Apple iPad Air 2019 How Much Ram

Apple iPad Air 2019 How Much Ram

Many have already decided that Apple quietly turned off the Air line. The iPad 2017 and iPad 2018 models actually became an improved copy of the latest iPad Air 2. However, the manufacturer was able to rethink the positioning of the “air” series and find a place for it in the model range of its tablets. Now the iPad Air has a 10.5-inch screen, as close as possible to the flagship iPad Pro.

Design and dimensions of the iPad Air 3 2019

IPad Air 3 received the same aluminum case with a Touch ID fingerprint scanner in the Home button. The company has not yet decided to get rid of it in the most popular tablet models.

But the iPad Air has grown in size relative to its 2014 predecessor. The screen size of the new model is 10.5 inches. The IPS display has increased resolution to 2224 × 1668 pixels, like the Pro model, and supports True Tone technology. It appeared on the company’s tablets only in 2017 and allows you to adapt the glow of the screen to the surrounding lighting.

The dimensions of the device remained the same for the company’s tablets with such a diagonal. This is 250.6 × 174 mm, similar to the iPad Pro 10.5 with its reduced frames. Naturally, the new model due to the grown screen turned out to be larger than its predecessor, iPad Air 2, by a centimeter in height and half a centimeter in width. The thickness of the tablet remained the same. 6.1 mm. IPad Air 2019 weighs 456 and 464 grams for the model with LTE, which is slightly less than the similar-sized iPad Pro 10.5. The tablet received the traditional two stereo speakers, a 3.5 mm headphone jack and a Lightning port. Continuity in this matter cannot but rejoice, at least audiophiles.

Colors of the iPad Air 3 (2019)

The model is presented in three colors: silver, space gray and gold. Everything is traditional for the current rulers of the company’s tablets. Only strict Pro does not have a golden color.

Performance and Drive iPad Air 3 (2019)

The model has at its disposal an A12 Bionic processor with a Neural Engine system. Apple’s proprietary development was carried out according to the 7-nanometer process and was introduced in 2018. The iPhone 6 and iPhone XR also work on the same 6-core processor. He uses machine learning technologies in real time and is able to recognize patterns in the modes of his work. This allows you to clearly speed up the device, especially with multitasking. Apple proudly claims a 70% increase in speed compared to the 2018 iPad.

The storage capacity of the iPad Air 2019 is 64 and 256 GB. Apple did not become greedy, generously increasing the amount of memory relative to its predecessor (it was 16, 64 and 128 GB). The RAM on the tablet turned out to be 3 GB, which is more than a regular iPad, but less than the Pro series. The model’s battery capacity is 30.2 Wh, which is 10% more than the iPad Air 2. Apple promises 10 hours of Wi-Fi for its new product.

2019 iPad Air 3 Camera

The resolution of the rear camera is 8 MP, aperture f / 2.4. It uses HDR technology and proprietary Live Photos feature. But there is no optical stabilization here, just like flash. The front camera has a resolution of 7 MP and f / 2.2, it also knows how to shoot with a resolution of 1080p with a frequency of up to 120 frames / s and with software stabilization, supports Auto-HDR, Retina Flash and FaceTime calls. Obviously, Apple clearly listened to the wishes of users and made the front camera powerful and consistent with market requirements. For a tablet, photography is clearly not the most important function, but the ability to shoot better than many smartphones on the market is worth a lot. But this model did not receive the Face ID function. It remained exclusive to the flagship Pro series.

Support for Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard

An important feature of the new device was support for Apple Pencil, however, the first generation. This opens up new possibilities for the tablet, making it a convenient digital notebook or canvas for drawing. The second generation stylus remains exclusive to the professional line of devices. The appearance of Apple Pencil support was to be expected, because this accessory is already supported by the regular iPad 2018. Recall that the cost of the digital pen Apple is 8,490 rubles.

The 2019 iPad Air 3 received Smart Keyboard support. A special connector appeared on the left edge of the tablet. You can connect a keyboard to it, and after finishing work, it can serve as an elegant cover. This functionality was transferred to Air from the Pro series. You can argue about the convenience of such a keyboard and accuracy, the typing speed on it, but Smart Keyboard support will definitely not be superfluous. The price of Smart Keyboard is 13 108 rubles.

IPad Air 3 Wireless Interfaces (2019)

The tablet, like its predecessor, supports Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac and works in two 2.4 and 5 GHz bands at speeds up to 866 Mbps. The Bluetooth class has grown from 4 to 5. It is worth noting the appearance of the possibility of working with eSIM in addition to the existing support for nano-SIM. I upgraded to the gigabit class LTE, now there is the opportunity to work using this technology in 28 bands.

What is included with the iPad Air 3 (2019)

A Lightning cable and a power adapter (charger) are traditionally included with the tablet.

Specifications iPad Air 3 (2019)

You can buy an iPad Air 3 at the following prices:

  • IPad Air 64 GB Wi-Fi. 42 990 rubles.
  • IPad Air 64 GB Wi-FiCellular. 53 990 rubles.
  • IPad Air 256 GB Wi-Fi. 55 490 rubles.
  • IPad Air 256 GB Wi-FiCellular. 66,490 rubles.

The presented new tablets fit perfectly into Apple’s lineup, forming its clear positioning. IPad Air is a pre-flagship offering some of the features of the professional line. Cheap new tablet did not work. The 2019 iPad Air 3 has an up-to-date processor and some features of the professional series. This model is correctly positioned (above the regular iPad and under Pro) and it will clearly find its customers without taking them from its brothers. Among the ultimate solutions, the competitor to the iPad Air 3 in 2019 may be the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 / S5e. But if the first tablet is not much cheaper than competitors of Apple, then the second has a number of compromises: lack of stylus support, less internal memory. And an excellent ecosystem plays a role.