Android sees your headphones when you don’t have them

How to remove a headphone icon from the phone screen

Most often the sound disappears when using headphones. But sometimes it is vice versa. Sometimes everything is much sadder. there is no sound in either headphones or speakers.

But don’t get upset. In most cases you can solve the problem yourself: this does not require any special knowledge. We list 10 popular ways to do it. We hope they will help you.

NB! If you’re not sure what to do, don’t do anything. It is better to give phone to experts.

Incorrect settings 1. Go through your phone’s settings, looking at the Audio, Music, Basic, Advanced, etc. tabs.п. You may have accidentally muted the audio.

If there is no sound in the headphones 2. Try plugging in your headphones, pressing the volume up button and pulling the plug out of the headphone jack. Also try removing and inserting the headphone plug a few times. You can also gently tap the housing near the jack (but this is for shamans only. just kidding).

Take a cotton swab, soak it in alcohol or aseptoline and wipe the audio jack on the phone from the inside. You can try gently cleaning the jacks with toothpicks or sharp matches with absorbent cotton (wrap the wool tightly so it doesn’t stay in the jack).

Try blowing out the audio jack (dust or dirt may have gotten in there). If you have a tiny vacuum cleaner, try cleaning the headphone jack with it (they say it often helps). Wait for about 20-30 seconds just in case.

If there is no sound in speaker 5. You might have a “clip clip” in the audio jack that is causing your phone to think you have headphones plugged in and not giving sound to the speakers. Try unfastening the “tendrils”.

You spilled liquid on your phone 6. If you have poured some liquid on volume control buttons, the sound will simply stop working. It will either be at maximum volume or minimum volume all the time. In this case it is better to open the device carefully and clean contacts on the buttons with alcohol (don’t forget to dry them afterwards). If you don’t have possibility to dry it with hairdryer, use cold air.

iPhone 7 switch. On iPhones and iPads, you can make the side switch turn the sound on and off. Check if this option is on.

Rebooting/Reflashing 8. Do not just restart (though you should start with this), but hard reset. For iPhone/iPad you need to press and hold power and home button simultaneously for several seconds. For Android devices you usually need to hold the power button and “volume up” or “volume down” for about 10 seconds (after that you need to select restart in the boot menu). Sometimes it is recommended to flash the smartphone by installing the factory or other firmware. But the device will return to the state it was in immediately after purchase. So it is not recommended: the sound will return only if there is a problem with Android or an application.

Other headphones 9. Or maybe your headphones just broke (for example, the wire broke). Check the sound with other, known to work headphones.

Just wait for 10. Sometimes things work out on their own (e.g., liquid dries out and contacts start working). So just wait. You may have to wait more than a day. Sometimes after using your phone in very cold weather, the speakers may fail for a while.

For even more Android instructions, see the Androidapplications website.

I spilled coffee on my iPad. The volume buttons stop working. The loudspeaker did not work. After a few days, the speaker is working, no button. Fortunately, it is still possible to adjust the volume with a popup menu. After a few more days the buttons also work. Since then, the tablet has been working for three years.

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Sound in headphones changed a lot! It feels like I’m sitting in a tube and the sound is distorted accordingly. Especially it is noticeable when speech begins. Words are distorted and something like an echo is added. Adjusting the equalizer does not help.

PS : Even last night the sound was normal when connected to the TV, the sound is also normal. Realtek HD. 9 years old

android, sees, your, headphones, them

What is causing the error?

The reasons for the appearance of this bug in the smartphone can be counted almost a couple dozen, but, in fact, all the errors can be grouped into two manageable groups: mechanical and software flaws.

Software bugs

Basically, all firmware failures are due to obvious problems: an old software version, incorrect firmware settings, system garbage, viruses, yes, anything. However, the solutions to these problems are not so obvious, and we will talk about them a little later in the text.

Mechanical problems

The causes of this error are a bit more complicated to solve and are connected with mechanical damages. All of us can not keep our smartphones in absolutely pristine condition, and even the flagships, protected from water and soap special grade, will not give complete assurance that rain drops, crumbs, pet hair and other small things do not get into the headphone jack. It is this (literally) garbage that leads to a situation where the headphones have long been disconnected from the smartphone, but the device still registers the presence of “something” at the system level.

