Activation Iphone 6 has flown

Today I learned (yes, I’m in this case slow-moving) that many users experience a strange error 0xE8000013 after flashing the device before iOS 11.0.2. Let’s pay more attention to the problem.

The essence of the problem

Users started flashing the device on iOS 11.0.2. After the firmware, they get error 0xE8000013. Here is one of the comments on our website (spelling and punctuation of the author saved):

Reset iPad Air settings was iOS 11.1. After activation fails. I tried other Wi-Fi networks, rebooted, restored to OS 11.02, showing an error (0xE8000013) iPad could not be activated (it was on Windows PC (the pop-up hung up in preparation for recovery and gave an error 2006)), iTunes on the MacBook could not connect the iPad. 5 hours killed with Apple support (zero sense). I tried everything, please help.

The error, by the way, is not new. A year ago, some iPhone 5S users caught the same error on iOS 10.


One of the possible causes of error 0xE8000013 is not the native Touch ID on the phone. But not always. This is a bug in iOS 11.


There is no single solution. Recommendations found on the Internet:

  • You need to turn on the wire directly to the PC. That is, without the use of USB hubs.
  • Try a different USB cable
  • Disconnect all USB devices from the computer except the mouse and keyboard. Restart your computer and connect your iPhone to the computer.

The guaranteed solution was to roll back the system from iOS 11 to iOS 10, but the method no longer works, since Apple stopped signing iOS 10.

If you have any information, some solutions, or you have such an error. write comments. We’ll figure out. So far, in order to avoid problems, I recommend not updating your phone to iOS 11.0.2.

P.S. ATTENTION. In the comments identified scammers. Now he acts under the name of Glory, but can write under any other. DO NOT send your money to anyone! No one will remotely solve your problem. DO NOT share your APPLE ID and password with anyone.

now faced the same problem
waiting for a new update
I hope apple solves this problem

Congratulations, you have a brick
[News] Caution! When restoring iPhone with iOS 11, you can catch a brick

The first complaints about the error 0xE8000013 that occurs when trying to restore the iPhone from a backup, began to appear at the end of September. To date, a solution to the problem has not yet appeared.

You decide to perform a full reset (Settings. Highlights. Reset) or restore an iPhone from a previously saved copy on iOS 11 or a test version of iOS 11.1 using iTunes. Any of the options will result in a device activation error.

In common people you get a “brick” with the error 0xE8000013.

How common is the problem

Today, thousands of users around the world have faced the “bricking” of iPhones. Apple representatives have not officially recognized the problem.

Hello guys! This problem is associated with the restored phones, namely, that they replaced the flash memory and did not register the native pop-up address of Wi-Fi bluetooth. That Apple does not recognize these phones.

It turns out that the iPhone has become disposable? Then let the price be like a one-time product All the phones were once released by apple and were working, but due to their fragility and technical weaknesses, they became REF even having officially bought a new phone. dropped nand beat off and that’s it? to learn the same poppy addresses bt and vf is not possible if broke nand

Repair in the official service and there will be no problems!

Well, thank you! Just about to be updated. Have stopped.

And when will 11.1 come out?

Already have the first public beta. It seems today should be the second.

I’ve been fighting for the 3rd day, no sense ((
updated to 11.1
Does not help. in the trash iphone

Do not rush 🙂 I think Apple will revive your gadgets

at least they would have warned, yes, how, but there is no information, it’s a shame

A good mine with a bad game) Therefore, they do not warn. They want to quietly fix it

Well, sort of as it is already known, then it will not work out for him, the brick in one word remains and not the phone

Hello! I have such a problem. I updated iPhone 6 on IOS 11.1.2 and did a reset, and now when activating Writes your iPhone could not be activated because it cannot connect to the activation server. Try connecting your iPhone to iTunes to activate or try again connect over a cellular network in a few minutes. You can also try to activate via WIFI, or contact Apple support
The phone has a network, but there is no network name, 3g, LTE shows, Wi-Fi is also there, but I can’t activate it, I did updates and restores everything comes to an end (software check, Unpacking By, Removing Po) on the phone, the white screen is installed until the end, a failure appears on the computer screen and there are no error numbers or something like that, please help me, I don’t know what to do, the email says nothing at all, it says about restored devices that if something was done in an unauthorized service, it could be a failure so how would anyone do it? it was lead to the service, but I didn’t have it under repair, I don’t have to throw the phone away, help, maybe he still had such a problem, he fixed it, I’m glad to tell you everything to do
P.s on the computer the climber still climbs the sim card is it worth it or not, but I have a sim inserted

Exactly the same story with me, you can’t do anything, just give it for repair, and then you need someone to fumble, it’s necessary to interchange it, and then it will work, and I think the repair will be more expensive than the phone itself, so it’s a waste!

