Accidentally deleted photos from your Android phone

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Review of the best programs to recover photos, images and other files on your Android smartphone / tablet with free results.


The main rule to follow if you accidentally delete the necessary files from the internal memory of your smartphone is to use the gadget as little as possible afterwards. Especially for installing programs, copying other files or taking pictures on the camera. In case you overwrite deleted files with new ones you will not be able to recover them.

Get root access. A prerequisite for data recovery from your smartphone is to obtain root access. The easiest way to do this is to carefully follow the instructions from our forum. There are such instructions for most popular (and not so popular) models. You can find them in the threads dedicated to the discussion or the firmware of your gadget. Their correct implementation will hardly damage the device. Nevertheless remember that all manipulations you perform at your own risk.

Enabling developer mode. To transfer the control of your smartphone to your PC you need to enable the debugging via USB. To do this in the settings of the gadget, go to “About the phone” and seven times click on the item “build number”. Now go back to the main settings screen, go to the “For Developers” section that appears, and click on the switch in the “USB Debugging” item.

At this point all the necessary preparations are complete. Let’s move on to the first method of data recovery.

accidentally, deleted, photos, your

How to restore photos from deleted ones

However, some Android smartphones have a built-in photo garbage can. It is a separate album called “Deleted” or “Recently Deleted. All pictures, screenshots and videos that you want to delete are uploaded there.

They are stored there for 30 days, after that they are permanently deleted. Keep in mind that this method does not allow you to recover data after an Android reset. But before the 30 days is up, you can still recover deleted photos and videos on your own, without resorting to auxiliary utilities.

Almost every Android smartphone has a “Deleted” folder

After that, the photos will disappear from the album with deleted files and appear in the album from which they were originally deleted. But if you haven’t managed to restore them within 30 days, you’re screwed. There will be no more photos in the album.

The only way to get them back will be with the UltData for Android utility. But if you’re thinking ahead, you can use Google Photos, which automatically uploads all your photos and videos to the cloud and stores them there permanently.

How to recover deleted photos and files on Android

It’s a modern joke that people are divided into two kinds. The former already do backups, the latter have not yet got around to it. If you like to live on edge and belong to the second group, good news for you. Photos, correspondence and contact list can be restored using the program dr.fone. This applies to both accidentally deleted data and files lost due to smartphone failure.

dr.fone is a program for Windows and macOS operating systems. The application is designed to work with the guts of smartphones. works with Android and iOS devices.

The program consists of several utilities: Recover, Transfer, Repair, Erase, Unlock and a couple of others. The task of each of them is reflected in the name. Transfer helps with file transfers and Recover helps with file recovery.

Let’s try Recover, which will provide recovery of deleted photos on Android. To begin with, the program will detect the connected smartphone and synchronizes with it. Immediately after that dr.fone will prompt you to choose the type of files you want to recover. Of the available options. contacts, music, video, gallery, documents, WhatsApp correspondence and even call history.

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On the left we see three cases for data recovery. Choosing the right one will tell the software where and how “deep” the files should be dug. There is a recovery of files from the phone memory and memory card. A separate item. reviving data from a dead phone. Choose it only if the phone does not recover, shows a black screen or does not react at all. For now, the function works only with Samsung.

At the end you can ask the program to search only for deleted files. This will narrow down the search and speed up the process. The alternative. going through all the documents in a row.

Focus of the search for deleted and lost files in the attics of the smartphone’s mind is ROOT rights. According to the developers, the program automatically adds them for a more efficient search. Your device will go back to the original state after you finish the restore. It won’t affect your warranty.

dr.fone really finds files in memory. On an old HTC One S it found 267 messages and several thousand images. After the end of the search, it is even hard to believe that so many files have passed through the smartphone.

The minus of the program is the paid basis. A one-year subscription to Recover for Windows costs 40, while unlocking the utility forever costs 50. The cheapest solution. Erase, which costs 15 dollars.

Use dr.fone is also possible for free, but there are significant limitations. For example, you can send only ten files from your smartphone to your computer.

Otherwise, dr.fone is a powerful tool that performs its intended function. It’s compatible with more than 6,000 Android smartphones and works with different file types. It will be great for those who want to recover photos and documents even when they seem lost forever.