Determining if we are dealing with mechanical damage is also a little tricky, you have to do a thorough inspection with a complete disassembly of the device. However, if you noticed the error immediately after contact with water, then it is most likely caused by problems from the outside.

Performing a reset on your Xiaomi phone

Phone crashes are often caused by firmware or software conflicts in the mobile device. If the icon does not disappear after disconnecting the headphones, turn off the phone’s power. Then turn the device back on or press the “Reset” button, if the feature is available. In some cases, a reset can help. After that all the files on your smartphone will be deleted.

Confirm factory reset

After turning on and logging in, you will need to log in to your Google account again. If after resetting the headphone icon disappeared, then you have solved the problem.

This is interesting: wireless headphones F9 instruction in Russian.

Causes of hanging icon

The headphone icon on Xiaomi does not disappear always for certain reasons. Most often it is either mechanical damage or software failures. Let’s look at each problem in order.

Note! This problem is also common for other brands. That’s why this manual can help you solve problems with other models as well.

Mechanical problem

If you got caught in the rain, and after disconnecting the headset you can still see the annoying icon. the fault is moisture in the connector. These droplets can get trapped deep inside your phone and cause quite a serious malfunction. So when it’s raining, always place your smartphone in a zippered or purse.

The second common case is dust or foreign small objects. Crumbs, pet hair, dirt, sand. all this gets into the connector, sometimes completely blocking the contact wire.

The phone was dropped on a hard surface? The consequences are not always just a broken screen. The internals of the device are easily damaged, and connectors can simply no longer respond to connected devices.

Software error

Xiaomi phone may not come out of headphone mode also because of software. The most trivial problem, which is easily solved. freezing smartphone (long glitch).

No one excludes a problem with the firmware itself, malfunction with the radio and music players. Detailed troubleshooting guides you can find below.


You can try to restore the factory settings on the headphones. Perhaps after that the smartphone will be able to detect the headphones. Instructions how to do this, it is desirable to look specifically for your model (paper manual, which is usually included). But I understand that this is not always possible. And the manual may be missing.

On regular Bluetooth headphones (not split) most often you need to press the power button, or the connection mode activation button and hold it for about 20-40 seconds. On JBL, for example, you need to press the volume up and down button.

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TWS headphones resetting is a separate topic. And on this topic I have already prepared a detailed article: how to reset and synchronize wireless headphones with each other?

As a rule, you should press the buttons on both headphones for 15-40 seconds. It can be either mechanical buttons or touch buttons. On some headphones the reset happens only when we press the buttons without taking the headphones out of the case.

You can find all the information on this in the article at the link above. You can tell the reset by the following indicators. Typically, the red or orange light blinks several times. But do not forget that on different headphones it happens differently.

Phone jack is broken

After a long or just incorrect use in the phones breaks the sound jack itself. Sometimes it partially or completely falls off the board, then you can feel the wobbly plug or the jack fails under pressure. To fix or replace the jack yourself, if you have no experience in such work, it is better not to try.

Reasons why the headphone jack on your phone does not work:

  • Poor quality soldering contacts;
  • habit of flicking the plug back and forth;
  • sloppy handling;
  • falling phone;
  • contact oxidation.
android, sees, your, headphones, them

The phone shows that it has headphones

Continuing to add to our Funduk with useful tips for all occasions, and today we have the question of what to do if the phone shows headphones connected when in fact they are not. Why does the phone think that headphones are connected

You’ve probably noticed that when you connect your headset to your smartphone, its headphone icon appears in the status bar. And the sound is not transmitted to the phone’s loud or voice speakers, but to the device connected to it.

This mode is activated under the following conditions:

The phone “sees” the plug physically plugged in;

A wireless headset is plugged into the phone and turned on;

Smartphone drivers and utilities detected the headphone connection.

If your device starts to see the headset when it really isn’t, the problem may have occurred at any of the stages. And to get rid of the problem, you need to check all possible causes.

