Apple ID verification failed what to do

What types of system failures a user can face

Apple ID verification fails for a variety of reasons. But the owner should also find out exactly what errors he may encounter. Most often, an inscription appears on the screen stating that it is impossible to connect to the service. The inscription appears when you try to enter your personal profile using your iPhone or iPad. Perhaps the reason lies in the technical work that the company is doing. But the chance of such an outcome is small. Often the reason lies in the following points:

  • the client entered the system with an incorrect password or login;
  • the owner is trying to authorize through the application, the version of which is no longer up-to-date;
  • Internet connection problems
  • device firmware is no longer up-to-date, it needs to be replaced;
  • profile loading may not occur if the owner has previously performed Jailbreak on the smartphone;
  • the date and time on the cell phone are incorrect.
  • note
  • Also, the client may be faced with an inscription about the verification failure. Such a window appears if the client uses the official applications of the company on the phone. The reasons for the appearance of the warning are the same points that have already been described.

If the “This Apple ID is not supported” window appears on the mobile display, this indicates that the client cannot use such an application through his personal account. Profiles that were created a long time ago are outdated. They cannot be supported by the system, so the owner will not be able to use some downloaded programs.

apple, verification, failed

Sometimes an inscription appears stating that the current address is irrelevant or “Apple ID not found.” This message indicates that the profile has been blocked. The situation arises if the client forgot to confirm the procedure for creating an account through the mailbox.

How the owner has the opportunity to independently correct the errors that have arisen when entering the profile

If the screen displays Apple ID sign-in failure, the user must first identify the problem and then fix it. You can get rid of the error in the following ways:

  • The gadget is restarting. This action is considered the standard way out of the situation. Reboot should be done immediately after the message appears on the screen. This option is also used if the client cannot create a new profile. If there are problems on the cell phone, then the login to the account will be unavailable.
  • Check servers. When the system crashes when creating an Apple ID, the problem lies in the operation of the company’s servers. You should check if there is any technical work on the server.
  • Check network connectivity. When you cannot connect to a profile, it is recommended that you test the network connection on your phone. Internet problems can cause login error.
  • The iOS version is out of date. In order for the smartphone to fully function, the owner must follow the updates and install new firmware after its release. Failure to update the operating system in time can lead to system crashes.
  • note
  • After identifying the problem, the owner has the opportunity to solve it on his own. When the user cannot correct the situation on his own, it is recommended to contact the technical support department.

Apple ID server connection problem, validation failed

To download an application, program, music and video, the user needs to log in to his profile. But it so happens that there is a problem connecting to the Apple ID server. It is worth understanding the causes of the error, what they are and how to get rid of them yourself.

For what reasons does the system fail when logging into an account?

An error connecting to the Apple ID account server may appear on the screen for various reasons. Most often, this problem occurs in the following situations:

  • Incorrect time and date. The owner set the time zone incorrectly on the iPhone. This caused the date and time to fail.
  • No internet connection. Another reason why the owner cannot log into their account. A high speed home wireless Internet connection is required for the App Store to function fully. When the network connection is unstable, an error often appears on the screen.
  • The client will not be able to enter his profile if the serial number is hidden on the phone. In this case, “Unable to connect to iTunes store” appears on the screen.
  • The certificates have expired. When certificates are stored on the device that are no longer valid, they can cause a failure. To solve the problem, it is recommended to find the files named “crlcache.db” and “ocspcache.db” and remove them from the gadget. The smartphone restarts and logs into the account again.

The user has already learned about the reasons why there was an error connecting to the Apple ID server being used. Now it’s worth talking about what problems exist in general.

Is it possible to avoid the problem with entering a personal profile

Sometimes, when verifying Apple ID, a connection error appears. To reduce the risk of such a situation, you must follow simple rules:

  • Before proceeding with the solution of the arisen situation, it is necessary to find out why the error message appeared. If you do not identify the cause, you can only worsen the situation.
  • The client must remember the answers to the special questions used during registration. It is recommended to write them down in a notebook. One more mail must be specified in the additional settings. This will allow you to restore your account if the main mailbox is locked or unavailable.
  • Only the owner of the account should know the access code for the account. It is not recommended to enter your data on unverified resources.

When a customer uses official Apple services, he may experience a system malfunction. Most often, the user can fix the problem himself. But if the owner could not cope with the situation himself, you need to contact the technical department of the company.

