After resetting the settings, the phone does not turn on the iPhone

Iphone does not turn on the apple and goes out

One of the popular problems of iPhone owners is a situation when when the phone is turned on for some time, the Apple logo lights up, and then the screen goes out and nothing else happens. Attempts by the owner of the device to deal with the problem do not give any tangible result. And there is nothing left for a person, how to take the phone to repair. But do not rush to contact the service center. There are ways to solve a problem in which the iPhone does not turn on at all, but at the same time the logo burns, and then the screen goes out. Let’s figure out how to fix the problem that has arisen.

Usually the problem is when the Apple logo appears and goes out is caused by the next update of the system, jailbreak, physical damage to the device and other causes. To solve the problem, we recommend referring to the functionality of the Reiboot. Ios System Repair program.

Perform the following if the logo burns and then goes out:

  • Download and install on the PC program “Reiboot. Ios System Repair”;
  • Connect your iPhone to PC via a USB cable;
  • In the program menu, select the “Repair Operating System” option (restore the operating system);
  • Click on Start Repair (launching recovery) to start the process on the iPhone;
  • After performing the above actions, you will get to the download page of a special restorative file. Click on “Browse” (review) to choose a place for loading the bag, then click on “Download” (upload) to start the loading process;


The main reason why the phone does not work after the Hard reception is a failure in the operating system. He could appear due to installation on the device of unverified applications from an unprotected source. Do not throw back the option of unsuccessful renewal of the OS, when at the time of its installation, the device was accidentally turned off or the battery village.

Attempts to return the gadget to the system, they fail and the phone stops turning on. In this situation, only the firmware of the device is really able to help. Together with her, all software failures will be removed from the memory of the device, and the owner will receive a clean system.

It is worth mentioning the owners of Android, who independently installed incorrect firmware, which is also able to become a refusal to load Android OS after Hard Reset.

The nuance may be a reset to the factory settings through the gadget interaction. Perhaps it will be possible to solve the problem through a deeper reset of the operating system, which are performed through the input of a special code to a certain version of the firmware or a gadget model.

If you still managed to turn on the device, check it for possible viruses that can make it difficult to difficult. Still, programs may be required to check the integrity of internal memory. Due to its damage, unforeseen malfunctions occur, which cannot be determined without careful diagnosis.

Main reasons

Now we will analyze the more significant reasons that relate to the hardware of the device. It is worth immediately making a reservation that such breakdowns are almost unrealistic to fix at home. Only the replacement of the module will help the whole, and in the conditions of the service center.

You can repair complex electronic equipment yourself only if there are repair skills and special equipment.

Lightning connector is broken or clogged

The main power connector can fail for several reasons:

  • SRO, threads, dust and dirt in the nest. This situation can be often observed if the user wears a smartphone in clothing s or in a purse. A pile or small garbage is poured into the connector.
  • Dimper of the contact group. Such a breakdown is difficult to recognize at first sight. Most likely, the plug will be a little back in the nest if it is inserted to the charge.

Do a visual inspection. Check the state of the nest. Try to blow it up or clean it with a toothpick. Be careful. To prevent clogging, use special silicone plugs.

The battery is dead

One of the most common reasons for the sudden shutdown of the smartphone, both during the conversation and in the cold. There are several signs of “dying” battery:

  • The most obvious and dangerous. Bloating, exfoliation of the display. I need an urgent battery replacement. Further operation of the gadget is dangerous!
  • The phone is sharply disconnected with the residue of the charge by 10%-30%. Likely. The battery survives the last days.
  • Iphone rotten does not respond to touch and pressing buttons at a negative temperature below.1 ° C. This happens even on a battery loaded up to 100 percent.
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Replacing the battery will cost the user about ₽3000- rubles8000, depending on the model. Such are given by official service centers. Private workshops can take a little less, but you can run into the original.

Another point associated with the battery is the effect of the “sleeping battery”. The most bowl is found if you leave the gadget for a long time without recharging. For example, for a period of more than 2-3 months. In this case, destructive processes at the chemical level begin in the lithium-ion battery. The battery sags up to 1-2 volts, which is critical for functioning. These indicators reads the charge controller. The chip blocks the recharge, saving the battery from damage (bloating, explosion, and other points), as well as protecting the electronic filling from voltage jumps.

How to Fix Unable to Activate iPhone 2021

resetting, settings, phone, does, turn

To bring such a battery to senses, you will need to disassemble the device case. Pull out the power element, and push (recharge) the element using the universal charger of the “frog”.

This method allows you to revive the battery for a short time. However, this is a temporary measure that does not restore the battery to a normal state. It will still be required to replace the battery.

The power button has broken

The iPhone buttons look good. The keys are made of aluminum, and practically do not scratch, and do not break. What can not be said about the spring mechanism that the actual press and close the circuit provides. This element can crumble from a blow or too much pressing. Sometimes the iPhone lives its own life, it suddenly turns off, then turns on. Another symptom. After the conversation, the black screen and the system does not respond to pressing.

