Activation iPhone 4s Forgot Apple Id Password

What is Activation Lock?

Activation Lock. (Transl. From Eng. “Activation Lock”). this is the iPhone lock that occurs after updating / flashing or restoring the device. iPhone asks you to enter your Apple iD and password.
When you initially personalize your iPhone by entering personal data. by creating an Apple iD and password, a new iCloud account, turn on the function Find iPhone (FindMyiPhone), all data is stored securely on Apple’s activation servers and directly communicates with your device. If you lose your iPhone or are stolen, after resetting the phone to the factory settings or forcing iCloud to be forced on your account, the iPhone will play an exclamation message and will block the process of working with the device, requesting account information Apple iD and password.
Function Activation lock turns on automatically when you turn on “Find iPhone” (Find my iPhone) in settings.
In order to enable the “Find iPhone” function on your device:
1. Go to the “Settings”;
2. Go to the “iCloud” section;
3. Enter your Apple ID and password;
4. In the window below, activate the “Find iPhone” function;
Now you can in case of loss, theft, etc. use this function and block iPhone.
If you buy an iPhone “by hand”, make sure that the previous owner of the iPhone turned off “findmyphone” and reset the phone to factory settings. Click on the picture on the right and enter the serial number or IMEI of the device.
Unlock device from Apple iD
Bought a phone with a hand? Have you changed your Apple ID password, forgot it and can’t recover it? After flashing the phone asks you to enter your Apple ID and password? Activation Lock (more) is on your phone. There are several ways to solve this problem:

  • If you just forgot your Apple ID or password, but you know and remember all the additional information that you provided when registering your Apple ID, then you can restore access through iforgot.apple.com or contact Apple Support by phone 8–800–555–67–34, at the same time, be prepared to have any documents or data that can prove your belonging to this device;
  • If you forgot the Apple iD information, you were deceived and you do not have the necessary documents to contact Apple support, only a paid solution to the problem is possible.

Paid iCloud Unlock Services

Activation iPhone 4s Forgot Apple Id Password
  • Unlock Apple devices:

If you forget your Apple iD information, there is currently only one way to unlink any Apple devices from iCloud.
PHYSICAL UNLOCK (100% chance to unlock)
Important conditions for the provision of services:
– You are the legal owner of the device
– The device is not listed in loss
– The device is not considered to be stolen