App: dr.fone Developer: Wondershare Category: Tools Price: Free (with inline purchases) Download: Site Application has already been interested in: 1084 people

Make sure your Android photos are saved automatically to the cloud

So now you know how to recover deleted pictures. But these methods usually do not work if it has been a week or more since you deleted your pictures. So we advise you to reinsure yourself.

Use cloud synchronization, in which case the pictures will be regularly sent to a special service. This is a very useful function also because it saves your images in case of damage or loss of your smartphone. Or you might have drowned your phone in the sea.

Without the cloud you would lose all the photos that were in the memory of the device. And some Dropbox or Google Photos save images on their servers, so you can download them to your computer or other device. And simple photo recovery in the case of the cloud is simplified. you definitely do not need root rights.

There are many cloud services, which we have already told you about. But it is not a sin to repeat. The most popular are the following services:

How does cloud saving photos work?

The most common cloud client is intended for saving a variety of files. That is, you can upload to the cloud storage photos, music, documents and any archives. At the same time, the developers of such programs have implemented one remarkable function.

It is called “photo synchronization”. If you activate it, after each use of the camera new photos and even videos will be uploaded to the cloud. However, such applications most often do not perform synchronization if the battery level has dropped to a rather low value. And in the cloud client settings, you can also turn on uploading photos only via Wi-Fi.

Each cloud client has its own specifics of work. And neither of them has an infinite amount of storage space. The least amount of gigabytes provides Dropbox. The most popular is OneDrive, although this service in our country for some reason has low popularity.

But the best way to synchronize images is with Google Photos. This is where most of the settings are located. Also this service knows how to remind from time to time about old photos, making you a kind of excursion into history.

It is very easy to use cloud services. First you need to download the app. If you don’t have an account (if you don’t have one yet, just use your username and password). Well then you need to activate the synchronization of photos in the settings of the program. And most often it is not necessary to do. the corresponding request will appear after you have created the first photo, you will only have to agree to synchronize the folder with the photos.

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All photos are stored in the “cloud” until you delete them. It turns out that you can restore them at any time. But you need to understand that on the service itself the deletion of the file is complete. there is no way to get something back through other applications. However, some clouds place the file in the “Trash” first, where it is stored for about one week.

Useful tips to recover photos on Android using a computer

If you are going to recover files via your computer, you will need to activate the “USB debugging” option. It is located in “Settings”, in the “For developers” section. If the function is not activated, the computer program simply cannot access the entire file system of the smartphone.

You should think about getting root rights only if you do not use “Sberbank Online” or other banking clients. Such applications determine the presence of ROOT access, refusing to work. Made for the security of the client.

You don’t have to keep the cloud client on your smartphone. You can install it on your computer. In this case, sending photos to the “cloud” will happen after each USB connection.

The easiest way to recover photos from a memory card is to use the appropriate computer program and card reader. In this case you eliminate the limitation of the operating system of your smartphone.

How to restore photos on Android after deletion


When you create a photo on your smartphone it is saved to the internal memory or SD card. Most often the user deletes files without using a file manager. It uses the “Gallery” or Google photo app. In the second case, images are synchronized with your Google account, automatically uploading to the cloud.

Restore photo from the Trash

After deleting an image from the Gallery app. Find the Trash. For example, on your Honor phone, it’s “recently deleted.

Photo app

This is a built-in program from Google. Located (depending on the model) in the “Gallery” add-on. Open it. Photos uploaded to the cloud will be displayed. Find the “Trash” item. After deletion, images are stored in it for sixty days. Recover them.

If you lose your smartphone or reset it to factory settings, with a Google account, go to https://photos from your Log in, see the photos deleted from your phone.

Specialized software

To restore deleted files on your phone, many utilities require root rights (to open the system directories). We do not recommend using these applications. OS hacking leads to device malfunctions. So let’s look at programs that do not require root rights.

DiskDigger Photo recovery

The utility works with the memory of the smartphone and SD card. Restores data from Dropbox and Google Drive.

How to restore photos in Photo Recovery

The application uses two search algorithms:

Wait while the program analyzes and recovers files.