If the button has stopped giving a tactile response, there is no characteristic click, pressing is sluggish, or there is a feeling that the fuse key is most likely a spring mechanism is broken. Changing the module at home is not recommended. It is better to give the device to the service center.

The temporary replacement of the mechanical inclusion key can be the virtual “Power”. Go to the “Settings“, then to the “main”. Here you need to find “universal access”. Activate “Assistive Touch”. Then place a virtual button in any convenient place on the display.

The charge controller burned out

The charge controller is a special microcircuit that is responsible for the correct recharging battery. The chip may fail for various reasons:

  • Connecting non.Original or broken accessories. Do not use Chinese “noname” ZU and cables, as well as broken or broken wires.
  • Mechanical exposure. Strong blow, compression of the body.
  • The jump in the tension. This breakdown often occurs when charging from a car cigarette lighter using poor.Quality charging.
  • Moisture. A short circuit occurs on the board due to moisture (for example, after falling into snow, bathroom, toilet) on the contact group.

Replacing this module will cost the user in ₽1500- rubles8000, depending on the model of the smartphone.

Malfunction of the motherboard

The main iron part of the device is the motherboard. On it, the processor, memory blocks and other important chipsets are soldered on it. If this component burns out, then the device simply “oxidizes” (stops turning on) or begins to randomly blink a white or red screen. There are different reasons for the breakdown of the motherboard:

  • Mechanical exposure. Strong blows, falling on the floor, twisting. All this leads to the formation of cracks in the textolite of the board. Motherboard fails.
  • Moisture getting into the body. Some contacts on the board have snapped.
  • Curve Repair. Iphone internal filling is known that it uses a large number of fasteners of different lengths. Some masters do not remember the location of the screws. They screw long bolts directly into the board, breaking it.
  • Burnout of individual components. For example, a memory chip or processor.

Repair of a board is an expensive pleasure. For example, on the morally outdated iPhone 6, the new motherboard will cost ₽3000- rubles5000, talk terribly about the new 11 and 12 models-30,000-50000.

Fall or drowning

The usual fall or getting into the water can lead to a complete disconnection of the gadget. In some cases, electronics reads information from built.In sensors (moisture) and includes emergency mode. But most often breakdowns arise on internal components of boards or chipsets.

The right way when the smartphone gets into the liquid is urgently copy all the information to the external medium.

Of course, you can dry the “folk” ways. But this method works with an error of 50/50. The precious time will end, the information will remain in the bowels of the iPhone.

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The screen does not turn on after the call

The situation when the screen does not turn on after the call is unpleasant. Until recently, the problem could be solved by a simple reboot of the smartphone or installing the update. Screens can turn off after a call, regardless of the device model and IOS version.

The system initially when the smartphone approaches the display. The sensor that is located above the auditory speaker is responsible for this.

How to Properly Reset iPhone to factory default

The sensor can just stop working when a film is pasted on the display. In the protective layer there may be no special hole for the sensor or between the display and the film. In such a situation, it is necessary to check the work of the iPhone without a protective coating.

If the display works when it starts the applications, and when the call does not light up, then the problem is a system error, and not in the screen itself. The problem can solve the change of SIM card.

It is also necessary to abandon the application of applications that are built into the system programs or choose them with caution. Applications for the telephone program, extensions for Safari, add.Ons for iMessage, additional applications for keyboards and other programs can cause problems in the operation of the OS.

The device can be dropped to factory parameters. The subsequent gradual addition of previously used programs from the App Store will help determine the program that has led to the black screen.

Iphone transfer to recovery mode using iTunes or finder

If the previous methods do not help and the iPhone does not turn on after a rigid reboot, connection to a computer or power supply, only a complete recovery remains.

Careful, all your photos and other data can be irrevocably erased during recovery! It is possible to restore data only if there is a current backup.

Iphone recovery using iTunes or finder

Connect the iPhone to a computer or laptop using a USB cable and run iTunes. There are no ITunes on MacOS Catalina, so nothing needs to be launched, the Finder window will open automatically.

Put the iPhone into the recovery mode, for different generations of phones, the method is different:

