Apple TV Which Televisions Fit

Samsung Is such a large manufacturer of modern TVs that many perceive models of other manufacturers as exotic. Buyers often choose Samsung TVs not only for proven quality, but also out of pure trust in the market leader. However, questions may arise during use.

With TVs as a form of technology, the same metamorphosis has recently been happening that at one time with the mobile phone market.

Since 2010, “ordinary” advanced phones have practically disappeared from the market, giving way to smartphones. In the TV market now, in exactly the same way (in many respects by the efforts of Samsung), the SmartTV class occupies an increasing place. These are televisions with some computer features and the ability to expand functionality through additional applications.

However, to install applications and work with the Internet, you need to connect the TV to the Internet. by cable or via Wi-Fi. And here another feature of the TV market affects, similar to the mobile market five to ten years ago. the incompatibility of accessories. In particular, Samsung TVs need branded Wi-Fi adapters.

In fact, a Wi-Fi adapter is needed not only for working with the Internet. Newer models of remote controls, for example, also require Wi-Fi connectivity. From smartphones or tablets, you can stream to a TV in Wi-Fi Direct mode, connecting directly to it.

Apple TV Which Televisions Fit

It’s worth trying the Wi-Fi TV once to see how wireless makes life easier. And we do not even talk about cases of moving or moving in the room, when laying the cable to the TV becomes an additional problem.

Overview of adapter models

Although the range of Samsung TVs is very extensive, the selection of available branded accessories for them is small. As a rule, Samsung produces one or two names of various accessories (cables, cameras, etc.), including Wi-Fi modules.

The most common adapter today is the Samsung WIS12ABGNX. This is a USB stick with an antenna that plugs directly into the TV port. The adapter is compatible with models of the last years of release (starting from 2011), marked Wi-FiReady and belonging to the series 6 or more modern.

WiFi-adapter for tv Samsung Wis12Abgnx It does not support the most current communication standards. up to IEEE 802.11a / b / g / n, however Wi-Fiac and IntelWirelessDisplay are left out. However, such a bandwidth is more than enough to watch online in FullHD resolution.

Another popular model of the adapter, WIS09ABGN, has similar functionality. As the name implies, this adapter also supports Wi-Fi standard N (albeit in Draft mode, since it was released before the official approval of the standard).

However, this solution is for people who are orientated in technology at a high level. Suffice it to say that to upgrade a third-party adapter, you need a computer with the Linux operating system, and careless movement can completely deprive it of functionality. If you are not an expert, it will be more rational to purchase a obviously suitable “native” device.

You can, of course, purchase the already modified D-Link, Zyxel or TP-Link adapter from “craftsmen”. Such adapters will cost more than unmodified, but noticeably cheaper than Samsung branded accessories. The disadvantage is that no one guarantees their operation.

Another option is to use a router that can receive a signal over Wi-Fi, and connect it to an Ethernet port. There are a lot of such models; it is worth choosing the smallest available. The disadvantage of this solution is the need for a separate power connection.

Configuring the network settings on the TV

Connecting a TV with the correct Wi-Fi adapter to your home network is no different from connecting a laptop or phone.

In the TV menu you need:

  • select “Network”;
  • choose the name of your network;
  • enter the password in it.

This is somewhat difficult due to the on-screen keyboard, which will have to work with the remote control. It would be much more convenient to do this using a wireless keyboard or smartphone. But, alas, it’s possible to activate them only when the TV is already connected to the network.

What can I do, I can’t configure the ZYXEL KEENETIC LITE 2 router? The answer is here.

Internet connection

In order for the TV to connect to the Internet in general, no separate gestures are needed: a correctly configured router and a correctly entered password are enough. If the TV correctly entered the home network, then you can congratulate you: you are on the Internet.

True, the possibilities of using the Internet on TV are still limited.

You can do this either from a computer or smartphone, or directly from the TV. Now that your TV is registered on your home network, you can make it easier for yourself to work with it and use the remote control via a smartphone (optional Samsung). Its keyboard is much more convenient for entering data than the on-screen keyboard with the choice of a letter through the remote control.

Special attention should be paid to setting up IPTV on Samsung TVs. This service is usually provided by the provider, and its settings are not pre-installed on TVs, they must be entered manually.

After setting up the Internet, the broadcast IP address must be:

    Log in to Smart Hub

Access to IP-TV should appear immediately after this procedure. If it does not appear, reboot the TV. Yes, it’s hard to imagine the phrase “restart the TV” about ten or fifteen years ago, except in a comic context.

Wi-Fi adapter for TV Samsung UE-40EH5307K

The best way to check if a particular adapter is specifically compatible with your TV is to check for direct compatibility by searching the Internet.

The variety of series and models of Samsung TVs often baffles even experts.

So, the popular Samsung UE-40EH5307K TV model is marked Wi-Fi Ready, but does not have a built-in adapter. The only way to connect this TV to the wireless Internet is to purchase a USB adapter that is known to be compatible with it.

For TVs of the fifth series, adapter models WIS10ABGN and WIS12ABGNX are recommended. If you wish, you can use compatible modified adapters (we wrote about them above). However, they do not guarantee uninterrupted operation after, say, updating the TV firmware.

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In the case of other TVs, it is also worth looking for specific recommendations. There should be no problems with popular models like Samsung UE40D6100SW: for sure, many advanced users have already experimented with them and are ready to share their experience.

TV Series Adapters Compatibility

Since Samsung has been in the smart TV market for quite some time, generations periodically change. TVs may be similar in design, but have a different platform. Therefore, the issue of compatibility of adapters of various models is quite acute for buyers.

So, for a series of 5 Samsung TVs, the WIS10ABGN and WIS09ABGN2 adapters are recommended. For series 6, the WIS09ABGN discussed above is often advised. Surely these adapters are suitable for the D-series of TVs.

By and large, Samsung’s policy is no different from the policies of other TV manufacturers. to produce accessories for them, block all third-party analogs and set high prices. However, craftsmen made their own adjustments to this policy, offering alternatives for more modest money. Samsung TVs are more affected than other brands.

Actually, choosing and buying a Wi-Fi module is much more difficult than connecting and configuring it. In modern Smart TV, almost everything is automatically configured. An exception may be setting up IPTV for local providers.