Android tablet as a graph tablet

How to make a graphics tablet from a phone. Is it possible to use an ordinary tablet as a graphics tablet

Hello, my name is Dmitry. Here I want to talk about why I am not satisfied with the mouse, and how I am trying to replace it. I develop CAE programs for engineers (calculating statics and dynamics of mechanical systems), I work one third of the time as a project manager, and the rest of the time I am a system architect, developer and tester in my and other people’s projects. I always have ten or twenty windows open and I have to jump between them all the time:

  • Visual Studio. the software itself, usually three or four different solutions
  • SourceSafe. versioning.
  • Outlook
  • Skype
  • Total Commander. files, files.
  • Internet-Explorer. software planning, monitoring project progress, doxygen documentation, etc.д.
  • Word, Excel. task list, meeting minutes, project requirements, quick graphing, etc.д.
  • PowerPoint. presentations for management.
  • Notepad. review of intermediate results, configurations, etc.д.
  • CAE soft is ours. test and basic version.
  • CAE soft of other firms. for tests

I end up using a bunch of different programs every day. Each program has its own unique graphic interface. And each interface has either no shortcuts at all, or they have their own, singular and unique, which I can’t remember. As a result, my whole working day is a constant tossing between the mouse and the keyboard:

  • Mouse: open a document, scroll,
  • Keyboard: write three or four lines.
  • Mouse: click on button, move to another program, click on button
  • Keyboard: write 2-3 values in a window that appears.
  • Mouse: open another window. Press the button. Select menu item. Then an item in the sub-menu. Then in the sub-menu. Click! New window!

At one point my right hand said: “Sorry, master, but the load is a little heavy for me.”. My hand hurt for almost two months, weakly at first, then more and more. In the end I bought a vertical mouse, learned more shortcuts in Visual Studio and switched to Total Commander. Now my hand does not hurt, but the problem with the mouse remains. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like this constant movement from left to right to grab the mouse, and from right to left to go back to the keyboard. Mouse in computers in 1981, it’s been over thirty years, and not much has changed since then.

I don’t like any of the standard alternatives to the mouse: PointStick (the pin in the center of the keyboard for laptops), touchpad, graphics tablet. all either have poor accuracy or still need to yank my hand off the keyboard.

There are also programs and hardware for eye tracking, like Camera Mouse or Tobii Eye Trackers. Honestly, I didn’t want to spend a hundred bucks on Tobii Eye Tracker, and Camera Mouse was very bad at eye position detection (I suspect my glasses are to blame).

Top 9 Best Children’s Drawing Tablets with Stylus

Place Model Price
#1 REXANT graphic, 8.5″ inches (70-5000)
#2 Xiaomi Mijia Wicue 10 inch (WS210)
#3 Back to the Origins Pic-Pad (PPW10)
#4 Zabiaka Magnetic Drawing 120 Holes with Stencils
#5 Zabiaka Learning Magnetic Drawing, 380 Holes
#6 Back to Basics Mugboard Mini (MGBM)
#7 WACOM Bamboo Folio A5 (CDS-610G)
#8 BONDIBON with LCD screen (BB4211)
#9 Back to Basics Pic-Pad Business (PPBB)
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HUION (HUION) produces a wide range of models to suit all needs and budgets. At the same time, the quality of products is always on top. All models have programmable keys.

HUION (advanced)

  • HUION H640P. size 160 x 100 mm, 8192 pressure levels.
  • HUION H950P. size 221 x 138 mm, 8192 pressure levels.
  • HUION HS610 SE. size 350 x 211.8 mm, 8192 pressure levels.
  • HUION DWH69. size 228 x 152 mm, 2048 pressure levels.
  • HUION H1060P. dimensions 254 x 159 mm, 8192 pressure levels.