I understand that even devices with native Touch IDs cannot revive? I just have an iPad refresh and it’s been dead for 3 days, today it was in the service, they said “epidemic”))) Well, let’s wait, the ballot box is nearby)))

And my 5s on 11.02 constantly does not want to connect to wi-fi home, does not accept a password, connects only after a reboot. IPad has no such problem. Every time I get home, I reboot the phone. ??

It wasn’t worth updating it, just like me.

Yes, similar problems with connecting wi-fi to iPad Air after updating to iOS11: returns only after reboot. I thought that only I had one. On Apple forums, I have not yet found a distinct solution. I would be grateful if someone coped and shared advice.

Went 11.03, was it possible to fix the activation error?

I have such an error on iPhone 6s
My research showed that the phone turned off all kinds of communications with the outside world, and with iTunes it was very limited.

It offers to activate via WiFi, but there is no WiFi icon. The module is dead.

Mobile network
if the SIM card is installed, writes 3G and signal strength, but does not write the operator (and how would he know APN)

The phone recognizes but does not determine the serial number. Although on the CH phone itself you can see everything is OK.
Well, when trying to activate. error 0xE8000013 and activation failure.
By the way, it turned out to roll back to 10.3.3, but it still does not activate now.

How did you roll it back? Wasn’t there a mistake? Tell me how you rolled. Just downloaded the firmware?

Yes, Sergey, I just downloaded firmware 10.3.3 and through iTunes, according to the instructions in the article “Apple again started signing iOS 10.3.3 for iPhone 6s. How to roll back from iOS 11 “to Apple
there is also a link to the firmware


Activation Iphone 6 has flown

Damn, I was told in the support service on the contrary to update yes 11.0.2 updated the error did not disappear I was already in a panic to be honest the week has passed nothing has changed today I set 11.0.3 nothing has changed the service is fed with promises that engineers will solve this problem but from me it’s not easier than that !! it’s how to understand it finally that for some reason I always loved Apple stability and so on and now I have a brick which I don’t even know will fix or not I will say one thing !! this is a mess. they spoiled the image they seriously

And here’s what I have updated it with the same error when activating, in short I contacted them in St. Petersburg, they forced me to collect all the logs and send them to me for a month without a phone, and in short they say that I’m not the first to encounter this but ask them. And who didn’t solve the problem. are silent

People, why update at all ?? I have an iPad mini 3, iOS 8 with something (even on the drum, what are the numbers next). Everything is fine

Good afternoon! And for me, like three days, push notifications do not come. I didn’t install anything, I didn’t change it. I decided to upgrade to 11.0.3. Nothing changed. Notifications come only if the program is open. In other words, I see only calls and that’s it.

So I updated and reset the settings no words what kind of evil I am sitting, we are waiting for a solution

The same problem after updating iOS 11.3 dropped and now a brick.?

what to do now with a brick?

If it’s brick-brick, do a flashing through DFU mode.

I’ve been writing a week without activation with iPad Air 2 11.0.3 all the time an error, I try to activate it through aytyuns, but it writes incorrect data, try again later))

Try to do the firmware again. In theory, the problem has already been fixed

Last night it was stitched, the same thing. And how to remove firmware from aytyuns, so that a new one loads

On ipad mini 2 I decided to perform a full reset, activation flied.
I went into iTunes, downloaded a new firmware, but I can’t activate it, it gives an error:
ipad “ipad” could not be activated because the activation information was incorrect. Please try again later.
guys, maybe someone already knows the solution to the problem, please share.
Can I flash for fresh according to the instructions? By downloading firmware?

I also have iPad 2, such an error is 0xE8000013. But through i tunes I can see the ipad, but there is no Update button. Logging in fails “this Apple AD has not been used yet i tunes store”. Before that, another ID was, after changing the ID, the problem began. How to flash? I am tormented for 4 days.

I have iPod mini 3. All the same. I am disappointed in Apple.

Same problem. The phone was not under repair. Touch id native, shy. We are waiting, as I understand it, for a new update. Sad with apple?