6 Easy Ways to Fix Error Connecting to Apple ID

Posted by Jane Winston on January 25, 2018 05:20 PM

Many people report that they receive the message “Verification failed. an error occurred while connecting to iCloud “for one reason or another. To be more specific, they have problems signing in or out of their iCloud account due to errors related to Apple ID verification error.

Thus, this article is all about how to fix iCloud verification errors. You can try the methods below to deal with the verification error when logging out of iCloud and other situations. Besides, you can also fix other Apple ID and iCloud problems with these methods.

  • Situations: Apple ID verification fails
  • re-sign in your Apple ID on iCloud
  • make sure you have a good WI-FI network
  • reset network settings to fix “Apple ID verification” error
  • update iOS system
  • Disable the “iCloud Backup” option
  • fix validation error with iOS System Restore

Method 1: Re-sign in your Apple ID on iCloud

Verification may have failed because your Apple ID or password is incorrect, so you’d better enter your correct Apple ID and password for the second try.

Sign out of your iCloud account

Open the Settings app on your iPhone. Select “iCloud” and scroll down to click “Sign Out” at the bottom. Then confirm to sign out of your iCloud account and click Remove from My iPhone (iPad). Enter your password and click Turn Off to sign out of this iCloud account.

Sign in to iCloud again

Select iCloud again in iPhone / iPad settings. Enter the correct Apple ID and password. Finally, click Sign In to re-sign in your Apple ID in iCloud.

Method 5: Turn off the “iCloud Backup” option

If you are unable to sign in to iCloud on your new Apple device and you receive a verification error message, you need to check if “iCloud Backup” is enabled or not.

Click “iCloud” in iPhone Settings.

Scroll down and select “Backup”.

Disable iCloud Backup to fix Apple ID verification error.

Situations: Apple ID verification fails

Validation fails in many different cases. Below are typical situations where verification failed when connecting to the Apple ID server and others. Just read and see if you have a similar experience or not.

  • IPhone or iPad backup manually or automatically.
  • Sign in to iCloud on another iDevice.
  • Use your new Apple ID to sign in to your iCloud account.
  • Recover from iCloud backup files.
  • Set up Family Sharing.

During this time, you can see three warnings.

  • Verification error. iCloud connection timed out.
  • Verification error. failed to connect to server.
  • Verification error. request timed out.

Well, by checking the above points, you can fix the validation error, the unknown error happened more easily than before. Now just go to the next paragraphs and figure out how to fix validation issues.

Method 2: Make sure you have a good Wi-Fi network

Everyone knows that iCloud relies on a strong network. Therefore, you should also check the status of your network to fix the validation error. This section cannot be completed. The easiest way to check your Wi-Fi speed. watch streaming video. Otherwise, you can join another Wi-Fi network.

Open iPhone Settings and tap Wi-Fi.

Select and connect to another Wi-Fi network

Note. You can use cellular data if you need to immediately verify your Apple ID in iCloud.

Method 3: Reset network settings to fix “Check Apple ID” error

If the Wi-Fi network you are connecting to is in good condition, then you can reset the network settings to fix the Apple ID verification error that did not reveal unknown errors.

Reset network settings

Select “General” under the “Settings” section of your iPhone. Scroll down and select “Reset”. Click “Reset network settings” and click “Reset” to confirm reset iPhone network settings.

Connect iPhone to a stable Wi-Fi network

Restart your iPhone and go back to iPhone settings. Select “Wi-Fi” and enable “Ask to connect to networks” below. Now you can select a Wi-Fi network and enter its password.

Method 4: Update iOS System

Make sure you update your iDevice to the latest version. Failure to do so may result in an error and cause Apple ID verification to fail on iPhone and iPad.

Find a software update

Open “Settings” on your iOS device. Select General and select Software Update to see if an iOS update is available.

Update iPhone to the latest iOS version

Click the Download & Install button to update your iPhone to iOS 11.2 / 11.1 / 11. Make sure Wi-Fi or cellular is stable.

How to Fix Apple ID Verification Failed on iPhone/iPad 2020

Checking your internet connection

Activation occurs via the Internet, so you need to check if the smartphone sees the Network.

As mentioned above, some Wi-Fi networks can block access to servers, so in this case it is worth using a different connection.

You can try another reliable Wi-Fi network

Apple ID Verification Failed? 6 Ways to Fix It!

Internet connection problems

Lack of Internet connection may cause iPhone activation to fail.

Note! In addition to traditional networks, some wireless Wi-Fi are capable of blocking attempts by the gadget to activate.