HUION (professional)

  • HUION Q11K V2. Dimensions 279 x 174 mm, 8192 pressure levels.
  • HUION WH1409 V2. size 350 x 220 mm, 8192 pressure levels.
  • HUION H1161. 372.5 х 221.4 mm (working area. 279.1 х 174.6mm), 8192 pressure levels.

XP-PEN Star G640S

Using Android tablet as a graphics tablet for PC with XorgTablet

Any self-respecting digital artist these days is simply required to have a graphics tablet working in tandem with a graphics editor on a personal computer. But many, especially beginner artists can not afford to buy this rather expensive device.

However, this problem can be solved. If you have an Android tablet and use the well-known image editor GIMP, then thanks to the new XorgTablet app, you can use your device as a graphics tablet.

This app is bundled with drivers developed by the gimpusers will allow you to select your Android tablet as the input device in the GIMP editor.

Sounds interesting and quite tempting. However, keep in mind that not all tablets, unlike real graphics tablets, can detect the force of the pressure on the screen, which greatly limits the capabilities of such a solution.

The ideal is to use tablets that have an active digitizer embedded in their display, which works in tandem with an active, pressure-sensitive digital pen.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 tablet, for example, can be considered such a device.1 which has a screen with a Wacom Digitizer and which comes with an S Pen.

Other tablets can work with the application as well, but they will be far from the professional level.

The application allows to connect the tablet to the computer, both via USB cable and WI-FI. However, it has one drawback: if an Android tablet is selected as the input device, the editor stops responding to the mouse, which is not very convenient.

In addition, the drivers to connect the tablet are only available for the Linux operating system.

Infinite Painter

Infinite Painter is a popular application for artists that is suitable for use on a tablet or widescreen smartphone on the Android platform.

In PlayMarket it is available for PlayPass subscribers, but everyone can use the one month trial period to see if it suits them.

In return, it opens up a wide range of possibilities:

  • 160 ready-made brush presets;
  • Ability to create your own brush and tweak its parameters;
  • Use paper textures on canvas;
  • Work with four types of symmetry;
  • Create multiple layers in Photoshop mode and.т.д.
  • You can use Infinite Painter for other purposes as well:
  • Clone images and create drawings from photos;
  • Edit photos and change their color, texture, and.т.д.

The app’s interface is intuitive and hard to confuse. All available tools are in open panels of shortcuts.

Can I use a regular tablet as a graphics tablet??

Many of us have repeatedly asked ourselves the question: “How can we turn an ordinary tablet into a graphics tablet??”. After all, every self-respecting modern digital artist or even just a beginner, wants to have such a thing in his arsenal. The trouble is that not everyone can afford it, or perhaps just does not want to spend. So everyone who has an Android or iPad is looking for all sorts of solutions to this problem. What? Let’s look into it.

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How and where you can apply the acquired knowledge?

Useful skills acquired in drawing courses are applied in areas at least a little bit related to creativity and design.

The profession of web-illustrator is highly paid, because it requires good professional skills. Game design and character drawing are done by talented artists who spend a lot of time perfecting their skills.

The quality of cartoon drawing has reached a new level. In this field one cannot do without the skills of wielding not only a pencil or a marker, but also the stylus of a graphics tablet. The same goes for artists who create special effects. These skills don’t come out of nowhere, and they are not born with them. taste and technique are brought up by years of hard work.

Journalists, content managers, editors, writers, marketers. each of these professions can find a use for graphic design. A presentation and a project look much better if they are artistically designed.

Android apps

Of course, these are not all applications, but they are the only ones that will really let you dive into the atmosphere of creativity. Here we learned how to turn an ordinary tablet into a graphics tablet.

Tablet 2013 in 2020: my user experience

For a long time I wanted to share my impressions of this unit, and then I saw a post about using an old laptop as a portable retro game station, and decided. it’s time. Unnecessary old laptop. It is not as common as low-powered tablets that many have lying around, but they can still serve. I will tell you about my extremely budget model, which the Chinese call it artlessly as A13-MID, what it has been improved and what it could pull on its arm-shoulders.