One of the most common causes of this malfunction is a software hang-up. This can be because the phone was overloaded with background tasks and didn’t have time to react to the pulled cable while playing music, because of a failed software update, or even just because of a failed player that you/the manufacturer installed on the device.

The easiest and fastest way to fix this problem. Turn off all unnecessary background tasks, plug and unplug the headphones. As strange as it may sound, but if the problem is not solved by connecting your usual headset, you can try to connect any other. It helps to rule out a headphone problem, t.к. they could be the one that malfunctioned. And in this case they will cause the driver to “hang” after each connection. By the way, the same method helps a lot with wireless headsets. it helps reset the Bluetooth. But in this case you can reconnect not only the headphones, but also any other wireless device.

This method did not help? And now for the second method. rebooting your device. Simply turn it off and then turn it back on. This method most often helps if your Android smartphone indicates that the headphones are connected. But it can also be used for simple cell phones (they also have software, albeit “closed” type), and even for the iPhone.

The third method. check the device for updates. This is especially true if you have not updated the system files for a long time. In some rare cases, the problem can also occur just as a result of an incorrect update. In this case you will need to perform a full software reset.

android, sees, your, headphones, them

In addition, the problem with the indicator hanging at the software level can occur after reflashing, jailbreaking or unsuccessful system update. due to the instability of the software in general. In this case you will have to reflash the device.

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It’s equally common for a smartphone to show headphones plugged in because of problems with the jack. If your phone, Android smartphone or iPhone shows that headphones are connected, but they are not there, you need:

Clean the connector from ordinary dirt with a thin cotton swab. Attention. do not do it with a needle, so as not to damage the contacts;

Clean the socket of oxidation with the same cotton swab and alcohol. Only use small amounts of liquid hold the device with the audio port down, so that the alcohol does not leak inside the case.

If you did not solve the problem using any of the above methods, most likely the problem is more serious. And it lies inside the device. in its boards, contacts or flat cable. This most often occurs after you have dropped the device in water or suffered a hard blow. Alas, but to fix it by yourself is difficult enough. you need not only experience in disassembly and repair of smartphones, but also the right components. And in this case the easiest and most logical solution would be to apply to the specialists in the service center.

Now you know what to do, when the phone shows that there are headphones in it, but they are not really there. And we hope that you will be able to cope with this problem quickly and independently.

Headset incompatibility with the phone

If the new headphones do not connect to the phone, then the case may be incompatible headset with the device that plays sound. It is very rare, but there are some known cases.

    Popular brands try to highlight their products in this way, forcing the user to buy only their products. Such a policy is economically advantageous for the promoted manufacturer, but medium-sized companies, fearing competition, will not go for it. For example, for the line of iPhone mobile devices you can pick up only a native headset, which differs even in the connectivity.

Important! Rearranging contacts is used by companies to attract customers’ attention only to their brand.

Differences of wireless headphones

It is no secret that there are wireless earphones (drops or earplugs), overhead or full-sized (monitor). All these devices are divided into several categories, depending on the type of connection:

  • Operating through the IR port. Such accessories function on the same principle as an ordinary remote from the TV. Based on this, they have two big disadvantages. First, there must be no obstacles between the signal source and the “ears” themselves. Secondly, the maximum distance at which the IR headphones can be used is 10 meters.
  • Operating by means of radio wave signals. The working principle of these devices is the same as that of a radiotelephone. Hence their main advantage. a large range, which, depending on the model can range from 10 to 150 meters. Their signal strength is not affected by walls and other obstacles. Usually a special radio transmitter is built into the base of radio headphones, transmitting signals in the 433-435 MHz and 863-865 MHz bands. However, when listening to music on these “ears” you may be disturbed by other radio waves.
  • Working with Bluetooth. Today’s wireless Bluetooth headphones are an intermediate between the previous two types of “ears. Their coverage is less than 10 meters, but they are not afraid of obstacles in the form of furniture and walls. They are also immune to radio interference, so the sound in these accessories will be relatively good. But the Bluetooth connection drains your battery. That is why it is worth buying an external battery for your phone.

The last category of accessories is considered the best because you can use Bluetooth headphones for your TV, smartphone, computer, tablet and many other devices. That’s why we will consider the connection of wireless “ears” only of this type.

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