. For example, a jogger will likely use a Smartwatch while on the move, and a larger screen looks preferable here. The same applies to people with poor eyesight, thick fingers, etc.

It should also be borne in mind that a larger display tritely fits more information, starting with the number of icons on the desktop and ending with the length of the message on one screen without scrolling.

Battery life

As mentioned above, Apple had to slightly reduce the size and, accordingly, the capacity of the batteries. As a result, the comparison of the models in terms of the battery charge is as follows:

Apple Watch Series 3 (38 mm): 1.07 W / h;
Apple Watch Series 4 (40 mm): 0.86 W / h;
Apple Watch Series 3 (42 mm): 1.34 W / h;
Apple Watch Series 4 (44 mm): 1.12 W / h;

Obviously, the capacity of the 44 mm model is significantly larger than that of the 40 mm model, which can also become an important criterion when choosing.

Band Compatibility

Apple loves to make money on peripherals and accessories, so many reviewers had little doubt that new smartwatches would have to buy bracelets of the appropriate size. Fortunately, this did not happen. straps from 38/42 mm devices fit perfectly with 40/44 mm Apple Watch Series 4, and vice versa.

However, the choice of accessories and their purchase via the Internet still need to be considered carefully, since not all bracelets have versions for sizes 40 and 44 mm. For example, Hermès Simple Tour Rallye straps are only available for 42/44 mm versions, and modern Buckle straps are only available for 38/40 mm versions.

What size Apple Watch Series 4 to choose

So, based solely on the anatomical features of the user and his aesthetic preferences, then the 40-mm model of the Apple Watch Series 4 will suit almost any average buyer, regardless of gender and age, while the 44-mm case should be purchased for a large hand or if available. sympathy for big gadgets.

According to Apple,

  • 40mm Apple Watch Series 4 fits 130-200mm wrists
  • 44mm Apple Watch Series 4 fits 140-210mm wrists.

Apple Watch Series 4 price

Due to the lack of steel Apple Watch with LTE support in Russian retail, one should compare the current for aluminum “GPS only” models. And here the difference in the starting price between 40 and 44 mm Apple Series 4 is no less than 2 thousand rubles. However, given the price tags of 31,990 and 33,990 rubles, respectively, this is less than 6% of the purchase amount.

Gadget design

The main factor influencing the design of the 4 watch series is the display. The Series 4 is slightly larger than the Series 3, but thinner. In order to improve the quality of communication, the back panel of the 4 series device is made of ceramic and sapphire crystal.

The enlarged display of the 4 series gadget has the greatest impact on the appearance of the watch. The screen visually looks more interesting compared to the display with thick bezels, as it was in the 3 series of smart watches.

The Series 4 has a ‘limitless’ effect with a unique curvature around the edges of the display to match the shape of the case. Apple Watch Series 4 has a lot of design enhancements.

Despite the fact that the new watch model is larger, it has become thinner. Dimensions for Series 4:

  • 40 x 34 x 10.7 mm;
  • 44 x 38 x 10.7 mm.

Dimensions of Series 3 Smartwatch:

  • 38.6 x 33.3 x 11.4 mm;
  • 42.5 x 36.4 x 11.4 mm.

The thickness has decreased by 0.7 millimeters. The change, albeit insignificant, is significant for such a gadget.

Device display

If we consider the smaller version (40 millimeters), it can be noted that it has a diagonal of 1.57 ”. In turn, the 44mm device has an increased diagonal of 1.78 ”. In addition to the screen, the resolution has also increased. The smaller model has a resolution of 324 × 394 pixels, while the larger model has a resolution of 368 × 448.

During the presentation, Apple showed off some gorgeous animated themes for the watch face. They look gorgeous on the screen of the new model. The main reason for this effect is the updated matrix developed on the basis of OLED LTPO technology.

This screen displays all colors even more accurately, especially because of the advanced calibration options. In addition, electricity consumption is minimal.

New dials were also developed under the enlarged display, which demonstrate more information. But the convenience here is debatable. The disadvantage of such a system is the oversaturation of the screen with information by means of informers located in the corners.

Which to choose. Apple Watch Series 4 or Series 3

Apple Watch Series 4 is a new smartwatch model from Apple. They are distinguished by an updated design, a huge number of new functions, including equipped with modern heart rate sensors, an ECG module, which, however, does not work in Russia yet. What are the differences between Apple Watch Series 4 and Apple Watch Series 3, many buyers are interested, as well as which model to give preference.


Apple increases the performance of new gadgets every year, and the Series 4 Smartwatch is no exception. The new watch model is powered by an improved chipset, which consists of an Apple S4 processor and a W3 coprocessor. This computer is responsible for wireless communication.

The updated chipset offers a 50 percent increase in performance compared to the Apple Watch Series 3. Also, the new watch has a built-in Bluetooth 5.0 module, when the previous model had 4.2. You can also note the increased capacity of the built-in storage. 16 GB.

Currently, the cost of the Apple Watch Series 3 is significantly lower than it used to be. For many, this factor will be decisive when choosing a watch model.

It should be disappointing that the first model of the gadget, which was shipped before 2016, is not updated to watchOS 5. This is due to the fact that the S4 chip is programmed in 4 models. This gives hope that they will stay on the market for more than two years. But no one can guarantee this.

Minimum. Despite the fact that once a gold jewelry model cost 10 thousand dollars, for many even such an amount in Russian rubles is very significant, and not everyone will be able to give it for a device with a short working life.

As for the Series 3, such a watch can be purchased for 22,990 rubles and even cheaper. It is possible that the cost will decrease due to various promotions and discounts.