After updating the iPhone does not work Wi-Fi

Imessage, Facetime, App Store and other Apple services via Wi-Fi do not work-solving the problem!

Hey! Today it will be short, but at the same time a very useful note. There are no others!:) It is devoted to the work of various Apple services via Wi-Fi. Or rather, on the contrary, their incorrect functioning. They did not understand anything? It doesn’t matter. Now I explain a little more.

So, imagine that your iPhone or iPad seems to be good. Messages in iMessage are leaving, backup copies are created, you say on Facetime, etc.D., but all this exclusively through the cellular network of the operator. Coming home and connecting to his router, all joy disappears-Ayeszaj, ICLUD, photo flow, backup copies do not work via Wi-Fi. And the strangest thing is that the pages on the Internet and video in YouTube are opening, which means the Internet that is,! But there is some kind of trouble with Apple services, they don’t want to work and that’s it!

You, of course (or maybe not), first of all call those. Support for your provider and say: “I have on the iPhone

All this does not work through your wi-fi!””. You, as a rule, are poorly understood and advised to restart the router. Of course, I exaggerate all this, but the main message is just that. Naturally, there will be little to change from the rebooting of the router. And it’s good if several customers treat such problems, then it can be a provider and move. But while this happens.

We will not wait and solve the problem on our own. Over, this will not be much work. So, the whole problem, which is why all of the above Apple services through Wi-Fi do not work-precisely in the Wi-Fi router (or rather in the settings that your provider provides). In order for everything to work, you need to correct these same settings.

I will tell you how this is done on the example of its router asus. Of course, I just physically cannot consider all the models of the routers and show in the picture where this very DNS changes. Therefore, if you have a modem of another company, you will have to “google” a little. The instructions on the network are full.

  • We go into the settings of the router. In most cases, for this we collect in the address line 192.168.One.1. Enter the login and password.
  • Next in the settings we find the menu responsible for the DNS and prescribe any of the following addresses there: 8.Eight.Eight.Eight ; eight.Eight.4.4 ; 77.88.Eight.Eight ; 77.88.Eight.One. Please note that these are 4 different DNS addresses (the first two are Google, the latter.Yandex), so all 16 digits in one line are not necessary 🙂
  • Reload the modem.

After this, the messages will begin to be sent, applications from the App Store are loaded, and the backups of iCloud are created Well, other joys like Facetime, “find iPhone”, iTunes Store will also “connect” to Wi-Fi and earn a full mode.

By the way, to consolidate the effect, it will be useful to change the settings in the iPhone (iPad). How to do this I already described at the moment when we accelerated the download of applications and games from the App Store (I advise you to familiarize yourself. There are interesting “chips”).

P.S. The instruction really turned out to be short, so if you forgot something, write in the commentary. I will try to answer everyone!

P.S.S. If the instruction helped, then why not “like” the article? It’s not hard for you, and the author will be very pleasant. Thanks a lot!:)

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Fixed: problem with the connection to Wi-Fi on the iPhone 13, 13 Pro or Pro Max.

The new iPhone line, including the iPhone 13, 13 Pro and Pro Max, is equipped with the latest U1 chip, which supports Wi-Fi super-folosopolis technology with WiFi6 802 combination.11AX. This means that the new iPhone can now access higher speed and lower overload when viewing the Internet. Even using these latest technologies, there may be a problem with connecting to Wi-Fi on the iPhone 13, 13 Pro or Pro Max devices. Follow the instructions below to fix such problems.

Check the connection of the router

The average range of transmission and reception of Wi-Fi signals iPhone is 10 meters. This range can decrease even more if your house has thick walls or plants inside. So if you have problems with Wi-Fi, then most likely this is due to the weak signal receiving.

To solve this problem, you can either replace the current Wi-Fi router with a good radius of action, or configure Wi-Fi repeaters to significantly improve the connection range. The use of metal covers or cases over your iPhone 13 can also reduce this range, so it is recommended not to use such heavy metal covers and adhere to plastic or silicone covers.

If you are trying to use Wi-Fi in public places, such as a restaurant, hotel or park, please understand that there are several others that can use the same network for basic Internet viewing or downloading. This leads to a slower connection, and sometimes to the breakdown, which leads to the failure of the connection.

