Acer laptop does not turn on the power indicator

What do indicators on the Acer laptop mean. The laptop flashes and does not turn on! How to determine a malfunction

All manufacturers supply their laptops with light indication. On each device you can find a certain number of LEDs that inform the user about the battery state, the operation of the processor and hard drives or the active keys of Capslock or Numlock. However, the most informative is the battery indicator. By his flashing, you can determine the condition of the battery.

The LED, denoting the condition of the battery, has several styles of blinking and color. Depending on their combination, it can be determined what is wrong with the nutritional element. The trouble is that different models of laptopes have a completely different indication. But the general provisions are similar.

  • The indicator flashes red. This is fine. Such an alarm means that the battery has almost sat down and needs immediate exercise. This is usually accompanied by a statement by the operating system with the recommendation to connect the charger.
  • LED flashes green. This means that the laptop is in standby mode. This is usually observed with a closed lid.
  • The bulb burns even green. This means that the battery is completely charged, or the laptop works from the network, and not from the battery.
  • The battery lights flash a battery with a charging device connected. But this is already bad. There is a problem here. Only it is not clear with what. It may be guilty both “charging” and the battery itself.

The color indication of the battery, as well as the style of its blinking, may differ in various manufacturers. But one thing is undoubted. If the indicator flashes with a red (or orange) color with a charged device connected, that is, a clear problem.

Methods for eliminating the problem

The most important thing is to determine what the reason for the blinking of the light bulb. To do it is very simple. It is enough to contact the operating system of the laptop. If the problem is with the battery, then the Windows OS will issue a warning that the battery is damaged. Message this will appear in the system tray on the right side. If everything is in order with the battery (according to Windows), but the battery of the charging device is still blinking the battery bulb, then the problem arose with the charger itself.

If it’s the battery, then you can’t do anything with it. Will have to buy a new one or change the constituent elements for new. About how to do this, you can read in the article: Repair of the battery battery. In the case of charging, it may be simpler. You need to disassemble the charger and “call” it by the tester. If the matter is duffed wires, then this can be fixed on your own. But if any capacitor burned, then such a charge is easier to throw out and buy a new one.

Indication on the laptop is very useful. The battery LED is especially informative. If it flashes with a non.Standard color, then be prepared to spend money on a new battery or charger. For such behavior of the bulb indicates the problem.

I decided to prepare a separate article with solutions to the problem when the Wi-Fi indicator does not burn on the laptop, which signals the operation of the wireless module on the laptop. It doesn’t matter how you have this problem. Immediately after buying a laptop, reinstalling Windows, or Wi-Fi indicator stopped burning suddenly. I think that the tips from this article will help you correct this problem. We will consider solutions by example Windows 10. But if you have Windows 7, or Windows 8, then you can apply all solutions. Similarly with a laptop. Tips are suitable for different manufacturers: ASUS, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Packard Bell, etc. D.

For the beginnings, you need to find out what exactly the case you have:

  • Most often, when the Wi-Fi indicator on the laptop does not burn, then accordingly Wi-Fi does not work. And this is quite logical. We will consider the decisions of this case in the article.
  • It also happens when the laptop without problems connect to wireless networks, everything works, but the light bulb responsible for indicating the wireless network does not shine. In this case, I advise you to simply not pay attention to it. It works well. But if you still want to fix this, then start by reinstalling the drivers.
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The wireless networks indicator itself can be in any place on the laptop body. It all depends on the specific model. It is not rarely built into the button, which is responsible for turning on/disabling wireless modules. On my ASUS laptop, this indicator is located on the front panel.

In the photo above, the indicator does not shine just because I turned on the flight mode in Windows 10. It turns on my combination of keys on a laptop. And in Windows 7, the Wi-Fi module was managed. After installing the appropriate drivers and utilities. Also, this bulb will most likely not burn if a wireless adapter driver is not installed on the laptop. But first things first.

If you have such problems with Wi-Fi after reinstalling Windows, then you can immediately move on to the part of the article where I will talk about problems with drivers and their installation.

If Wi-Fi stopped working suddenly, then try to remember what you did before. What could have caused.

acer, laptop, does, turn, power, indicator

A few articles that can also be useful to you:

Screen malfunction

What’s next? The power indicator is on, the laptop does not turn on, but the problem with the video card can be excluded? It is likely that the device broke or damaged the monitor. Extremely rare phenomenon, which in practice still takes place.

