A white spot appeared on the screen of the Samsung TV

Color spots on the TV screen: causes of appearance, how to eliminate colored spots from the screen.

The appearance of colored spots on the TV screen always becomes a real surprise for the owner. Regardless of the variety, such a defect indicates the emergence of serious problems in the work of technology. In most cases, you can identify the cause and solve the problem yourself.

We will consider in this article not only spots associated with the reliability and quality of the assembly of the matrix. Stains from blows on the matrix in the hearts or by chance leave for the next advice. Replace the matrix. Why? Because the thin structure of the matrix is ​​almost impossible to fix. It is easier and cheaper to make a new display than to restore the old. Here are examples of spots that appear after the impact on the matrix.

The stains from the shock on the screen most often have clear boundaries and traces of cracks. Vague contours may appear in time. This neighboring pixels begin to break from heating and internal stresses.

Possible causes of appearance

Horizontal and vertical stripes may appear on the screen of the TV receiver, sometimes various defects can indicate one breakdown-therefore it is very important to understand in more detail which lanes can be found and what kind of breakdown is indicated. There is no such technique that would be insured from the failure of any system modules

Even TVs of such world.Famous manufacturers as LG, Samsung and Sony, from time to time break. The probable cause of breakdown can be determined by the nature of the strips

There is no such technique that would be insured from the failure of any system modules. Even TVs of such world.Famous manufacturers as LG, Samsung and Sony, from time to time break. The probable cause of breakdown can be determined by the nature of the strips.

The vertically black strip often indicates the presence of interruptions in the functioning of the matrix. The cause of such an unpleasant phenomenon most often becomes a sharp jump in the tension. However, you do not need to rush to run to the service center and all the more to disassemble the TV yourself. It is likely that after a couple of days, the malfunction will disappear on its own-you need to turn off the device from the power, and after a while connect it again.

The emergence of one or more dark or light lines manifest. The reason for the failure of the matrix. In this case, it is not worth delaying with the repair, since after a short period of time the number of stripes will only increase, and their width increases. If the matrix is ​​not completely broken, then the repair will still be required. Damage is usually eliminated by the complete replacement of the block.

If distortions appeared on the transmission of the device and went horizontally located colored LED stripes, then this indicates the incorrect operation of the matrix contact train.

A thin snow.White horizontal strip that goes in the upper part of the screen, in the middle or below, usually occurs due to problems with personnel scanning. The cause of such a malfunction is usually a short circuit associated with sharp voltage fluctuations. Due to too high voltage, the contacts begin to melt, and the microcircuit is covered with cracks.

The most complex malfunction is black strips, and regardless of whether they are located horizontally or vertically. Elimination of such a strip requires significant financial investments. Most often, such a defect indicates a malfunction of the decoder, because the masters are forced to change the matrix whole. If this is not done, then gradually the number of black stripes will grow, and in addition, they will become wider, making it impossible, comfortable watching television programs and films.

Strips from top to bottom in combination with spots of various sizes often occur due to moisture from the body-in this case, the plasma matrix is ​​destroyed.

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Color lines of a similar orientation appear due to corrosion processes that began in the matrix.


Part of the display problems can be solved on your own. It is better to immediately contact the service center with others.

Service center

Когда на работающем экране появляется яркая засветка — это характерный признак производственного брака. If the warranty period has not yet expired, you should hurry to change the device under warranty.

First, contact the manufacturer’s representative and only then, if the case is not recognized as warranty, but the repair is too expensive, you can try to correct the defect yourself.

It will be possible to achieve the replacement of the apparatus with a similar one only if there are no traces of strikes or other mechanical damage on it. Also concerns the integrity of warranty seals.

Dust elimination

Actions to remove large particles of dust and other pollution from LCDs or plasma are as follows:

You should not wipe the display, because if the layers of the matrix dispersed, then this will only worsen the situation. In addition, it may remain difficult to displayed stains.

Dust can be tried to remove the layers with air. It is worth doing in the room where wet cleaning has just been carried out, and there was no dust left in the air.

To do this, you must first very carefully slightly dilute the screen layers to the sides. And after that, a rubber pear with a tip or hose from a portable compressor blow the space between the layers, blowing off the dust with garbage.

