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How to download video from the internet to your iPhone

Welcome to our website! Today we will talk about how to download videos from the Internet to your iPhone or iPad for free and without a computer. As we know, the smartphones from Apple, working on the operating system iOS, have some difficulties with downloading content from the network. These are the difficulties we are going to solve today, and specifically, in this case we will talk about video. So let’s, without delay, get right down to business.

Since almost all Apple smartphones run the same operating system, all of the following options are relevant for all iPhone models. Accordingly, if the format is not supported, for example, M4R, you will have to download a third-party player.

Video Downloader (AVDownloader Free). because it’s convenient

No matter how much we admire the convenience and intuitive accessibility of the OS, and everything that came out from under the pen of the wizards of Apple, many of us have to admit at least that novice users can have problems with the transfer of video files from your computer to your phone or tablet using iTunes. At least I still find it inconvenient to convert video content to transfer it to iPad. To perform these tasks, I used to use third-party applications, one of which is a free video downloader AVDownloader, and it will be discussed in this review.

I faced the need to use this application few days ago, when I needed to brighten up the loneliness of the road by watching a movie. After downloading a few similar applications, I chose AVDownloader because it had a friendly interface and really powerful features.

AVDownloader is a video downloader that supports a huge number of foreign and domestic sites (unfortunately, YouTube is not one of them). All we need to do is to find the desired movie on one of the websites using the built-in browser and click the “Play” button to download it to the application’s personal storage. A nice bonus to all of this is the ability to resume an interrupted video download, a convenient history of visiting sites, as well as file protection through the protection code.

After the quick and easy download of the movie the wonderful functionality of the application did not weaken and continued to please me: the built-in player has a beautiful and comfortable appearance, the player is controlled by gestures, which you get used to very quickly, the application supports a huge number of formats without the need to convert, it is possible to create folders, each video file has a small thumbnail, it is possible to play videos in the background mode, and much more. In addition to all this, you can drag and drop and rename files, as well as create screenshots of your movies.

So if you are looking for a convenient free video downloader, AVDownloader is probably the best solution. In addition to the free version, there is a paid version, but I do not understand the difference between them, so if anyone has similar information, share your opinion in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Name: Video Downloader (AVDownloader Free) Publisher / Developer: Evolution Games Price: Free Built-in purchase: Yes Download: For iPhone/iPad

How to download movie on iPad

There are many ways to upload a video file with a movie to iPad. These can be conditionally divided into two categories:

Please note that this article deals with methods of transferring video files that the user has downloaded from third-party iOS resources. If the iPad owner has purchased a movie from the official Apple store or other online movie theaters, all you need to do is download this document to your tablet using the functionality of the app you’re using.

downloading, videos, ipad

Since each process of downloading movies is very different from each other, we should disassemble each method separately.

Via iTunes

The iOS operating system is characterized by extreme security against any external risk factor. That is why in the development of the first versions of iPhone and iPad by Apple it was decided to prohibit the use of the device as a device for file transfer via USB-connection. Because this method of communication with a personal computer can transfer viruses to the “apple” gadgets.

As a substitute, the software iTunes was invented, which not only connects the two devices, but is also a platform to control your smartphone or tablet. Despite this, the design of the program was confusing to the average user, which discouraged owners of Apple equipment from this software.

This method is only suitable for MPEG4 video files, i.e. for the extensions MP4, M4V, and MOV. If necessary, convert the file before transferring it from the computer to the tablet.

So, to transfer a movie to your tablet via iTunes, follow these instructions:

  • Run the iTunes software (download from the official Apple website if it is not available.
  • Click the “File” tab.
  • Select “Add to Media Library.
  • Select the desired movie.
  • Connect your tablet to your PC using a USB cable.
  • Click on the tablet icon that appears in the upper left corner of the program window.
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You do not need an internet connection for this method.

Then the software library in iTunes and the iPad‘s internal memory will be synchronized. Once the process is complete, the movie will be transferred to the tablet.

Using cloud storage

If the user doesn’t want to deal with the complicated interface of iTunes software, or if the tablet owner doesn’t have a USB cable, the cloud storage service can be an excellent option for transferring a movie. These are special Internet services for transferring and storing files of different sizes.

The user can download a file from any convenient cloud storage. Here is a list of the most popular ones:

Note that the data transfer via the presented services takes place via Internet only.

So, to transfer a movie to iPad using cloud storage, you need to do the following steps:

  • Sign up for any cloud service you like.
  • Create a folder for your movies.
  • Transfer the file of interest there.
  • Open cloud storage on your portable gadget.
  • Go to the folder you need.
  • Watch the video online or download it on an Apple tablet.

Don’t forget about the format of the movie. Recoding a file on iPad is much harder than on a personal computer.

Which cloud storage service to use is not so important. Though each service has certain features and functions (e.g., some cloud apps are chargeable). The choice depends solely on the user.