Reload the device

The chances of a software failure in the iPhone are very minimal, but from time to time happens. Such malfunctions can develop into various low-level problems, such as the lack of connection during challenges, incorrect Bluetooth operation or problems with Wi-Fi connection. The best way to cope with all such problems. Reload the device once. This will clear the RAM and other storage tables of permits, and your device will start with all services without changes and impeccably working.

Forget about Wi-Fi and connect again

After connecting to the Wi-Fi router, your iPhone remembers Wi-Fi data to connect to the router again. This is very useful if you need to connect to different Wi-Fi during the day. But sometimes he recalls that the Wi-Fi function does not work, as usual, and there are problems with the connection to Wi-Fi. Follow the following steps to fix this problem:

Open the “Settings” application on your iPhone and go to the Wi-Fi option.

Click the network name and select the parameter “Forget this network”.

After completing the process, connect to Wi-Fi again, indicating the correct data for the entrance.

Reset Wi-Fi settings by default

There is a possibility that you uploaded any network configuration or an application for strengthening Wi-Fi from the AppStore that changed the Wi-Fi configuration to your iPhone 13. In such cases, delete such applications and reset the network settings by performing the following actions:

Open the “Settings” application on your iPhone 13 and go to the “General” section.

Go to the reset parameter and select reset the network settings.

After resetting the network, reboot the device, and then connect Wi-Fi to see if the problem is solved.

updating, iphone, does, work

Check automatic iOS updates

In addition to common problems, such as Wi-Fi is not connected or Wi-Fi is connected, but there is no Internet, there are widespread, but there are other problems such as Wi-Fi disconnecting, turning on Wi-Fi, but not search and many others. Other. Such problems arise due to old software updates, and it is important for you to update your iPhone until the last updates. IOS updates not only improve your iPhone, but also provide important security updates for your safety. Steps for checking and installing iOS automatic updates:

Open the iPhone settings and go to the “main” “software” section “.

Check if any update is available, if any, be sure to download and install the update.

When updating the iPhone to the latest version, make sure you have a good Internet connection and charge the device battery up to at least 80% for a small update process.

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Extend Wi-Fi rental

Some Wi-Fi networks operate in lease systems where you get access to Wi-Fi for a limited time, and after this time you need to update or extend Wi-Fi rental to use it. Such a system is often found at publicly accessible Wi-Fi access points and is used to restrict the use of available free Wi-Fi. Follow the following actions to extend Wi-Fi rental:

Open the “settings” on your iPhone and go to the Wi-Fi option.

Click on the “i” button on the right for this Wi-Fi to which you are connected.

Click here for the option of leasing and wait for Wi-Fi rebooting.

Delete unnecessary profiles

Iphone 13 of the series gives users the opportunity to add various profiles to expand the functionality of their devices. But these profiles are often created by third-party developers and may contain certain errors or programs that cause problems with Wi-Fi connection. Therefore, follow the following steps to remove such unnecessary profiles:

updating, iphone, does, work

Open the “Settings” application on your iPhone and go to the “General” “profile” item.

Delete all the profiles that you do not use or you do not need.

Update the firmware of the router.

Update the firmware of your router to make sure all the well.Known errors are corrected. Some readers said that the update of the firmware of the router helped to solve the problem.

updating, iphone, does, work

Like all technical problems, there is nothing wrong with starting with a complete reboot or forced rebooting your iPhone or iPad to see how it helps.

On the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, press the volume increase button, then the volume decrease button, and then quickly press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo. You can check our publication on how to hardly restart the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, if you need additional help.

Repeated connection to the Wi-Fi network

Among the possible ways to establish the work of Wi-Fay on a smartphone-re-connection. To do this, you need to go to the Wi-Fi configuration, select an access point to which the gadget does not want to connect and set the “Forget the Network” command, and then start searching for distribution points. Read more to familiarize yourself with the problem of the network, you can click on the link.

If manipulations with wireless configurations do not help, it makes sense to make Hard Reset. This will return to the state of factory all the configurations of the phone. You can do this simultaneously clicking the keys “Home” and “Power”. After such a discharge, all user settings and programs will be deleted.

