Android Does Not Start On Tablet

Everyone should know what to do if Android does not start. All the methods proposed below do not require additional technical knowledge and cannot harm the operating system or the device itself.

The Android operating system is not only the most popular in the world, but also very simple, convenient and reliable. Nevertheless, any modern device sooner or later fails or starts to work not quite right. Such an annoying incident upsets and can spoil the nerves of order. There are times when the problem is serious and only a specialist can help. But before you go to the service center, it is worth trying a few simple tricks that can fully reanimate your smartphone.

Battery or Charger

It may sound corny, but more than half of the problems with turning on the android are related to the battery or charger. It’s not about the fact that you just forgot to charge the phone, but about more global reasons.

With the long and active use of the smartphone, its battery gradually wears out. There comes a time when it is discharged to such an extent that an ordinary network adapter can no longer help it.

If the phone model is old and collapsible, remove the battery and use the frog device. This is a charger that provides a more powerful charge and can save the phone for a while.

Photo: Frog for charging batteries

Holders of solid and non-separable models at home should not experiment. If you suspect that the battery may have failed, contact a service center to replace it.

A charging AC adapter can also be the cause of the problem. New chargers may not be original or compatible with this smartphone. This means that the battery does not receive energy during charging, and the android simply can not start. In the old charges, the contacts go out, the wires break, etc. Therefore, it makes sense to try to charge the phone from another adapter.

Hardware problems (phone freeze)

It may happen that the phone is not turned off at all, but “hangs” with the screen off. It is worthwhile to figure out what to do if the android does not start due to a hang.

All procedures will be aimed at maximizing activation and restarting the device.

If the phone has a removable cover, remove the battery for a couple of minutes, then replace it and turn on the device. Such simple manipulation often gives good results and returns the smartphone to normal operation.

With more modern models, the situation is slightly different, but there is nothing complicated.

If after a standard single press on the power button or lock button, the phone does not turn on, hold this button for 10-15 seconds. After that, the screen may light up and the phone will continue to work.

The second way to reboot will be the so-called “forced reboot”. To do this, find the reset button and gently hold it with a needle, paper clip or toothpick. In all models, it is located in different places, but it looks almost the same. If you can’t find the reset button in any way, open the phone instructions.

Photo: The reset button on the phone Photo: The reset button on the Sony smartphone

There is another simple method that can “stir up” the phone. Connect it to your computer via USB. Having discovered a new connected device or power source, the smartphone can exit its sleep mode.

Software malfunctions

If none of the above methods helped, the last chance to turn on the phone yourself will be a complete reset (in technical circles it is called hard reset).

There are also several ways and options.

To begin, consider the situation when the phone still turns on, but it does not work correctly and the android constantly hangs.

When returning to the factory settings, absolutely all information will be deleted and the phone will become just like new. Therefore, if possible, it is imperative to back up all data. New models in their menu already have such a function as “data backup”, “backups”, and then full data recovery. Information can be copied to any existing account, google drive or the cloud.

Photo: Backup on the phone Photo: Backup on the phone

It is also possible to copy all data to a PC or laptop using a USB cable or, for example, a program Share it (Download). It is worth remembering that the contacts from the phone book will be saved in one of the folders as a file of type.vcf.

To reset the settings, go to “Settings”, select “Privacy” (if the version of Android is 2.2 or lower), and then “Reset Settings”. In the latest versions, go to “Settings”, select “Restore and reset” or “Backup and reset”, then click on “Reset”, “Reset settings”, “Reset tablet” or “General reset”.

Photo: Reset phone settings Photo: General reset phone settings Photo: Reset smartphone settings Photo: Restore and reset phone settings

When the phone is turned off and it is not possible to turn it on, you must simultaneously hold down the volume up button and the power button (on some models, the volume button, the Home button and the power button). The recovery technical menu should appear on the screen. You need to select the line wipe data / factory reset (down-up control is carried out using the volume key). Then click on Yes, delete all user data.

Do not forget that for a full rollback to the factory settings, you need to clear the entire cache and SD card. To do this, you can go to “settings”, “memory”, “clear SD” or clear immediately upon reset by clicking on the wipe cache partition.

Photo: Recovery menu

Important nuances of resetting settings

There are some very simple but important rules that you must follow. For example, during all operations with a smartphone, it should always be connected to charging. Then the phone will not turn off at the most important moment, ruining the whole process of settings.

If you plan to reset to factory defaults in advance, you must “disperse” the device’s battery. To do this, first discharge it before turning it off, and then fully charge it. This will ensure that the battery.sys file works correctly.

Since all phones are very different in the interface and firmware of Android, some users experience certain difficulties during the procedure. Do not worry, be calm and read carefully each menu name. If the model of the smartphone is very new or rare, it is better to study the instructions for it or go to the official website.

Problems after resetting

Unfortunately, a situation is possible in which, after resetting the settings, the android will not turn on. You should again hold down the already familiar volume up, shutdown and “Home” buttons and hold for 10 seconds. The Recovery mode menu will appear, select the “wipe” item, confirm your decision by pressing the Home button.

Android Does Not Start On Tablet

In a collapsible phone, remove the battery, under it is a factory reset button. After pressing it, the reset will be repeated and the phone will turn on.

If the tips did not help, be sure to contact the service center to upgrade the software.


These tips are safe and quite effective. In most cases, using them you can return the smartphone to normal and correct mode of operation. You do not need to puzzle for a long time over what to do if the android does not start for one of the reasons. In the event that home diagnostics did not give a positive result, you need to contact professionals. The cause of the breakdown can be serious, for example, completely faulty software, matrix problems or other internal damage.

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