Android Market Error 505

Almost all the errors that are currently known were discovered on early versions of the fourth generation of Android. However, with the advent of new updates, quite specific problems have appeared that are related to the compatibility of old packages and new operating systems.

One of them is the error 505 Play Market, the first to take a hit was Google Nexus users when they upgraded to version 5.0 of the operating system. This problem occurs when downloading most applications from Google’s proprietary repository.

Reason for occurrence

It is still not known exactly why this problem appears, because it is quite new even for the rapidly growing electronic industry. An experimentally established sequence of events, after which a 505 error suddenly occurred:

Based on the above, it was assumed that there is an incompatibility of old versions of applications that were built on an obsolete version of Adobe Air with the new version of the operating system.

Standard Solutions

There are three main ways to get rid of this error, based on the assumption of incompatibility.

Flush cache

The first method. does not always work in this case, but it is classic when errors occur with the Store. Go to the “Parameters” of the operating system, the “Applications” section, with a swipe go to the “Everyone” tab. Here, tap on the entry that is responsible for the Market, click on the button “Clear application cache”, reboot the phone.

Android Market Error 505

If this does not help, then follow the path described above again, this time delete the data and Market updates using the “Delete Data” and “Delete Updates” buttons.

After that, be sure to reboot the device, and again try to restore the applications.

Backup recovery

If before upgrading a full copy of the OS was made using the advanced TWRP recovery (or using any other utility), then you can try to restore the system. To do this, go to TWRP, make sure that there is an earlier version when the error has not yet occurred, be sure to create a copy of all sections of the current version of the operating system in the “Backup” menu.

Then delete the data of all sections in the “Wipe” menu (be sure to exclude the external memory card from the list), and “roll” the early backup copy from the “Restore” menu.

If after rebooting the system the error does not appear, and all the applications are in place, in no case do not upgrade to the new version of Android. You must wait either to update the applications that have disappeared (the developer can fix the compatibility) or wait for another Android update (such an update usually rolls in 2-3 steps, follow the firmware news on the developer’s or the builder’s website).

Installation from third-party sources

Locate these applications as a separate.APK file on third-party resources. There is a chance that installing from a file will restore associations with the system without problems, and the error will not continue to arise. During installation, an error may appear that will inform you that the update / installation failed, but the application will still fix and the icon will appear.

Forced removal

You can try to remove the damaged programs and download them again. They may not work, but appear in the list of settings in the phone’s settings, in the “Applications” section. If the removal completed successfully, then you can try to download the program again. It is advisable to clear the Market of an obsolete cache in order to restore associations with the components installed in the system.

Uninstall via phone

If the previous method did not help, then you need to dig deeper. straight into the file system. Since the phone does not want to delete data, we can do it manually.

To do this, you will definitely need root, without it it will be impossible to access the root directories of the operating system. After that, download the file explorer, for example ES Explorer. It is advisable to download the latest version, because older ones may have a similar problem with the version of Android 5.0.

Install Explorer, give it root access, then go to the directory where the data of the problem programs is stored. If the internal partitions are selected as the default boot memory, then this

Also suitable for those whose data is on the memory card. In these directories we are looking for folders that have words in the title that are similar to the application itself.

Before deleting, be sure to reserve everything we find in a separate folder. Also use the search in all directories to permanently delete all files associated with damaged components. After the folders are deleted, you need to reboot the device and try to download them again. If the error persists, be sure to restore all deleted data to their original directories.

Garbage removal programs are not suitable here, because this data is still integrated into the system, and the clinics do not recognize it as unnecessary. Therefore, to restore the functionality of individual applications, you need to use the manual method, and very carefully backing up each deleted item.

Uninstall via computer

To force the removal of the application, you can use the Android Debug Bridge tool. To do this, it is necessary to install special drivers on the computer to work directly with the Android system (ordinary drivers are not suitable here, they need special ones, most often they have the letters ADB in the name).

Connect the computer and the phone with a working (preferably branded) wire, make sure that the synchronization of devices has taken place, then in the Android Debug Bridge on the computer, run the command “adb uninstall [-k] “Application Name””, Where instead of“ application name ”you need to specify the name provided in the system.

After that, try reinstalling this program from the Market, the 505 application error from Google Play should disappear.

For developers

If the developer is faced with a compatibility problem, then having the source code, you can create a new package. APK using the version of Adobe Air. The file created in this way is most likely to be installed into the system without any problems. This method will work according to the principle described in paragraph 4.


The specificity of the problem is due to its novelty, however, the above instructions help in almost all cases, with rare exceptions. With increased access rights and minimal knowledge of the structure of the operating system, this error can be corrected independently without the help of specialists from the service center.