Restore via computer

If the files were overwritten, or there was a reset, you will not be able to recover the photos using the methods described above. What to do? Connect your smartphone to your PC. Turn on Debug mode on your phone. It can be found in “Developer options” section of the settings. Install specialized software.


Go to Upload the utility to your PC. Install and run the program. Connect your smartphone to PC with USB cable. The app will identify the phone. Choose file type and save location.

Tenorshare Data Recovery

The peculiarity of the program is that it works with all Android devices. Program is free and compatible with all versions of Windows. Run the offer, analyze, select the “Photo” group, restore the desired image.

When none of the above helps

I was going to delete some photos that were taken with the camera, but accidentally pressed the “check all” button and all the photos from the camera were deleted I could not prevent it, now I do not know how to restore there are all the photos I need since the purchase of my phone.

Reply. If you have recently deleted photos from the camera, DIskDigger for Android can help. If you’re restoring photos from a memory card, Recuva is the best option. And in general, the above methods will help.

Afternoon! My Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 at first refused to see the SD-card (which is fine) and I started saving photos to the internal memory. Then it started to write that there was not enough memory and constantly threw up notifications about it. I cut the Camera folder from DCIM on my phone, pasted it into a folder on my computer, but instead of 500 photos it transferred 40. Camera folder is naturally missing from the phone. Question: How to restore photos that were not transferred?

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Answer. These photos can be stored on a memory card. You will not find them on your computer because they have not had time to migrate. Focus on the SD card and use the appropriate software.

I was looking for new photos in the Gallery, in the folder “camera”, I decided to move the photos I liked in a separate folder for convenience, I chose the folder “images” of the available ones (there were the least of files). I decided to see what I had moved and I couldn’t find the folder(( The photos are nowhere to be found, I found them in Google Photos and they are displayed as a gray square. Everything is stored on the phone’s internal memory. How to recover them?

Answer. First of all, try to recover files via Google Photos, as described in [instructions]. If it doesn’t help, use DiskDigger and Undeleter for Android. Root access is required for the programs to work fully.

Lenovo phone, took a photo with the phone camera. Before the next photo popped up a window “prohibit” or “allow”. What is it? I don’t remember. I first pressed “prohibit”, but then the photo was not taken, so I pressed “allow”. We took a photo, it’s okay. Then looking through them, we noticed that only the last photos that were taken after this “allow” are visible. There were no previous ones. Rebooted the phone: and now only previous photos are visible, and those fresh ones are gone, we can’t find them anywhere.

I downloaded the Sweet selfie app to my phone. After I took the photo, I forgot to click “save” and the photo was not saved. Now I need it. Is it saved somewhere on the phone??

accidentally, deleted, photos, your

I have Xiaomi Redmi 4A. Several times the phone informed about the lack of memory (I deleted some unnecessary applications and cleaned the cache), and in the evening all the photos from the albums are gone (some still have a couple of photos, but they do not open), and the photos from the system albums (such as Camera) are not deleted.How to restore photos?

How to restore photos from recently deleted

If you deleted photos from Android less than a month ago, you have the opportunity not to use external software, and restore them yourself. The fact is that the vast majority of smartphones support the function of the photo recycle garbage can, where they are moved after deletion and are stored there for 30 days, being deleted only when they expire. That is why if you have come to your senses in time and decided to recover your deleted photos you have this possibility. Of course, provided that you have not deleted them from the folder with deleted photos.

You can restore deleted photos within 30 days

The photos stored in the album with the recently deleted ones are not actually deleted. So there is no risk that they will be corrupted and cannot be recovered. After all, all the time they are still on the device, they use up as much memory as regular photos. Take this into account if you are clearing your memory of unnecessary photos. Moving them to a folder with deleted photos won’t free up disk space, it will only mislead you.


If you are looking for ways to recover photos that you deleted by mistake, FindMyPhoto may be the best choice for you. With FindMyPhoto you can recover almost any type of file from your Android smartphone, including images, videos, music, documents, WhatsApp chats, call logs, etc. д.

  • The application works very fast and can recover deleted images.
  • FindMyPhoto is known for its deep scanning features.
  • The app also has a secret vault where you can store photos and videos.

These were the best Android photo recovery apps you can use right now. These apps work both on Android smartphones with root access and without root. If you know of any other similar apps, let us know in the comment box.

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