Through file sharing

Similar to the cloud storage method to download the video file to the “apple” tablet. using file sharing sites. These services are specialized in the transfer of information via the Internet.

List of the most popular file sharing sites:

The process of transferring a movie is almost the same as the way you upload via cloud storage:

  • Create an account in any filesharing service.
  • Download the film you are interested in.
  • Get the download link.
  • Use this address to download the movie to your iPad.

Transferring data through file exchangers is currently not the most popular way to get information, to understand why this is the case and whether this service is suitable to upload a movie to iPad, you should consider the main advantages and disadvantages of file exchangers.

A long way. Recording iOS screen

You can record video using the standard iOS features and without additional crutches.

You just need to add the Screen Recording toggle under Settings. Controls and enable screen recording with sound.

The only thing left is to turn on the video on YouTube and record it via the built-in iOS chip. Such clip will be saved in the gallery of the device and will be available for editing in any application.

There are two disadvantages to this method: you need to record video clips in silence, because the sound will be recorded through the iPhone microphone from the speaker of the device, and you will have to view the entire downloaded clip. If you want to save your Apple presentation this way, get ready for a two-hour recording session.

Note: Despite the fact that we have listed a few applications in this article, we still can not be sure about the continued availability of these video downloaders for iOS, because Apple App Store is constantly updating its terms. You can download these iPhone apps from the App Store.

Document 6:

You may want to know how to easily download videos from your iPhone/iPad. Document 6, as a YouTube video downloader for iPhone, usually allows users to view all kinds of videos as well as other media files. This app is available for free and is becoming increasingly popular around the world thanks to its simple multimedia organization techniques. If you want to upload videos with Document 6, you just need to launch this video uploader on iOS 11 and then just click on the icon available in the bottom left corner. Now you need to type “savefromnet” in the search bar and finally click “” in the search results. Now paste the URL of your video in the white box, select the quality you want and once renamed, you can save it to your device’s memory.

Video Downloader Pro:

This iPhone video downloader supports almost all popular video file formats and can work with all websites. You can also stream video content directly from the internet, and users can also manage their playlist by downloading their favorite videos. The best thing to know about Video Downloader Pro is that it provides a free trial before you make a purchase for this app. It allows users to sort their videos by type, duration, date and name, such as details. To start the download process, you need to browse the internet and then select your video; press the download button, and soon it will be available on your device.

My Video Manager and File Transfer:

The My Video Manager app is widely used to download videos for iPhone files from the local network so they can be viewed later through the file manager. This video downloader for iPhone makes it easy to download files via Wi-Fi through iPod and iPhone devices, so video lovers can easily watch their favorite videos anytime, anywhere. This app is password protected so it’s 100% safe to use because no one can access your private collection without your permission. It has special features, such as the ability to download multiple files, fast downloads, and video downloads in the background.

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Ultra Downloader Plus:

You’ll be happy to know that this software platform not only provides video downloading services on iOS, but at the same time allows users to stream content directly to PlayStation 4, SmartTV, Xbox and so on. You can password protect all your favorite collections, and you can bookmark frequently used video download sites. Users can also pause or resume watching their video content as needed and it will never affect your permission. Note that you must have iTunes on your device with an active iTunes account in order to download videos from this website.

I’m sure that many new iPad owners not once wondered what program to use to download videos from RUTube, Megogo and other alternative services. And what program is suitable, for example, for!? Answers to these and other questions in this review.

Very simple application. Undoubtedly, it will be useful for those of our readers who like to watch videos on services like RuTube, Megogo, etc.

The program itself is free, but the upgrade will cost some money. I will tell you frankly, I refused the system’s offer to upgrade.

The size of the distribution package is 8.5 MB. Loading takes from half a minute and depends on only one thing. the speed of your Internet connection.

The downloader itself is similar to Safari browser. The buttons for forward/backward, the “Home” button, as well as the address and search bar are all at the very top. In addition to the above, there is also a submenu responsible for creating bookmarks, switching to Safari browser, etc.

Another one, if I may say so, navigation panel is implemented at the bottom of the window. It consists of five submenus: “browser”, “files” as well as “downloads”, “iPod video” and “more.

In my humble opinion, it’s already clear from the very names what functional features are “assigned” to the corresponding submenu. But the subitem iPod video seemed to me simply unnecessary. This submenu is completely out of the format of the app.

As for the “” submenu, from here the user can set the maximum number of simultaneous downloads, turn off the sleep mode, clear the download history, and much more. Below is an illustration for clarity of the full list.

All downloaded videos are stored in the “Files” submenu. Going here, the user can arrange them by name, date, and type, plus move individual videos to a new folder and much more.

Also a free app. The distributive volume is 17 MB. As such, there are no hidden costs, but the user can buy a slightly more functional version of the Pro.

I note that the menu interface of this application is definitely similar to the one discussed above. There’s also an address and search bar. And here’s the panel with the forward/backward buttons, history submenu, etc., are shifted downward. There’s nothing wrong with that as such. this arrangement is also quite convenient for navigation.

Below this panel are five sub-menu icons: “browser,” “downloads,” and “files,” “playlists,” and “settings”. I’m sure it won’t be hard for the reader to guess what functional features are assigned to the first three sub-items. As for the submenu “Playlists”, from here, the user can create a kind of catalogs according to his preferences.

The last submenu “Settings” provides already mentioned opportunity to buy Pro version. In addition, here you can also protect access to the application with a code, configure the ability to automatically delete completed downloads, determine the maximum number of simultaneous plus mn. etc.

But video downloads from You Tube, RuTube and Megogo are not supported by this app.

Free Video Downloader Plus Plus!

This application can be called in some ways a light version of the one I considered the previous. Here is exactly the same menu interface and the same location of functional elements, but a little easier submenu settings. In the latter, in particular, the user can set up in the browser so-called “private” browsing, when the address of the page is not saved in the browser. You can also set the start page that will be loaded when the application is activated, view browser history, buy or donate a Pro version, rate the application, report errors, etc.

Like the previous application, the client in question has proved itself excellently in the work with the service and similar to it, where it proved quite stable. With Megogo,, RuTube this program will not work.

A key advantage compared to its predecessor is the smaller number of often unnecessary settings. Otherwise, the advantages and disadvantages are similar to the above mentioned application.

How to download video on iPhone without additional programs

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If you want to download video to your iPhone without using a cable, i.e. without connecting your smartphone via USB, then the nPlayer app is the right choice for you. You can download and install nPlayer through the App Store. There is a free version.

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We need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network using this player. Otherwise, you will not be able to stream video over the air.

So, turn on the iPhone WI-FI and launch this player.

At the top of the program, find the Wi-Fi icon and click on it.

This is how we started Wi-Fi streaming. Here we need to enable the HTTP / WebDAV server and we will be given a special address, which you will have to enter in your computer in your browser (

We leave everything as it is on the phone and move on to the computer. Launch your browser, type in the address and hit Enter.

I have loaded the interface of the player. To throw a video in it it is necessary to press the Add Files button and select any video on PC.

The main advantage of this player compared to the standard one is that it supports dozens of different formats. And if you have MOV, MKV, AVI, WMV or any other video, nPlayer will easily be able to play it. And in general, it’s a very cool player, more details about capabilities you can check here.

So, after you indicate to the program which videos you want to upload, the transfer will start. Waiting for it to be 100%.

Meanwhile, the iPhone will also display the information about the transferred files. When all the videos are downloaded, you can disable HTTP / WebDAV and click Close.

Now you can check everything we’ve uploaded here. Click on any video and it starts playing.

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Best Video Downloader app for iPhone

Video Saver Pro cloud storage

Video Saver Pro Cloud Drive, the best video downloader app for iPhone, is a powerful and free all-in-one toolkit with which you can manage and download/upload media files from website or cloud drive to your iPhone. Its free version allows you to download videos up to 30 minutes long, or you can purchase their one-time and affordable premium package that allows you to download longer videos.

downloading, videos, ipad

Using the convenient webURL download option, simply copy the link to the video you want to download, open the Video Saver Pro app, then select Direct URL, click on YTMate, then paste the URL into the search bar. You will find a list of available file formats to choose from. Choose the MP4 option for the highest possible quality.

Private browser with Adblock

Private Browser. The best fast video downloader for iPhone and a multi-tabbed browser with exclusive privacy features to ensure safe online browsing. Some of its cool features include unique moderated ad blocking lists and night mode that help reduce distractions and help you focus on the content.

This is one of the most user-friendly apps I’ve come across. The process is very simple and allows you to download videos from three popular video sharing platforms, namely YouTube, and Once you’ve downloaded and launched the app, simply select one of the three video sharing platforms and find the video you want to download, or simply paste the URL of any video and then click on the download option at the bottom of the window. pp. Once the download is complete, you can save it anywhere on your iPhone.

Video Keeper

Video Saver. is a free video downloader for iPhone that lets you download videos directly from a copied video link or from your cloud drive. In addition to high-quality HD video downloads, you can also count on a useful video editor feature where you can handle basic video editors.

If you want to download a video using Video Saver, simply install the app, then copy the URL of the video you want to download and open the app. It will automatically select the link you copied and ask if you want to download it. Click on “Download” and Walla! Download complete. Then just store wherever you want on your iPhone device.

Ways to convert movies to a suitable format

All of the above is true for movies packed in MPEG4. But what if you don’t find any on popular resources? In this case, you will have to use the transcoding of the file into the desired format.

There are a lot of services that offer this service. Some of the most popular are Zamzar, FreeFileConvert, CloudConvert. They all have a web-based interface and transcode files with storage on their servers. From where you will then need to download them to your iPad.

We hope that the above information will be enough to have the ability to download films to the tablet, if necessary. We will be glad to see your Комментарии и мнения владельцев on this problem.

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