  • Iphone 8, 8 Plus, X, XR, XS, XS Max, SE (2nd generation), 11 Pro, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, 12 Mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max:-Click Alternately an increase button volume;. Then the volume reduction button.;. Then press and hold for about 20 seconds the side button of turning on Power until the ITUNES icon appears in iOS 12 or more old versions. Iphone 8 and newer
  • Iphone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus:. Squeeze the volume reduction button at the same time. And the side button of power on 20 seconds, before the ITUNES icon appears in iOS 12 and older versions and older versions and more old versions. Iphone 7, 7 Plus
  • Iphone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus:. At the same time, click the Home button and the Power’s side power button. Hold the laptop or ITUNES icon in iOS 12 or more old versions clamped until the icon appears, about 20 seconds. Iphone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus
  • Iphone 1st Gen (2G), 3G, 3GS, 4, 4s, 5, 5S, 5C, SE (1st generation):-At the same time, click the Home button and the upper power button Power. Hold the clamped for about 20 seconds, until the ITUNES icon appears in iOS 12 or more old versions. Iphone 1st Gen (2G), 3G, 3GS, 4, 4s, 5, 5S, 5C, SE (1st generation)
  • After the computer finds the iPhone in recovery mode, a window with the choice of action will open. First of all, you need to try to update the phone, this method sometimes helps to restore performance, while all your data will remain in place. To do this, click the “Update” button. Update the iPhone Finder update the iPhone iTunes
  • If this is possible, the iPhone updates begins, you need to wait for the end of the process. During the process of the process, do not turn off the phone from the cable and do not press any buttons. Based on the result, the iPhone will start and will work, or there will be a renewal error. Iphone update error
  • If an error occurs, there is only a complete recovery with the removal of all data. To do this, you must re.Perform all actions and put the iPhone into a recovery mode. After the window appears with the choice of option, click the “Restore” or “Restore and update” button, depending on the options provided and wait for the end of the restoration. Update iPhone Finder update iPhone

I hope your iPhone turned on and works as before? If not, move on.

resetting, settings, phone, does, turn

How to reset iPhone using a computer

If for some reason you cannot go into the iPhone settings (the firmware has fled, ICLOUD Activation Lock, you forgot the numerical password for unlocking, etc.P.), then the best spos to reset the iPhone will be the DFU mode. Use this instructions for the iPhone 4s. 7, or this instructions for the iPhone X. 8.

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If everything is ok with the iPhone, follow the steps below:

resetting, settings, phone, does, turn

Step 1. If you value data on your iPhone (iPad), be sure to make a backup before starting the next step.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone cable to the computer and run itunes. Click on the device icon (see. The drawing is below):

Step 3. Press the button Restore the iPhone on the right side of the screen. If you have displayed the message “You need to turn off the“ Find iPhone ”function, before”, turn it off in the phone settings here: ICLOUD Settings Find iPhone.

You will need an Apple ID password to turn off this function. This is done so that no one except the last owner can clean this device, for example, in the case of theft by attackers (Apple ID).

Step 4. Turning off the “Find iPhone” function, confirm your intentions by clicking on the button to restore and update.

Step 5. The latest IOS version will be downloaded from the Internet and then installed on your iPhone. All personal data will be deleted.

Step 6. At the next time the iOS device turned on, you will be invited to configure it as a new one or restore it from a backup copy.

Step 7. The described procedure for resetting iOS devices does not unscrew it from your account. In order for the restored device to be no longer listed for your Apple ID account, go to the ICLOUD website.COM under your Apple ID and delete the necessary device in the section Find the iPhone.

The reasons for the breakdown

Before panic, you should determine the reason why the iPhone cannot load. In most cases, the problem causes:

  • There was a failure in the software;
  • The battery failed;
  • The battery was discharged;
  • Incorrect firmware;
  • Incorrect system update;
  • The power button was out of order;
  • After the device falls, mechanical damage appeared;
  • A charger does not work;
  • The device fell into the water.

These are the most common causes of breakdown when the iPhone does not turn on the apple. First you should decide whether the phone fell into the water, whether the update has been implemented recently. You should check the cord of the charger, perhaps there is a break in the wire. If the battery was very discharged, then even during charging only the logo can be displayed due to a lack of energy.

What to do if the iPhone does not turn on

Forced restart

Force Restart. An excellent bypass to correct a hung device. So, if your iPhone does not turn on after pressing the power button, you can try to force the device forcibly restart.

To forcibly restart the iPhone X or later, perform the following actions:

  • Press and then quickly release the volume increase button. Now click and quickly release the IPhone volume button to reduce the volume button. Press and hold the power button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Connect your iPhone to a power source

Well, yes, if your iPhone does not turn on or your device freezes or does not answer, you can try to connect it to the power source. Connect the iPhone to the outlet using a USB cable and adapter. Keep the device connected to the network for about 20-30 minutes until the battery gains sufficient power. Wait a while and see if Apple’s logo will appear on the screen. In addition, try using another USB cable or power source and see if this will solve the problem.

Use the iTunes application to restore your iPhone

And here is our next decision on how to fix the iPhone. Connect your iPhone to a laptop or PC using a USB cable. Now start the iTunes application on your computer. And the next step is to check if your iPhone is determined by the iTunes application. If you see the logo of your phone in the iTunes application, you can restore your device using the last saved backup to restart the phone.

Contact Support Apple

Tried the above solutions and was still unlucky? Well, it seems that the problem is more serious than we thought. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you contact Support Apple to receive additional assistance. This can be done on the site. Https: // support.Apple.COM/ru-RU. You can even visit the closest Apple Store store so that experts examine your device. Technical experts can conduct instant diagnostics so that you can learn about the main problem. And yes, make sure you have checked the guarantee so that you can save several additional dollars to repair equipment.

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