Reloading a smartphone, as a rule, “heals” most Wi-Fi mistakes. This is the most that the user can do on the event that the Bagsource is a failure in the iOS operating system.

Disconnecting in standby mode

Iphone often goes into a state of energy conservation in waiting mode. To save charge, the smartphone can automatically turn off rarely used communication channels, including Wi-Fi. You can disable this option in iOS settings.

  • Information on the network is not transmitted if the application does not work;
  • Suspended automatic renewal of services;
  • The creation of backups is deactivated;
  • Download files to a cloud does not work;
  • The background update of applications is disconnected.

Fix no internet connection iphone wifi | iPhone wifi not working problem solved

If Wi-Fi disappears on the iPhone mode and you need to constantly connect it again, then often the problem is in the router. The incorrect setting of the router is evidenced by:

  • Problems with the connection to Wi-Fi;
  • Flashing or complete disappearance of the Internet connection icon;
  • The connection is set slowly, it freezes hard.

To exclude problems with the router, it is recommended to connect to the neighboring mod for the test. If after that Wi-Fi does not fall off on the iPhone, then the reason for the malfunctions in the wrong settings of the router.

To eliminate the problem in the web-intensive router:

  • Change the Wi-Fi channel. By default, many routers connect to the channel in the range from 1 to 5. But for Wi-Fi networks in Russia it is allowed to use radio channels from 1 to 13. Try to choose the latter from the range and check how the Internet will work.
  • Activate the Wireless Multimedia Extensions function. This protocol reduces the number of errors and failures when transmitting data via wireless network. WMM activation is carried out in the settings of the router. Launch a web-intake, go to the section with Wi-Fi parameters and put a checkplace opposite the corresponding parameter.
  • Change the IP address rental time. Standard time. 48 hours. The parameter can be changed by indicating 2-3 weeks or even 1 month, but first find out from the provider how often IP is updated. Many service providers have activated the function of automatic termination of the connection. It works every 24 hours.
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If the router is two.Band, instead of 2 GHz, you can switch the access point to 5 GHz mode. Iphones, starting with the seventh version, support work in this range. In 5 GHz mode, the network is less loaded, so the connection will be more stable.

Main reasons

The reasons can be determined by what kind of error your device gives out when trying to connect to Wi-Fi:

There are several more options. With a password everything is clear. The remaining errors are related to software failures in the smartphone itself or in the distribution device. It is worth noting that if there are problems with the connection, then this is not scary. Much worse if the phone simply does not see a single Wi-Fi network. In this case, this is a hardware breakdown, which just does not solve.

How to understand that iPhone has problems with Wi-Fi

In fact, the symptoms are different. The most obvious-if the slider of the connection to Wi-Fi has become inactive, or the iPhone simply refuses to connect to any Wi-Fi network. There may also be constant failures of connection and a significant decrease in the speed of the Internet. 10 times or even more.

In some cases, the problem can be solved by updating the firmware of the phone, but in most cases, as a rule, the Wi-Fi chip is out of order. It may fail both due to the fall or water fall into the device, and due to the malfunction of the Wi-Fi chip itself, the closure on the system board. It is also possible to violate soldering.

The Internet is slow on the iPhone

Any signal has the ability to weaken as it is removed from the source. The same thing happens with Wi-Fi. If the phone does not catch the phone at home, perhaps you just have gone too far from the router. If this happens at work or in a public place, then the signal can be weak in itself, the network can be overloaded or speed is limited by system administrators.

Another reason may be that you have 2.4 GHz at home. There are a lot of interference in this range emanating from each neighboring apartment and from other devices. In this case, the transition to 5 GHz network will help. They are supported even by relatively inexpensive routers and the oldest generations of iPhone.

How To FIX iPhone Wifi Not Working!

Even if earlier the connection speed was higher, the problem can still be in the signal. For example, the neighbors were set by more powerful routers, and there were more interference.

No matter how banal these tips may seem, it is for these reasons that Wi-Fi does not work on the iPhone or does not work as it should. Most often, these are mechanical damage to the components, but it is also a software failure or just a bad signal. If the reboot or “come closer to the router” does not help, then you need to contact the service center for diagnostics.

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