Android does not save photos in the gallery

Why are the photos on Android in the gallery and the memory card are not preserved: the reasons what to do?

September 6th, 2019 Ekaterina Vasilieva

When we take a photo on the phone, do not even check if they are really preserved. And why check. After all, they must persist in any case. But not. There are situations when the user notices that all the “photos” that he recently took is not in the “gallery”. Why this can happen and what to do with it?

Rules for preserving photos

If you do not know how to properly save the sent pictures from various applications or MMS, you can use the following brief instructions.


When using the Instagram application, it is impossible to just save photos. The site does not provide for a direct option. You can save your processed photos in the application through drafts. Alien photos will require additional manipulations:

  • We make repost photos through a third.Party application. It will be automatically preserved in the folder on the gadget after viewing on Instagram.
  • We make a screenshot of the screen, and then cut off the excess.
  • We install a third.Party image for preserving the images (Insta Download, Instasave and analogues).


Whatsapp program also has certain subtleties in saving photos. Only in correspondence the pictures are saved automatically, but if you delete the history of correspondence or application, then they will disappear. To transfer them from the application is necessary:

  • We allow the access of the application to multimedia files when installing.
  • Install checks in settings for loading multimedia files.
  • Now the photos will be saved automatically in the folder with the name of the application itself.

If you do not install a data box for loading, the pictures will be available only in the chat.


Telegram application allows the image to save directly. We follow the following instructions:

Photos will be stored in the folder with the name of the program. They need to be sought not through the Android Gallery, but directly along the path “Files”, “Images”.

In contact with

You can maintain pictures from the mobile application of identically telegram:

The picture can be found in the “loading” folder (another folder may have the name “downloads”).


In the Viber messenger, photos can be saved according to the following algorithm:

  • In the settings, we install automatic preservation of pictures in the folder, which has the name of the messenger.
  • When displaying pictures on the screen, we choose to save manually when we click on the “Save in the Gallery” button.
  • In new versions of Viber there is already a separate button “Save”.

As in the situation with WhatsApp, you do not need to install automatic conservation. This is relevant in cases where you need only one photo, and not all that you exchange in chats.


If the photo is sent to the Skype messenger, then it follows to save:

Pictures from MMS messages

In the Android system, the conservation of investments is performed according to the following algorithm:

There are third.Party applications to save investments from MMS messages. They can be installed from Play Market.

The procedure for saving photos

So that you do not have problems when downloading the sent shots, let’s see how to save photos from instant messengers, social networks and MMS customers. For example, if the photo came in the form of an investment in MMS, then the order will be this:

  • Go to the “Messages” application.
  • Find MMS. Click on it and hold your finger until the menu appears.
  • Select “Copy the attachment to the SD card”.

If you get the parts of MMS with photos, install the free Save MMS application. It scans the message folder and shows a list of all investments. You have to choose the desired object and save it.

android, does, photos, gallery

If the message with the photo came in WhatsApp, Viber or Telegram, then it is not necessary to keep it specially. After the opening, it will be stored in the Directory of the messenger. If you want the files adopted through WhatsApp to be available in the gallery:

In addition, you can simply click on the photo in the dialogue to open it, then call an additional menu and select “save to the gallery”. The same method works at Viber and Telegram.

If you want to save photos from. Then it is also enough to open it, call an additional menu and choose downloading to the gallery. You can not store pictures in memory, but leave them in the album, adding to your profile in social networks.

If you have a need to download a photo from Instagram, you will have to take a screenshot of your favorite picture or use the Instasave application. Please note that it will not work in closed instasave profiles, so there will only be an option with a screenshot. Other way to download photo from Instagram no.

Repair engineer for mobile and computer equipment in a specialized service center, g. Moscow. Continuous experience from 2010.Have questions? Ask in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to the article. I try to answer as quickly as possible to you in the indicated mail. Each case is individual and therefore it is very important that you write your problem as much as possible and what is your device model.

Hello, such a problem. When I save photos, they are not stored in the gallery, but to the file. I rebooted, and cleaned my memory, and dumped the settings, which I just did not, I also switched the memory on the SD card.I don’t know what to do.Still stored in the file.Help if you can.

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To be honest, it is not entirely clear what it means “saved in a file”. Photos themselves are files, simply with a certain extension. Explain.

I understand the photo is not in the “gallery” in “My files”.I used to have a photo and video immediately in the gallery photo, and now in my files.Very uncomfortable.What to do?