If the display broke, then, most likely, the “symptoms” of the breakdown will be exactly the same as in the case of the video card. There will be no images on the monitor, but at the same time the sound of the operating system will appear.

It will not work to solve this problem yourself. If only by acquiring a new laptop. Under such circumstances, you can contact the service center. Maybe the display will be able to repair. But usually devices after such repair do not work for a long time. In the end, you still have to replace the laptop with a new.

The next situation can be fixed without outside help. The power indicator is on, the laptop does not turn on? The main causes of this phenomenon. This is either a failure or setting settings.

It is likely that the bios settings are lost. Because of this, the problem being studied arose on the laptop. In this situation, it is recommended to completely reset BIOS. After that, the computer should earn full force.

The laptop does not load, but the noise of the fans is heard

Sometimes the laptop does not turn on due to a non-working screen, although the device itself is loaded. Perhaps the backlight is simply not burning. To turn on, you can use the “hot” keys. Their usual combination is the FN button, pressed simultaneously with F2, F4, F5, etc. Depending on the model and manufacturer of the laptop.

Sometimes the monitor itself does not give hopes, and instead of image, all kinds of artifacts can be displayed on the screen.

To check if only it is really faulty, the laptop should be connected to the external monitor.

The procedure for connecting an external monitor

For this, the cable is additionally required, it must match the intenses on the external monitor and laptop. Typically, on new devices, an obsolete VGA-intense is no longer present at all, but there is a modern HDMI.

I can recommend further the following procedure for their connection:

If the image does not load on the monitor, configure the transmission mode on the laptop, for which at the same time press the FN and one of the functional keys F1 F12 depending on the manufacturer. It usually schematically depicts a monitor and laptop. This button is responsible for displaying the image. To the laptop, on the monitor or fits it to both devices.

Problems with a video card

If on the external device the signs of the life of the laptop could not be found, but all the indicators are burning, the common cause of the breakdown is a discrete video card. Due to the frequent launch of “heavy” applications, games, poor operation of the cooling system and strong dusting, the video card is overheated and quickly fails.

acer, laptop, does, turn, power, indicator

Therefore, in order to extend their resource, do not work on a laptop, sitting on a couch or bed (so you close ventilation grilles), and for “heavy” games, purchase a special laptop stand with built.In additional fans.

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You can fix the problem either by replacing the burned module, or just turning it off. If he turned off, then the built.In graphics will work normally, but serious games on the laptop will not go. Switching can be carried out in BIOS by setting a Disable parameter for a burned card. In addition to the faults described, the device is often not loaded due to the inoperability of the processor or system board.

Inappropriate BIOS settings

Another case. The picture of the screensaver lights up, information about the laptop may be displayed on the display, but then it shows an error message, the speaker begins to squeak or nothing happens at all, the system does not load. The main reason for such problems is the incorrect BIOS settings. You just need to drop them by default. For this:

  • Go to the BIOS, pressing the DEL button, F2 or F10 (for AMI) several times in a row, sometimes, sometimes for entering the BIOS, the keys F1, F3, F10 or F12 are used.
  • Find the line BIOS Defaults or something similar (in different versions of BIOS the name may vary).
  • Leave the BIOS, preserving the changed settings.

If the system does not start again, you should pay attention to other laptop modules. Their malfunction can cause the same problem.

acer, laptop, does, turn, power, indicator

Other malfunctions that do not allow the laptop to boot

When there are problems with the fact that the hard drive has stopped working, they can also be diagnosed by some signs. To do this, just listen to the life of HDD. The engine can untwist the disk in unsuccessful attempts to read information for too long, the heads can also crackly crackle for a long time. After that, he generally “hangs”.

When the message “Error Loading Operating System” or something similar is displayed when loading, the problem can also be caused by hardware or software failure of a hard drive. However, usually the reason for the impossibility of loading in this case is a flash drive forgotten in the USB-sampling or an optical disk in the drive.

An endless cyclic reloading of the laptop even before loading the Ope is due to problems with the motherboard. Specifically this can be overheating of the south bridge or short circuit. Their source is often a fest for USB. The poor power of the power supply can cause the problem of quick shutdown of the laptop immediately after the start of loading-it goes out due to the fact that the battery just stopped charging.

