Activation iPad Air 2

“Air” tablet Apple. One of the most coveted gadgets of 2015. If you bought or received iPad Air or iPad Air 2 as a gift, but don’t know where to start. Just read this article. From it you will learn everything you need about key settings, applications, accessories and customization.

Activation iPad Air 2

The setup process will take from 15 to 30 minutes. Depending on which of these steps you consider necessary to perform.

Setting up your iPad Air / iPad Air 2 for the first time

Most often, the battery on your iPad is already partially charged, so you can safely turn it on. Press the power button on the top right (when the iPad is in portrait mode, the Home button is at the bottom). Charge it to 100%. Either right now, or immediately after the tablet is configured.

The tablet will turn on and greet you with the inscription Hello. Swipe the screen from left to right (this movement is called “swipe”). Next, Apple will prompt you to select the appropriate options: language, country of use, Wi-Fi connection to activate the device.

Do you want to include geolocation? Yes, if you want to use your iPad Air like a navigator in a car or are afraid to lose it and want to use the service Find my iPad. If the tablet is at home all the time, and nothing is threatening it, it is better not to turn it on. This will save battery power.

Next, Apple will ask you if you want to set up your iPad as a new device or restore it from backup (iCloud or iTunes). If this is your first iPad, feel free to choose the option with a “new” device, if not, one of the two recovery options will be preferable.

Ideally, this should be a copy of iTunes. With this option, you will get back all your content and all the settings, (only basic data is saved in iCloud). Related article:

Now is the time to resolve the issue with Apple ID. If you already had a laptop, smartphone or Apple player, you probably know what is at stake. This is the username (email address) and password for which you buy games, programs and music from the iTunes and App Store. So if you have an Apple ID, just select Login with Apple ID and enter your data, if not, skip this step and create an Apple ID later in this manual.

Next in line is the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Do you want access to your iPad Air / iPad Air 2 only you? Select Set up Touch ID! For starters, Apple will prompt you to come up with and remember a 4-digit password. It is needed in order to enter the system if the Touch ID stubbornly does not recognize your fingerprints, or for the first login after rebooting the tablet.

Next, attach your finger (you can make up to 5 fingerprints from different fingers, add and delete) to the button Home. Raise and lower your finger whenever you feel a slight vibration or do not see a system message. Scan the pad first and then the fingertip.

Apple comes with Touch ID for its 2014 tablets, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3. If you have the first iPad Air or the first or second iPad mini, you can protect your device from strangers by entering your usual 4-digit (or more complex) digital password.

Useful features

Modern iPads have some very useful features that you should get to know as quickly as possible.

The first one is Command centre. To open it, lower your finger to the bottom edge of the screen (where the white, black or gold plastic ends and the screen starts) and swipe it up the screen. You will see switch icons of valuable settings. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode and Do Not Disturb.

Here you can also adjust the screen brightness and volume, control sounding music and quickly access the tablet’s camera. It’s important to remember that the brighter the screen, the faster your iPad’s battery will drain. The charge will end much faster when using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and geolocation services. If you do not need them here and now. It is worth disconnecting.

Another important thing is Notification center. To reach it, swipe from the top edge of the screen to the center. Here you will see notifications (messages about something important) from games and programs installed on the iPad Air / iPad Air 2. Messages from social networks, calendar entries and reminders. In iOS 8, you can also add widgets to the Notification Center (for example, a calculator that is not on the iPad).

Basic settings for iPad Air / iPad Air 2

Go to Settings tablet by clicking on the appropriate icon (dark color with painted “gears”).

1. Connect to a Wi-Fi network (private or in a public place). A password may be required.
2. On an iPad with 4G (LTE) module, you can change the password for Modem Mode.
3. Turn off notifications for unnecessary applications. For example, if you do not use the built-in calendar of iOS 8, you can avoid receiving “extra” and distracting notifications. We also suggest reading an article on optimizing the consumption of mobile traffic.
4. If you think that the Control Center should not work on the locked iPad screen, disable access (Settings. Command centre)

Five. Set time intervals for the function Do not disturb. At the appointed time, the iPad will not distract you with notifications from work or sleep. Select Scheduled and specify the time at which you can not be disturbed. For example, from 22 to 7 o’clock in the morning.