I should note right away that this is not my manual, but my own story, so if you did something different and better. Know that you are very good! The post is extensive and in some places there are boring details, so you can immediately skip to the second part, where the games 🙂

Bought the tablet in April 2013 at ali, for 1560. I bought it for my mother, so that she began to get used to new technology, well, so that the computer is not too busy 🙂 Accordingly, the cheap tablet from birth was not too fast, and without a USB nipple did not live long. 1-2 hours of use. But it has fulfilled its educational purpose, my mom moved on to more advanced devices, and this old boy was lying along with the old button phones. Several times I tried to cure it from the brakes, but I did not understand a lot about android, so the attempts were unsuccessful.

However, in 2015 I replaced the battery and bought a case with a keyboard, indicating the role of the device as a typewriter (a little sick of graphomania). Well and the final embodiment of the tablet got after moving to another city, when I had to share a laptop with a diligent student, and the tablet was taken from home just in case. I decided to rework it and add some retro toys, so after a series of experiments the tablet became an almost daily usable device for entertainment and sometimes for work 🙂

Actually, one of the reasons for such a low price was a very dead battery. I could not find the archive photos, but I found something similar in Google.

In general, a little more battery for the phone. After a little reading of web sites and forums, and trying to figure out where to insert a battery of larger capacity, from the same Chinese website-market this battery was ordered and soldered instead of the old one.

I could have taken a bigger battery, but the speaker protruding below was getting in the way. After installation I didn’t make any adjustments, it was unnecessary. Everything is done by the battery controller.

android, tablet, graph

I can not claim that the actual capacity corresponds to the stated, but with this battery, the tablet is living much longer. Here a lot depends on the load, screen brightness, wi-fi and processor preset.

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The second purchase was a case with a keyboard. Choose immediately with micro-USB connector and for some reason even engraved with Russian letters, which ended up being almost impossible to see. Then I took some black stickers for keyboards and after trimming them a bit I glued them on top. Held so far and did not fray.

Material of the cover. The keyboard has a young leather leatherette, with time a little cracked at the folds, but otherwise nothing happens, it keeps. In general, on the keyboard. The membranes of the buttons vary in responsiveness, some pressed accurately, some with skips, and the buttons themselves are a little crooked. The leg of the stand holds only on a flat surface, on the lap is no longer able to hold. In principle, you get used to and use, but often check the words after writing. Also bought for about 500, for that price similar cases can be found on ali and now.

I won’t tell you how I experimented with the firmware, I will only mention a couple of details.

First. The tablet had a very bright backlight that did not go below the middle. In the battery burn I was blaming it, so I started looking for options to fix it. Found instructions on how to edit the framework-res file.APK on 4pda. Through an application with backlight control (something like a night screen) learned the number of the lower threshold of brightness and changed the lower values in the system APK. Now you can make the screen darker, but in the first editing attempts caught bootloop, so be sure to back up the original file.

The second. the tablet without radio module, but after the firmware is persistent to look for mobile networks, so I solved the problem simply (but after many days of experiments). removed from the directory of system applications phone.APK. The tablet had nothing to get into, that’s why it stopped.

And in the end, after checking the power consumption, the battery drain was partly the fault of the fantasy processor, which runs like performance, at high frequencies at every sneeze. After changing the preset to a more adequate behavior, the tablet does not want to wake up, and after rebooting everything is reset to default. There, as they say.

So, with the battery taken care of, now. brakes. It quickly became clear here: the gluttonous and ubiquitous services of the corporation of good have taken over the power of the tablet and left no resources for anything else. The way out is simple. root and removing everything unnecessary. As a result the tablet started to work without permanent brakes and hangs, of course, within its capabilities, but without the.

And now. To the good stuff: what are these features?

MediBang Paint

This application is designed specifically for drawing and creating comics. You can use it on your tablet or phone.

It uses cloud storage by default, so you can easily switch between devices and keep working on the same drawing.

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