A1432 iPad Mini What Generation

A1432 iPad Mini What Generation

Several generations of iPad Over the years of production, they have gained the status of popular tablet computers in the world, competing on equal terms with a huge number of Android devices from other manufacturers. In this article, we will try to understand the reasons that contributed to the popularity of the Apple iPad and analyze the difference between the iPad generations already released and sold in millions of copies.

How many were there?

The number of all generations of the iPad is controversial among experts. This is due not to the peculiarities of entering the market, but to the number of modifications of tablet computers. Formally, there are four generations of devices designated as iPad, but along with them there are four generations of the iPad Mini and the recently introduced iPad Pro, which are included in the number of released models. We will try to deal specifically with the “classic” versions, which are the “locomotive” of trade in this market area. Since 2010, when the first generation iPad was released, the device has undergone a number of improvements, preserving the similarities in appearance.

Options for different markets

IPad 1 generation predetermined a strategy for promoting products in different markets through the release of several modifications of the gadget. Engineers proposed two versions of the device. with support for 3G and Wi-Fi, which was done intentionally, because high-speed Internet does not work in all mobile networks and not for all countries the presence of high-speed data transfer is relevant.

Second generation unlike the time when the iPad of the 1st generation was released, it corresponded to new realities and had four versions. only with a Wi-Fi module, a model with 3G, a CDMA version and a modified Wi-Fi version. iPad 3rd generations had three modifications, and fourth “edition” has three options. Apple iPad 4th generation wifi cellular, LTE-model and a version for Asia with support for additional network ranges.

Four Generation Similarities

When the first generation iPad was released, all consumers unanimously praised the design of the gadget, typical for the company from Cupertino, thoughtful and functional. Further, the development of the device went according to a characteristic evolutionary trend, and subsequent versions did not differ much in terms of design. The similar elements of all generations of iPad include:

  1. The use of metal elements in a case of similar design and shape;
  2. Close dimensions;
  3. The use of high-strength glass-protection display;
  4. The traditional Home button and the style of the case.


Many people who see an Apple tablet wonder How to find out the iPad generation, in front of the eyes. It is difficult to visually do this, but picking up the device is relatively easy to identify. Version differences include:

  1. Case Thickness The first-generation iPad is thicker than subsequent variations and the latest version.
  2. Screen resolution and size.You can determine which generation of the iPad Mini a1432 by the brightness of the screen, which has rich color and built on the architecture of Retina.
  3. Port location at the end sections of the housing. It has changed over time, and the 4th generation iPad ports are located differently from the first generation iPad.

Differences between versions

Despite the apparent complete similarity, in different generations of tablets there were own differences that did not catch the eye, but contributed to an increase in comfort when using the gadget. For example, the 1st generation iPad had sharp body edges, but in the second version they departed from this trend, giving them a rounded shape. This solution has improved the “smartness” of the tablet and comfort in use.

It is much more difficult to distinguish the second version of the tablet from the iPad of the 3rd generation, which in everything copied its predecessor. The only difference between them is the tablet model code, which is engraved at the bottom of the back wall of the gadget. These are two generations of gadgets. the most difficult to distinguish from each other. The fourth generation received a new port such as Lightning, and it is on this basis that it is easier and more reliable to distinguish the version.

Conclusions regarding all generations of tablets

All produced iPad generations have become a successful product on the market and the main source of new trends in the tablet computer device industry. Continuity in design and small external differences became, contrary to common sense, a serious advantage that made it possible to clearly identify the device as an Apple product, but at the same time did not “discredit” owners of previous versions of devices that did not feel infringed on by anything other than growing functionality. Apparently, a similar trend in product development in Cupertino will continue further, and we will see a similar marketing policy in the next, fifth generation tablet, as well as in its subsequent variations.