6. In the settings section The main Choose what is convenient for you:
a) Enable or disable Siri, allow the launch of the voice assistant command Hey siri, choose a language (alas, there is no Russian; but, perhaps, do you know English or other leading languages ​​of the world?), male or female voice.

B) Read information on multitasking gestures (sometimes, for example, in Safari. It’s very convenient!).

C) Configure auto lock time (how quickly your iPad’s screen locks automatically). The default is 2 minutes.

D) Keyboard. Here you can add third-party keyboards for iOS 8.
D) Add keyboard shortcuts (Keyboards. Abbreviations). For example, if you often type your email address, you can make it so that after typing the first few letters, the system will add the rest for you.
7. You can also change the default ones. Wallpaper to new ones.

8. And set up sounds.
Nine. If you have an iPad Air 2, enter the password and create a Touch ID.
Ten. Customize for yourself iTunes and App Store. Useful feature. Automatic downloads. If you activate the appropriate “sliders” (make them green, not gray), the iPad will independently load new purchases made on other devices and download new versions of programs. It should be borne in mind: sometimes automatic updating of programs is undesirable, since developers can either deprive the program of its former advantages or inadvertently “break” it up to the point of loss of functionality. So the point Updates it’s better not to turn it on. So you can always read the description of the update for the game / program yourself and decide whether it is worth updating.
Eleven. Configuring individual Apple applications and (they will be located below) third-party games and programs. Look at the sections you are interested in (for example, you will almost certainly be interested in Mail, addresses, calendars, Safari and Maps) and select the appropriate options.

Update to the latest version of iOS

One of the things you should do right away is install iOS updates. The “older” the OS version, the fewer errors will be in it. At the time of this writing, the most current version is iOS 8.1.2. Make sure your iPad Air / iPad Air 2 is connected to a Wi-Fi network and the battery is at least 50% charged, open Settings. The main. Software Update.

Your iPad will try to find the update on Apple servers. If it is there, a window appears with information about the update and a button Download and Install. During the installation of new software, the tablet will reboot. Everything about everything will take up to 15 minutes.

Add email accounts, contacts, and calendars to iPad Air

Use the appropriate instructions:

How to Transfer Photos, Music, and Books from Your Computer to iPad Air / iPad Air 2

We look at the bottom of the screen:

1. Selection. Here the editors of the App Store upload all the most interesting: collections of applications (slide shows at the top of the screen), Best new applications, Best new games, Popular games and applications, Search by category and others.
2. Top charts. The most popular applications (paid and free), the highest grossing.
3. View. A few more collections from Apple and popular applications for people living nearby (displayed if you allowed the App Store to use your location). Here you can start searching by category
4. Purchases. Those games and programs that you already have. Here you can reinstall the application already removed from the iPad.
Five. Updates games and programs available on the tablet.

At the top there is a search bar (on the right), a list of desires and. If you are in the Selection or Top charts. Categories of applications. To add an application to your wish list, select the desired game or program, click on the Share icon (the arrow is out of the square) in the upper right corner and select Add to Wish List. In the same menu you can send the application as a gift.

Set up your iPad Air / iPad Air 2 to make calls and send messages (for iPhone owners)

Thanks to iOS 8, the iPad has acquired the Continuity feature. The ability to make and receive calls, SMS messages. To enable this option, go to Settings, find FaceTime (do not forget about setting up the iMessage service) and activate the iPhone Cellular Calls item.

You can learn more about calling via iPad and Mac from this article:

IPad Case Selection

Case for iPad Air / iPad Air 2 can not only protect the device from damage, but also add new functionality. You can learn about the best landscapes for Apple tablets from our thematic materials: