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Top 9 best apps to change the lock screen on Android

We see the lock screen of our smartphone more often than the other part of it. If you’re tired of your smartphone lock screen, take a look at this list of lock screen apps.

Android‘s lock screen is constantly evolving. There are different ways to slide unlock, and manufacturers are always contributing to its development. It turns out that there are many screen lock apps in the Play Market store that have even more features. Now I recommend that people just use the fingerprint scanner to bypass the lock screen altogether. That said, it’s okay if you don’t want to do it. Below, the best screen lock apps for Android.

It is important to note that screen lock applications are not as popular as they used to be. As I wrote above, I recommend using the built-in screen lock or not locking the screen at all. In most cases, you click on the fingerprint scanner to turn on your smartphone. Also, third-party screen lock apps are less secure than built-in apps.

0 Firepaper

Photo service 500px knows all photo lovers. It unites the largest community of professional photographers who show their best works here. The 500 Firepaper app knows how to download images from this site and automatically set them as your desktop backgrounds.

Screen saver for your Android lock screen

The screen lock is both an important component of the appearance of your smartphone or tablet, and the first line of defense. With the app, you can not only set a password, pin code, or picture key to protect your device from unauthorized access, but also find out who tried to unlock your data. The best programs in this category are already available for your use.

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The size of the wallpaper changes by itself

After we have installed the desired wallpaper, we may find that the image does not adapt to our screen as we expected, which is due to the fact that the averages do not match. Not all smartphones have the same resolution or the same aspect ratio, which is a key factor when using wallpapers. To find the perfect size, we can use the information sheets on our website where you will find what you need.

Then we just have to go to Google to find an image that fits our stocking, through websites or Google’s own images. Once we have downloaded the desired image and applied it, we can see that now the dimensions do not change any more, as they fit perfectly into the screen of the Android cell phone.

android, lock, screen

How to install any wallpaper on Android

The STOKiE application includes the wallpaper of the vast majority of modern and not so modern smartphones. In its library we can find desktop images from Galaxy S21, Honor V40, Razer Phone, Google Pixel and other devices’ firmware.

Choose a category of wallpaper (by brand or by popularity, for example) and look for the desired image

The wallpaper can be downloaded, and you can immediately install it on the desktop or lock screen

The STOKiE range is quite extensive. In addition to pictures from different manufacturers’ firmware, the application provides access to pictures from different versions of Android and even macOS. So you can download not only pictures originally intended for smartphones, but also for computers. Especially great is the fact that the images are already adjusted to the aspect ratio of the screens of modern devices, not to mention the resolution. Here you will find pictures both in Full HD and in 4K. That’s why there can be no complaints about their quality.

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Installing the live wallpaper

Live wallpapers are in even greater demand. They are characterized by the fact that the image is constantly in motion, for example, can be clouds floating on the sky, or falling leaves from the trees, and so on. The format of such a file also changes from JPEG, to another, more complicated than the GIF-animation. Due to this the installation is carried out with the help of individual utilities.

To find and install the live wallpaper on your phone you will need to use Play Market. Often the installation is free and the owner of a smartphone just need to install, and the rest will be done automatically, but sometimes you need to perform manual settings, similar to the static images.

It is worth noting that the described option makes a strong load on the process of the gadget, and also increases the consumption of battery. If your mobile equipment with a small battery capacity, it is better to refuse to use live wallpaper.

Wallpapers by Google

This is a wallpaper changer app from Google itself. It has an extensive collection of wallpapers from Google, Google Earth, and a host of third-party sources. You can set separate wallpapers for your home screen and lock screen directly from the app. Types of wallpapers are divided into categories like landscapes, city views, abstraction, geometric shapes and so on. In addition, there is an “every day wallpaper” feature that will “toss” you a new wallpaper from the category of interest every day.

Setting up an Android lock

Locking your screen is one of the most effective ways to keep your personal data safe on your multifunction device. Before you wonder how to put a photo on the lock screen, you should first take care to install a suitable locking option.

android, lock, screen

Nowadays the most convenient ways of providing security are graphical keys.

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They are entered with a simple movement of the hand, which is usually difficult to recognize for ill-wishers. The most secure password is still the one made of numbers. Only after installing the lock option, you should proceed to configure the visual settings.


For several years I worked in the salons of two major mobile operators. Well versed in tariffs and see all the pitfalls. I love gadgets, especially Android.

They come in a static form (pictures) or live (moving images).

Can I use self selected images?

In some smartphone models it is not possible to do this with the standard means. In such cases, you can use third-party specialized applications. For example, you can use those described in the article.

Is it possible that the images for the wallpaper will be distorted during the installation process??

This is possible if the dimensions were picked up incorrectly. To avoid this. You must either select pictures exactly by size. Or trim it yourself in a graphics editor.

Wallpaper is easy to change. This can easily be done using the methods outlined in the article. It is important to choose the most suitable image.

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