Other possible problems:

  • some gadgets from Apple can only work with a SIM card of a certain cellular operator. Such devices are usually called contract or gilded. You can find out if this is so on specialized sites (for example, at;
  • some devices may display an “Activation Failed” message due to the fact that they could simply freeze;
  • a possible reason can also be the performed procedure of updating the firmware version to the latest version or restoring;
  • there are iPhones on which the beta version of the firmware is installed. Such a gadget cannot be activated because it is not registered with Apple.

Reasons for activation failure on iPhone

Failure to activate the iPhone does not occur out of the blue, it is preceded by some actions of the user himself. Although there are cases of breakdown of the device itself. Below is a description of why iPhone cannot activate.

IPhone 4, 5, 6, 7 activation failed. what to do

The key difference between smartphones from Apple and all similar ones is a close relationship with the manufacturer throughout the entire life of the gadget. All services provided by it are possible only with an activated device. However, the user may face a problem when the iPhone refuses to go through the activation procedure, making these functions unavailable.

Restart iPhone

You can try hard restarting your iPhone. To do this, you need to hold down the shutdown button and the “Home” key for a few seconds until the device turns off. After that, you need to turn it on and try again to go through the activation.

Important! On those smartphones that do not have such a key, the “Volume Down” button is used.

Apple server is temporarily unavailable

The most common reason for iPhone activation problems. The device itself is able to warn its owner that “Your iPhone could not be activated because it cannot contact Apple’s servers.” This happens when a new version of iOS comes out, and the owners of “Apple” gadgets strive to update the version of their operating system as soon as possible, that is, all at once.

The nature of this problem is temporary, you just have to wait until the load on Apple servers decreases and try to activate your device later.

Note! You can check the relevance of the message “Your iPhone could not be activated, because it is not possible to contact Apple services” on the official website, where there is a special resource showing the status of servers in real time.

What does it mean if iPhone activation lock is set

IPhone Activation Lock is a method to protect your device if it is lost or stolen. Such a device cannot be used, since the iPhone is not activated, which means that it is impossible to work with it until a special password is entered.

This mode is enabled if the iPhone owner has enabled the Find My Device option in Find My. From this time on, the phone number will be displayed on the screen of the gadget, which should be used to call the person who found the device.

Note! The “Activation lock” option also allows you to remotely erase all data from the phone’s memory, so that unlocked people will not be able to use the owner’s personal data even when unlocking.

Activation via iTunes

You can try to activate iPhone via iTunes installed on your computer. To activate iPhone, you need to update the program to the latest version.

  • Turn on the device and select the country and language.
  • Click on the screen on the inscription “Connect to iTunes”.
  • Connect your smartphone to a PC using a USB cable (you must first check the adapter’s functionality), and start the program on the computer if it does not start working automatically. The application will automatically contact the Apple servers and activate the device, which will inform you with the appropriate message.

Mobile network blocking check

Check if your mobile network is working. Possibly the reason is related to poor online connection. Use Wi-Fi.

Internet connection problems

The next reason implies an unstable internet connection. In other words, it is not possible to contact the server that should receive information from your smartphone. Check the stability of the mobile network. It is recommended to connect to Wi-Fi to solve the problem.

SIM card check

Check if the SIM card is inserted correctly. Doesn’t fit in your phone? Contact the operator to obtain the desired SIM card option. If, after checking, no malfunctions were found with the SIM card, then most likely the reason is hidden in a hardware failure.

SIM card not supported

IPhone activation can fail if the gadget cannot detect the installed SIM card. Check if it is the correct size and is correctly inserted into the connector.

Activation lock is set

Sometimes, using marketplaces for private ads, for example, Avito, there may be problems with activation. This means that the previous owner of the gadget did not change the account. Contact him to resolve the issue.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

Apple server is temporarily unavailable

The presented error will show the user an inscription. the server is temporarily unavailable. That is, it was not possible to get activation information from it. In this situation, your efforts are powerless. Server performance depends entirely on the company. The only way out is to wait for the developers to be able to bring up the servers and get them working.

Information about their work can be obtained on the official website. Active ones are marked in green, and disabled ones are marked in red.

Update required

Sometimes an error can occur due to an old firmware version. After Iphone activation fails, update is required. It is required to timely install patches released by developers. Check the settings for new updates. If this malfunction does not allow you to download the update, then you can try to activate the system through iTunes.