Here is the whole movement

Apple of course handsome. Faced the same problem on the iPad Air 2. I bought from a friend made a complete reset and that’s it, hello brick. Och, I hope that with the release of 11.1 Apple will be fixed.

Did not help. Just restored with an upgrade to 11.1 and still not activated. I’m thinking that a class action lawsuit could amount to them?

You updated iTunes, I received an update yesterday, I have not tried it yet

I called in support today. They said that for a billion phones, the problem is a couple of thousand calls with the error 0x8000013, it is unlikely that the techies will be able to solve it in a short time. These are certainly not verbatim words of support, but the meaning caught this.

On the contrary, I would reassure you that there are too many calls to not pay attention to them.

Today I turned to the service with the same problem. They said that it is tedious to change the motherboard (touchpad) and for all this 125 dollars.

Do not do it! Service breds you 🙂

I generally have REF iPhone 5s, according to the standard, it was 10.3.3 out of the box, then updated to 11.0.3, it started to hang sometimes, and the like, rolled back to 10ki, and everything, activation failure, could not connect to the servers.

Rollback to iOS 10 has not been working for a long time. Therefore, flash on fresh iOS 11.0.3 and everything is activated for you

No, I’m able to restore the ref iPhone, it is he who blocks the activation of apple /

Did you really do it? I installed iOS 11.03 a week ago, but it still doesn’t activate

to my joy I have no such mistakes. Catching it on purpose is unlikely to succeed, so I give general advice. But to carry in the service and change the motherboard and touchpad, as advised above, is the last thing.

you see, such a problem only with repaired iPhones, or Chinese refs, Here I read = 1760

I reset iPhone 5s, downloaded ios 11.0.3 and everything is exactly no activation, and everything is exactly 0xE8000013 in iTunes, and in the service they say that they can start after phone soldering, the repair cost is
a large half of the cost of an iPhone))

Let’s write in bulk to customer support. This is a violation of their agreement. In the USA it is a responsibility. You can demand money or fix their jambs. I try different options. unsubscribe

Significantly, in fact, the problem first produced an error 3194 when rolling back and then again connected to the IT system and, like everyone, 0xE8000013 in the server told me to wait from the Chinese to solve this problem, they say there were more than 50 people with this problem today

Am I just wondering? from where people take such info. “Apple said” and all that. there was no official statement from them. And generally it’s completely their cant. That is, it turns out that on iOS 10 everything was cool and did a complete reset and everything was activated, and here, a new firmware comes out and “half of the population” gadgets stop working. Don’t you find this strange? and the fact that for 6s many Touch IDs stopped working (and for unmiks who say what it means, it’s changed, then I’ll say: if the button changes, then the fingerprint will not work from the beginning! check)
I have an iPad Air 2, Apple has a normal, non-fixed and serial number in the database, and for some reason activation has flown.
And in general, think about what to write, well, even if the phone has already been disassembled, let it be fixed, but who cares. Yes, Apple’s sinister company has decided to punish such owners. Kapets, it’s already funny. That is, they “abused” their customers, and were not afraid to lose interest so 20-30 profits, because everyone will switch to android. Ingenious.
Therefore, this is a real firmware bug, which they simply must fix. Given that such a story they already happened with 5s with the release of IOS10.
And do not get fooled by any stories that you need to solder the board and all that, this is a golden moment for SC

90 percent of devices are not activated due to incorrect wifi mac address
The problem is solved, contact SC will help you there.

so I already contacted ss apple, they told me that the phone can not be repaired. but the situation with me, like everyone else, worked fine for 10 ios, updated to 11ios, worked for a week then started turning off, I decided to reflash, reflash and all activation fails, I have 5s

Hello everyone, let’s all zae so to speak apple collectively. I’ve been terrorizing the support of the result for 2 weeks. Not just one promise I even sent them the diagnostics, and now they say wait, engineers will solve your problem and so it went 3 weeks!

hello everyone! I’m in a panic! this morning I had all the pictures of 1000 pcs automatically deleted, and recently deleted pictures weren’t in the album, I don’t understand what it is for? My husband decided to restore it and update it through iTunes, there’s a chance return all the pictures, but the phone doesn’t open the problem, because of there it shows the window “IPhone could not be activated. because an unknown error occurred (0xЕ800013) Please try again later” as it can be understood and corrected to return IOS 11

Read the problem above, here everyone is like you, the problem is not yet solved