Laptop does not turn on, indicators do not burn

If, when you press the computer key, nothing happens, any nutritional element may break. Diagnose the described way:

  • Make sure the voltage in the network filter.
  • Connect the power adapter to the network and see if the indicator is lit (there are not all models).
  • Check if the indicator on the laptop itself is burning (it is usually located on the side of the computer case).
  • Disconnect the cable from the network, remove the battery from the compartment and, by connecting the adapter again, start the computer.

If, as a result, one of the indicators has not caught fire, the reason why the laptop screen does not turn on, in the power adapter or in the port to connect the charger to the computer. Check if there are creases and damage to the cable or make sure that the laptop will be charged with another cable.

If after you get the battery from a special compartment, the computer’s charge occurs without interruptions. The cause of the malfunction in the battery. Perhaps she just served her term, then get a new.


The above the actions that you can perform yourself are described above, at home. This does not require special tools and professional skills. However, the reason for the malfunction may consist of failure of not only the adapter, but also the motherboard or power controller.

Laptop power connector

Иногда причиной поломки разъема питания Acer ноутбука являются отпаянные контакты. But this happens 1 time out of 100. 99% of cases are the destruction of the connector from the inside. By the way, for some reason, power supply connectors in HP and Dell laptops do not break as often as Acer and ASUS connectors. The reason is that the Acer power connectors are smaller than the loads used for their breakdown. Diagnostics. We take out the battery and move the adapter power connector.

The Acer laptop power button is faulty. This happens very rarely, but sometimes it happens. You can diagnose such a malfunction by a tester by disassembleing the laptop. Button repair costs 1500-2500

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Correction 5: BIOS update

BIOS stands for Basic Input Output System. This is the software that is stored on a small memory chip on the motherboard of your computer. BIOS is used to identify and eliminate problems with equipment on your computer or laptop.

To update BIOS, go to Acer support and find the BIOS file for your Acer laptop model. Download it to a USB drive and follow Acer instructions for BIOS update.

Important: be especially careful when updating BIOS. If you made an error or an error has occurred, your laptop may stop working and you can lose your data. Therefore, always back up the data on your laptop before updating your laptop BIOS.

So, here it is, I hope this post will come in handy and allow your black screen on the Acer laptop. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave Комментарии и мнения владельцев below, and we will see what else we can do.


The power indicator is on, the laptop does not turn on? Diagnosis of the incident requires certain knowledge from the user. Yes, do not immediately give the computer for repair. But it should be noted that most problems are usually solved with the help of a professional.


You can independently resolve the situation if, for example, the problem lies in the battery. It is likely that she was discharged. Then it is enough to connect power (wire) to the network and to the machine. Next, repeat the attempt to turn on the device. It is better to wait a few minutes before pressing the laptop power button. Let the battery get a little charge. A similar technique is quite effective.

Some recommend removing the battery from the laptop completely, and then attach the food wire. Only then turn on the computer and watch the situation. If the car has earned in full force, then nothing else needs to be done. Otherwise, you will have to look for source of the problem in another place.

As practice shows, problems with the battery or discharged laptop. These are frequent phenomena. Perhaps the safest and easily eliminated without outside help.

There is no initialization

When the laptop is turned on, all indicators light up, including Num and Caps Lock, the cooler works at all speeds, but the monitor does not light up. Indicators can periodically flash, turn off, but the cooler still works.

  • There are no memory or central processor, or they do not work. This is especially common when the laptop was bought on the Internet from China or by ad.
  • All the same broken firmware, only another element is damaged.
  • North bridge of the laptop became unusable.

What is multicontroller, what it does and how it is connected with indicators

Multicontroller, or, as the masters often call it, the “cartoon” is a microcircuit that forms a signal for powering the processor, video card, USB tires, and other components. The multicontroller button is started in the inclusion, when you press it, the cartoon makes checking all the tires on the short circuit and submits permission to the start. The processor is unlocked and begins to read the code with BIOS. This is how the laptop load starts. But in our case there is no load. And there are no indicators either. Leds of power, hard disk and keyboard block are also started in a multi.Controller, sometimes not directly, through other chains.

The reason for this may be a firming of the microcircuit, water damage or a jump in the tire from the power supply (all 19 volts with BP are supplied to the cartoon!). One way or another, it fails and does not give us an indication of connected charging, does not give a reaction to the button and the laptop does not start. Such a multicontroller needs to be changed! In some laptops, multicontrollers need to be flashed (programmed) before installation, in the flash memory of the microcontroller, the manufacturer writes the necessary data for the work of logic. Most often, multi.Controllers without firmware come across, such controllers are easy to put, checking also takes little time.

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