Iphone activation error after factory reset? When Apple released the updated iOS 11 firmware, it made some changes to its smartphone repair policy. If the phone has undergone repair work, during which defective parts were replaced, then it is important that purely original components are installed in it.

The use of “left” components will definitely block the device after you reset the settings. At the same time, it will not be possible to activate the system.

It should be noted that older versions of the operating system are not affected by this factor. That is, you can safely reset the parameters without fear that the mobile phone will turn into a “brick”. The policy presented has been changed for iOS 11 and 12 only. Refurbished phones should therefore be avoided.

Thus, the company decided to add additional security measures. When the user has reset the settings when the device boots up, the system sends the component information to the Apple Technical Center. If the security system detects non-original parts in the phone that are not in the official database of the company, it will automatically block it.

The solution to the problem is to contact the service under warranty.

Checking the health of the Internet connection

Try to go to any other application that requires an internet connection, and make sure that all pages in it will load. Try reconnecting to Wi-Fi or mobile internet.

Reconnecting to the Internet

Login to your account through the official website

This action is performed in order to find out what is the reason for the error. in the account itself or in the application that cannot be entered. Go to the official Apple ID website ( and try to log in with your unique username and password. If the authorization is successful, then the whole point is in the application, if some kind of failure occurs, then the problem is with the account.

Password reset

Perhaps due to failures on Apple servers, the password for your account has become invalid, that is, it should be restored:

  • Go to the official Apple ID website ( and click the “Forgot your password or Apple ID?”.

Click the button “Forgot Apple ID or password?”

Fill in all the required fields, click the “Continue” button and follow the instructions on the website.

Press the button “Continue”

App update

The iTunes app on your computer does not always update automatically, so sometimes you need to update it manually:

  • We open ITuens through the computer menu.
  • Expand the Help menu and navigate to the Updates section.
  • Go to the “Updates” section

    If there are updates available, you will be prompted to install them. Click the Download iTunes button.

    Press the button “Download iTunes”

    On Windows

    • On the keyboard, simultaneously hold down the CtrlAltDelete key combination.

    Hold down the CtrlAltDelete buttons

    In the menu that opens, select the “Change user” section.

    We select the option “Change user”

    Log in to the system using an account with administrator rights.

    Log in with an administrator account

    Skipping ID formation

    If you are unable to log in with your account, return to the phone settings window. And click on the “Set up like new iPhone” option. In the activation window that opens, click “Skip this step”. Confirm your actions by pressing the “skip” button. Complete the rest of the phone activation steps and access the device.

    • Make sure that at the time of authorization, the company’s services are available and do not carry out any preventive maintenance.
    • Make sure the date and time are correct. If you cannot automatically set the correct parameters, set them manually.
    • Check if the OS is up to date. Beta versions can often have system bugs.
    • Check the health of the Internet network. The signal must be good and have a high speed.
    • Try logging out and restarting your device. Then log in again.
    • Perform a factory reset.

    Try all of the suggested corrections to help you sign in to your Apple ID. If after all measures, the problem persists, contact an authorized service center for diagnostics and possible repair.

    Eliminate the “Apple ID not found” error

    The error occurs due to the fact that the account has not been confirmed via e-mail, so we find the letter that should have arrived after the registration was completed, and we follow the link it contains.

    Residents of Russia complain about a global failure in iCloud and the App Store

    On the Apple page, which displays information about the availability of branded servers, there are no problems. It says that everything is working as usual. Meanwhile, even now, on June 5 at 1:58 am Moscow time, it is not possible to log in to your Apple ID account. Residents of Russia should not worry, as it is obvious that the problem is massive and very soon, if it is not something serious, it will be resolved. At the same time, the App Store and iCloud services themselves work normally, you cannot only log in and view your account information.

    Failure to verify your Apple ID account due to the inability to connect to the company’s servers can obviously occur due to two options. The first, simple one, implies that already tonight the “Apple” corporation will officially announce the operating systems iOS 11, macOS 10.13 and a number of others, so some critical changes are made to iCloud and App Store services in advance.

    The second option is more pessimistic. Yesterday it became known that Roskomnadzor accidentally blocked access to social networks and Yandex services on the territory of Russia, so it is possible that the owners of iPhone, iPad and Mac also suffered at the hands of this department. In this case, the solution to this problem may take several days, since it is possible to “get” an IP address from the black list only after some procedures that can last for a long time.

    Update 1. As of 02:06 Moscow time, all problems with iCloud and the App Store have been successfully resolved. Apparently, Apple did carry out some technical work, which it decided not to inform the public about.

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