I have the same problem, earlier files with Wats APPA were saved in the gallery, but now in “My Files” only, I don’t know what to do with.

A similar problem, only with the application, I really want to know how to fix it, before all the pictures were saved immediately to the gallery, and now in “My Files”

Such a garbage photo with VK is not displayed in the gallery, but in my files there is a version of the phone Samsung a 51 I tried everything did not help. Although before everything was downloaded well.

Help me too with such a problem. All photos and pictures that I try to download with OK or VK or from sites are all saved in the download album and then I can’t insert them into the messages. But it is very necessary that they get into the gallery. Pliz.

Android 5 tablet: screenshots are not preserved, there is enough memory, photos. The cells made on the camera are preserved. Third-party screenshots after installation also do not retain the screen of the screen. DCIM, PICTures, Screenshots removal

Why are the photos from VK to the gallery are not preserved? And I can’t even cut the screenshot, they write that there is an insufficient amount of memory, although everything is in order with it.

The problem is this, I save the photo from VK writes saved, I go to the gallery, but there is no photo there. The photo is saved in my files and this must be entered into the file manager and look for this photo there.Very inconvenient, tell me what to do. Oppo A37 phone model

I save photos from VK, write that I have survived to go to the gallery, there is no photo what to do? Oppoa3 phone model

I have the same problem with the Oppo phone as you decided it?

Good afternoon! Files from Wott APP are not stored in the gallery, what to do? Already cleaned everything

Downloaded files from Watsap and VK download, but are not displayed in the galleries.

Good afternoon! Files from Wott APP are not stored in the gallery, what to do? All that can be cleaned and cache

Good afternoon! Files from Wott APP are not stored in the gallery, what to do?

Pictures from groups in contact in the android gallery are not downloaded

I have the same problem, suddenly the photo in the gallery disappeared. In the file manager everything is in place. And cleaned and rebooted. There is no sense. Tell

Good afternoon. Stopped photos to display in the gallery with VOTSAP as before. And only from 1 person. I checked the settings. I didn’t change anything. Thanks.

I have the same problem, earlier files with WhatsApp were stored in the gallery, but now only to “My Files”, I don’t know what to do And I cleaned and rebooted the phone.

From the Voisap application, the photo is preserved not in the Gallery, but to “My Files” earlier from Watsap photos and videos immediately in the Gallery photo were saved, and now in my files. It is very uncomfortable.

Previously, photos from VK were stored in the gallery, but now in Google a photo, how to fix the Samsung A50 phone

The same problem. Photos with are stored not in the gallery, but on the “My Files” phone models Samsung Galaxy J4

Good afternoon, the photo from VK to the gallery is not preserved, writes to copy the link only, I copy to the exchange buffer but there is no photo, there were no problems before

android, does, photos, gallery

Hello.When clicking on the picture on the internet, does not appear a dopment with the point “save the picture”.What can be done? Thanks.

Hello! In VK, the menu was gone to preserve images. I squeeze the picture, I hold. The menu does not pop up. Samsung J3 thanks in advance!

Photos, videos and audio files that come on WhatsApp do not open, are not played, I just can’t make a video or take a photo either, t.To. Their phone does not save anywhere in the gallery or in my files. After rebooting the phone, there are photos sent from Watsap several months ago and deleted (in the folder my files). I dumped settings to factory, cleaned the cache, nothing helps. When you enter the settings of a memory and a memory, it shows that I have a 77 MB of memory-cache, although I have only 3GB in my phone. What to do?

Why android photography is not preserved?

In the work of the Android, small malfunctions may occur, which allows the restart of the system to eliminate. If after rebooting the photo is still not preserved in the memory of the device, the reasons may be the following.

Lack of memory. Open the “Memory” section in the settings and make sure that there is enough free space on the phone.

Problems with the right to access. Rename the DCIM folder through any file manager. Another DCIM folder will appear in the system. If the photos begin to save, just transfer files from the old catalog to the new.

Camera failures. Launch the “camera” application, open its settings and select “Restore the default” or “reset”. If the photos taken on the camera are not stored on the memory card, then check in the settings which storage path is chosen. This option is not available on all models.

Another method that MDash can act, cleaning the cache and data. Find the “Camera” program in the “Applications” section of Android settings and click sequentially buttons “Watch data” and “Clean the cache”.

If the photos are stored in the specified folder, but are not displayed in the gallery, then complete the cache and data for the Gallery application. If the standard program does not work anyway, install MDASH third.Party gallery from the Play Market, for example, Quickpic.

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How to restore remote photos on Android

How to restore a remote folder with a photo

Synchronization function

Android phones have a Google application synchronization option. Therefore, the photos taken are preserved both on the server on the Internet and in the memory of the device.

To restore a remote folder, you can use the software “Google photo”. The method acts only with previously configured backup of pictures in the cloud. This method to restore the photo is the simplest and understandable.


To restore the folder with photos, use the DiscDigger utility, which is available in Play Market. The program performs the process of scanning files, for example, JPG and PNG. The user has the opportunity to set various search criteria, for example, the DCIM folder.

Android Data Recovery

This is the most popular and reliable utility that allows you to restore remote photos from the phone. Software operates together with PC.

The application completely scans the memory of the phone. To get started, you need to install it on a computer and connect the phone through USB.

[Solved] Android Camera App wont save photos camera is not saving pictures

Before starting the recovery process, it is necessary to perform the following actions:

  • In the settings of the gadget, click “On the phone”.
  • Choosing “assembly number”. We click on this line until it is reported that you have moved to the developer mode.
  • We go again to “Settings”, where you should click on “Options for Developers”.
  • The item “USB debugging” is marked with a checkmark.

Now you can start working to restore the DCIM folder and remote photos. Launch Android Data Recovery on a computer, after which we find the desired folder or files. Select them and click on the “Restore” button.

Repair engineer for mobile and computer equipment in a specialized service center, g. Moscow. Continuous experience from 2010.Have questions? Ask in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to the article. I try to answer as quickly as possible to you in the indicated mail. Each case is individual and therefore it is very important that you write your problem as much as possible and what is your device model.

Hello! The audio, photos and video files regularly disappear (after some time) in the smartphone saved on the SD-card Audio, photo and video. 32 GB card is new and filled by one third. Nokia 5/1 smartphone. It is not possible to find. Reset to factory installations does not help. Formatted, set up several times again and again everything disappears a few days later. On the other work card, everything is happening again. How to deal with this misfortune? Sincerely, Alexander.

I deleted the folder and photo and video retired from the Applock folder

Deleted the folder all the photos and videos retired from the Applock folder

From a smartphone, a photo on the tablet downloaded through the wire, they could not find these photos. How to help find a photo?

Why do not save the yoto and video from the messenger in VK to the gallery on the Samsung Galaxy S20

I transferred part of the files to the memory card, now on Instagram and watzap video without sound MEIZU M5C phone

If all photos in the gallery are accidentally deleted. How to find out in which folder they were and how to restore them ?

Photos that are not in the gallery are transmitted from the phone to the computer. As if from games or cartoons. They were not specially removed or saved. The amount is very large. Where to find them and how to delete them?

Good afternoon, I did not long ago reset to the factory settings on the Meizu M8 made a backup copy of the video photos and the so on I wrote to me which folder it will save it and updated me only the contacts were preserved and the photos do not help if you can help please help me

After the update, I stopped having the downloaded films in the phone storage, requires it to free up space on the SD card, although I do not have it, what to do?

Phone Xiaomi Redmi 7. Basically, all photos and videos were in the WatsApp folder. Cleaned the cache. Perhaps accidentally clicked not there, everything disappeared. But the vault shows that 10 gigs are occupied by photos and videos, and they are not displayed anywhere. How to find them or how to clear memory? Thanks.

Hello! The graphics key on Honor 20 is forgotten, the service center is offered only an option to zeroing all data. Question: Is it possible to then restore them using the above programs?

Indicate the device model and what are the signs of a breakdown. Try to describe in detail what, where. Under what conditions it does not work or stopped working.Then we can help you.

Photos are not preserved in the memory card

Often the reasons why the pictures are not stored on the external drive are extremely simple: the phone or tablet simply does not see the removable device.

In this case, the following actions will help:

  • Turn off the gadget, pull the memory card and install it in the same place.
  • The card can be scored by errors, if necessary, format.
  • The device has a lock that can be removed in the service center.
  • If the gadget does not “see” any of the installed cards, then we are talking about internal damage. You can fix such errors when contacting the workshop.
  • Often the device does not support old map formats. Microsd are mainly used now.

After the manipulations of the phone’s memory, you can increase and optimize by transferring all possible programs to an external drive. Some system applications are not intended for such transportation, but by removing all the others, you can save a lot of space.

