After Reinstalling Windows Computer Brakes

After Reinstalling Windows Computer Brakes

It should be noted that it is not always possible to maximize the use of all resources, because after reinstalling Windows 8, the computer starts to slow down from time to time. To evaluate all the advantages of the system, you need to optimize its work. We will talk in more detail about how to do this at minimal cost.

Of course, everyone had to deal with when the computer is very slow with the Window 8 operating system, it produces errors and starts to work slowly when performing normal tasks. To solve the problem, it is not necessary to reinstall the system immediately. In most cases, you need to perform a few simple steps to improve its performance.

Reasons why the system slows down

In order to increase computer performance after reinstalling the operating system, you need to study in detail effective ways to solve this problem. So, we will consider all the possible causes of slow PC operation in more detail.

The presence of temporary files and unused programs

Surely you have already noticed that the computer runs much faster when the OS has just been reinstalled. The fact is that there are no unnecessary programs that will be installed on a PC in the future.

There are also no temporary files that clog the computer during use. Therefore, we recommend that you periodically use the convenient CCleaner program to delete temporary files and clean system trash.

Launching a large number of applications simultaneously

The fact is that each application individually takes a certain part of the RAM and processor resources, and this affects the overall performance. Therefore, open programs for work as the need arises.

Downloaded virus or malware

After hints of slow unstable operation of the PC, we recommend that you immediately scan it with antivirus. To choose the best antivirus, read our next articles.

Slow performance due to writing files to different parts of the hard drive

When you copy files to a blank hard disk, they are written sequentially. Over time, when in the process we cut, transfer, delete files and folders, empty pieces are scattered across the hard drive.

Thus, the computer, when recording files later, has to search for empty fragments over the entire surface of the hard drive. And the further process of reading the file slows down.

To solve this problem, we sometimes recommend defragmenting the hard disk, because it can be performed without problems with standard Windows applications. After this procedure, all data will be moved to the beginning of the hard drive, so files and applications will start loading faster.

Lack of OS updates

Installation of application products and significant system updates is a prerequisite for excellent PC performance. As a rule, important updates provide good security and help make work more convenient. The process of downloading updates is automated, after it you only need to restart the computer.

Lack of drivers

When you connect new devices to the system unit or replace components, installing drivers is very important. Without them, system errors will occur, and the operation will be incorrect. This advice is also relevant for older computers on which drivers have not been updated since the time of assembly.

Unused visual effects

The following recommendation is for work computers that have Windows Aero installed. If you have problems with smooth operation, you must turn off the visual effects, because they consume a huge part of the resources. This will reduce the load on the CPU and graphics card.

The shutdown function is located in the “Performance Parameters”.

Long-term system operation without rebooting

If you do not restart the computer for a long time, the RAM becomes clogged, as a result of which the PC’s performance becomes slow and slows down. This also applies to laptop owners who, without turning it off, just close the lid. Therefore, always try to turn off the computer after shutting down.

Ways to Optimize Windows 8

There is an opinion that Windows 8 is slow and slow. Many people mistakenly believe that it is much easier to install an old proven version, for example, Windows 7 or XP.

Note! This information is not true. Before changing the new version to the old one, it is worth optimizing the settings.

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In truth, the G8 is an advanced OS that consumes significantly less resources. After performing a number of simple steps, you will immediately see the speed of Windows 8.

Change power settings

In order to avoid overheating of the system unit and failure of components, the processor functions are underestimated by default. It is important to have a powerful cooler that will cool the controller. In this case, you can adjust the system performance to maximum performance.


This old proven way to optimize your hard drive can speed up your PC several times.

During defragmentation, clusters are scattered in different places of the system, due to which new information is copied in order, that is, more rationally.

Turn off visual effects

In the computer settings, you can turn off unnecessary visual effects that are provided by developers exclusively for the aesthetic perception of the visual picture during operation, but no more. For example, animation is provided when expanding and minimizing windows.

In order to disable such effects, it is enough:

  • go to the “Control Panel”;
  • in the tab “System”;

Analyze applications with high system resources

Information is available in the “Task Manager” tab, which pops up when you press CtrlAltDelete at the same time. Here you can evaluate which applications spend more energy as a percentage. Then you can disable those programs that slow down the processor.

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Clean autorun

Some software tools have the autorun function enabled when you turn on the computer. Although, as a rule, we do not use most of them. In older versions, the registry could only be cleaned using a special program. In Windows 8, this function was provided by its creators. That is, programs that you do not use every day

Use the msconfig utility

To optimize enabling and disabling startup programs, use the msconfig functional application. This tool allows you to control the operation of various services and applications of the operating system, as well as possible options for loading it.

To run it costs:

  • press WinR keys;
  • enter the msconfig command;

Use internal security programs

Of course, we are used to using such software tools as Kaspersky, Avast, Doctor Web, and the like. But they all slow down the system. To protect your computer in Windows 8, built-in programs are already provided, which is very convenient in terms of optimizing them for a specific system.

In addition, we note that you should not be afraid to optimize your computer settings yourself. After all, by following a series of simple sequential actions, you will improve the performance of Windows8 several times. So, you can maximize the resources necessary for you.