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In this section you can download free Android games for phones and tablets. The latest versions of popular games of different genres are available for safe download. It is on our unusual site that you can with maximum speed and fully free download games for android 4.1, 4.3, 4.4, 5, 6, 7, as well as older versions of operating systems.

Plants vs Zombies 2 8.1.1

Plants vs Zombies 2 is a fascinating game about a crazy fight against real zombies, where the most common plants with unique abilities are the only defenders of humanity.

Brawl Stars 27.514

Android Games Without Download

Brawl Stars is a dynamic action game on Android, where you can take part in fast and exciting battles both in single-player and in cooperative mode.

Street Racing 3D 5.8.0

3D street racing is an exciting speed competition for your Android, which takes place among the best athletes directly on the busy streets of the city.

Cover Fire 1.20.3

Cover Fire is a dynamic action game for Android with shooter elements, where you have to lead armed resistance against the huge Tetracorp corporation that has seized power in this world.

Rise of Kingdoms 1.0.34

Rise of Kingdoms is an Android strategy where you can engage in the development of your own civilization and try to elevate your empire to the heights of glory and honor.

Fishdom 4.8.2

Fishdom is an entertaining arcade puzzle for Android, revealing for you the beauty and secrets of the underwater world. You are waiting for fascinating puzzles from the “three in a row” series, which, as they are solved, will represent new inhabitants of the deep sea.

Temple Run 2 1.66.1

Temple Run 2 is an entertaining arcade game on Android, where you will need a certain dexterity while quickly moving forward along a dangerous route with many obstacles.

Standoff 2 0.13.0

Standoff 2 is a dynamic action-shooter game on Android, in which exciting first-person battles and completely new modes await you, where each user can choose a script to his own taste.

Drive Ahead! 2.1.7

Drive Ahead! This is an exciting race on huge monster trucks for Android, where elements of gladiatorial battles are successfully combined. Leaving into the arena, you will deal with formidable opponents, the destruction of which is the main goal of the fights.

Blockman Go: Block Mods 1.11.37

Blockman Go Block Mods is an interesting collection of mini-games in the arcade genre, thanks to which you get the opportunity not only to have fun, but also to chat with your friends and acquaintances.

RAID: Shadow Legends 1.14.1

RAID: Shadow Legends is an exciting RPG game for Android, where you have to make an exciting journey along the unknown roads and paths of the Kingdom of Telerius and save him from imminent death.

Stack Ball 1.0.73

Stack Ball offers users to participate in an exciting arcade game with fairly simple and uncomplicated rules that will test your reaction speed and eye.

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  • Tiny Rails 2-World Travel
  • Dream island
  • Idle Legend- 3D Auto Battle RPG
  • Bow land
  • Angelo and Deemon: One Hell of a Quest
  • Snake evolution
  • Hero’s 2nd Memory: Shooting RPG
  • Trenches of europe 3
  • Mad games tycoon
  • Art of War: Legions
  • Hill climb racing 2
  • Draw Rider Plus
  • Forward assault
  • Pacific fire
  • Medieval Battle: Europe
  • The curse of zigoris
  • I, Viking
  • Dawn of titans
  • MazM: The Phantom of the Opera
  • Monopoly
  • Guns and Spurs 2

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  • Paragon: InfinityWave
  • Critical Ops: Reloaded
  • Angelo and Deemon: One Hell of a Quest
  • N.E.O
  • Shadow of naught
  • Fat jump
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  • Trenches of europe 3
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One of the best games on Android, the control is not very convenient, but you can get used to it.

Great way to keep an eye on your boyfriend, thank you pdalife ️

Very convenient editor, now there will be more photos in insta# 128525;

You control a space egg and fight against the arrows of the Yandex navigator. As always, a lot of donation and advertising. The pluses are that all your shots are homing at the enemy, and there is also a deceleration mode, just like in poppy payne. And you should play this thing# 129321;# 128536;

Alluring game# 128517 ;. Beautiful graphics, nice controls, it’s a pity that it’s not an open world. # 128580;

AI wildly burns over you# 129315;

Top YouTube viewing apps# 128525;

He writes that he failed to start the download, what’s the matter

Well what to say. Played in “Endless summer”, “love, money and rock and roll”. I decided to download a similar one. Honestly, something is missing from this game.# 129300; It’s kind of boring. P.S. Damn, add someone voice acting to the story. It will be an innovation# 128518;

Eh. (((I finally decided to go through this game to the end, before the release of the second part. Before that, I perceived it as an ordinary romantic novel. You know, everything was fine, Deemo and she. Romance. But now. But I got to the end of the game. Now I can’t touch it. What a touching story (((I won’t spoil it, but I didn’t expect this. It’s already bad for me. Pluses:. Beautiful music. Touching history. Uncomplicated gameplay. Beautiful art. Cons:.Personally, it seemed to me that the usual piano playing is boring. Yes, and the vocals, in places, there is no fire. Cytus 2 is much better. The problem with the aspect ratio of the screen (I have 9 android. The screen, well, I can’t say it’s huge but not small.) Why did the creators do this to the main character? (((8/10 for disappointment at the end# 128560;

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