If you still have questions, let us know

Preparatory measures

How to restore remote photos from the phone? First you need to take measures that will increase the likelihood of data restoration. After you find the loss of files, stop working with memory. In no case do not upload new data to the phone. If the photos were located on a hard drive, then remove it from the device. If the pictures were on the internal memory, then turn off the phone.

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However, before turning off the power, it is necessary to activate the debugging mode for USB. It will allow you to work with the phone through PC. To activate the mode, you must go to the “Settings” menu. There you need to select the item “For the Developer”, and then put a check from the opposite “Debugging by USB”.

If there was no point “for developers”, then in this case we are looking for “on the phone”. We go there and click 7 times on the “assembly number”. After that, we will be transferred to the developer menu, in which there is a treasured point “USB debugging”.

No information on the phone in the gallery is saved

Such a problem can appear not only on a new device (with which you may just have not yet met), but also on the old phone, faithful and truth have served many years. If your smartphone does not save photos on Android in the gallery, the following manipulations must be performed.

What actions help to solve the problem:

  • Select the “Storage” point in the camera settings and set an active mark in the “SDA-Card” mode. Such an option is not available on all devices.
  • In the camera settings, find data discharge. The team may sound like “restore the default camera settings?”Or a similar option.
  • In the settings of the phone, select the section “Watch data”, and in the proposed list, select a camera among applications.
  • After all the above manipulations, it is recommended to clean the cache memory, and then restart the device. So the changes made to persist.

It should be noted that when filling out a memory card, the device can work incorrectly and files are either not saved at all, or are lost in the process of updating. To prevent such situations, it is advisable to regularly transfer data to a computer or cloud storage.

Clean the cache

In a situation where Honor does not save photos, the cause may be pollution of the cache of unnecessary information. The only way in this case is to clean the data. To do this, do the following:

How to move photos to SD card in android | Make space free in android

android, does, photos, gallery

After that, check the working capacity of the device in the issue of storing photos.

Install another program

In the absence of a result when Honor 7a does not save the photo, try installing another program for storing images. As an option, you can use the Quickpic Gallery application available on the link in Play Market. The program preserves and displays different types of photos, allows you to watch all the pictures, share them, sort, delete excess and t. D.

Clean memory on the drive

Sometimes the Honor phone does not save the photo due to the lack of space on the flash drive installed in the smartphone. To solve the problem, do the following:

  • Pay attention to the size of the busy space. If the flash drive is clogged, delete extra data from it. Videos, photos, documents, etc. D. As an option, you can move data to a computer.

If there is no information on the memory card, it is better to format it on the phone. In a situation where Honor does not see the drive, take it out and make formatting on a PC / laptop. To do this, insert the device into the card reader, click with the right button mouse to the disk and select the formatting item. After that, install FAT32 and wait for the completion of the process.

As an option, change the place of storage of photos from a flash drive to the internal memory of the phone. To do this, go into the settings, go into memory and select the storage location at the default storage phone.

Open access rights

The reason why the photo in the Honor 7A gallery is not preserved are problems with access rights. To do this, enter the file manager, find the DCIM folder and change its name. After that, take a photo and check if the mobile device saves it in the directory. If everything works, move the images from the old folder to a new. To do this, insert the phone into the USB of the computer, and then enter the folder and move the data.

Reset the camera settings

Considering what the reasons for the fact that Honor does not save photos. Malfunctions in the camera itself. To solve the problem, take the following steps:

  • Enter the camera.
  • Click on the gear right at the top.
  • Click the parameter restoration button at the bottom.
  • Confirm the action and restart the smartphone.

After that, check whether it saves Honor 7A photos or not.

Dot in the work Phones

There are situations when the problem is related to malfunctions in a mobile device. To solve it, try to reset the settings to factory. To do this, go through the following stages:

  • Enter the settings.
  • Click on the system and update.
  • Select the discharge section, and then the restoration to factory.
  • Confirm the action and wait for the completion of the process.

By the way, in the case of problems in the device itself, other failures may be observed. For example, the screen of the screen on Honor may not work.

If this did not help, it may be necessary to flanch the device in the service center. Also try to contact Support. To do this, dial the number 8-800-70-016-77 or write on the online chat from the link Hihonor.COM/RU/Support.

Now you know what to do if Honor 7a does not save photos, why this happens, and how to act when identifying a problem. In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, share your experience in solving such difficulties.

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