Replacing the matrix

If the service center was given a conclusion on the full failure of the matrix, before replacement, you need to weigh the pros and cons:

  • The price of such a repair can be up to half the cost of a new TV or even more;
  • Delivery of a new matrix can take up to three months;
  • After replacing, the old renovated TV will cost a little less new and good.

Samsung DLP White Spot Dot TV DLP Repair FIX 4719-001981 4719-001997

In the case when there is no other option and it is still decided to change the matrix, then this can be done independently. For this:

  • Find and order a new part by the serial number of the TV number. This number can be prompted in the service center.
  • When the order is received, treat it with particular caution.
  • Disassemble the television receiver by putting it on the screen on an even soft surface. Cardboard or thick paper is suitable.
  • After unscrewing the screws, disconnect the train from the matrix.
  • Turn the TV and disconnect the front of the front of the screen, which is attached with latches.
  • Remove the old matrix and replace it with a new.
  • Connect the train and turn on the TV to verify the quality of the image.
  • Collect the device in the reverse order.
white, spot, appeared, screen, samsung

Work in rubber or vinyl gloves so as not to leave prints on the screen. Before replacing this part, you also need to clean the air of dust with ventilation with wet cleaning.


The spots from the liquid can be removed by washing all the layers of the screen. To do this, use boiled water or medical purified alcohol at room temperature. Flushing water from the crane will only worsen the position, adding new pollution to the old pollution. Be sure to de.Energize the TV before that.

After washing, the surface must be dried with cold air with a hairdryer or a pile napkin. Here the room should also be cleaned of dust, and work must be done in rubber gloves.

Replacing LEDs

If dark oval spots appear in the corners of the display, this indicates the problem with the LEDs that highlight the screen. The LED block is relatively inexpensive and changes without a complete disassembly of the TV. And during the warranty period it will be replaced for free.

Suddenly appeared spots on the TV screen can occur for various reasons, for example, spilled liquid, dust, mechanical damage.

How To FIx Lines on Samsung TV screen || How To Fix SAMSUNG TV Vertical Lines On Screen

When the equipment is still under warranty. Immediately contact the service center. After this period, in some cases, the spots can be eliminated with your own hands. The main thing is not to neglect the rules of independent repair, so as not to aggravate the problem.

white, spot, appeared, screen, samsung

Plasma TVs are considered one of the highest quality products in the video equipment market in many respects. You can endlessly compare them with special versions or limited series of LCDs of analogues with a lot of innovations, but for an ordinary user of dignity you can see with only a visual comparison of the quality of the picture.

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To how the work of the technology is based on the principle of using gases, it is quite reasonable to assume that with a change in their properties (usually after a long service life), the image quality will also change. After a certain resource (each model is individual, but not less than 30-50 thousand hours), a deterioration in the quality of the plasma TV is observed. However, this can happen not only due to the natural development of the expiration date, but also as a result of improper operation. It is impossible to fix the worsened plasma quality in the first case, unlike the second case. To increase the clarity, contrast, replenish the gamut of colors with the former shades, you just need to achieve optimal conditions in the room. Avoid overheating of the temperature in the room above 35 degrees, ventilate the room, clean the body and the internal system from dust. All these shortcomings can quickly eliminate the usual prevention, which needs to be carried out at home at least once every two years, and in institutions with an increased operating mode is recommended 1-2 times a year.

Burning out pixels on plasma TV panels

If burnt inscriptions, letters, symbols, stripes suddenly appeared on the screen. This is an occasion to focus your attention. Pixels on the plasma TV (panel) is often quite common. Although this symptom is not a strong cause for concern, it can cause inconvenience to the owners of expensive technology.

It is better to prevent the appearance of this ailment. Fighting prevention is very simple and begins with a rather dynamic viewing video without statics. To do this, it is enough to periodically give a different load on the pixels, with different colors, the frequency of shift. It is the usual viewing that is the source of wear of the same pixel for a long time.

How to eliminate the defect

With mild or minor spots on the TV screen, you can try to eliminate them independently by correcting the additional screen settings:

  • To view the broadcasts in the dark, the brightness of the image will have to be slightly reduced. So the area of ​​light will be caught in the eye, as well as the eyes will be tired and tense when viewing television programs at night.
  • If there is an adaptive backlit function in the TV menu, you can turn it on. In this case, the image brightness will be adjusted automatically depending on the lighting in the room.
  • You can use the function of maximum energy conservation and light sensor.
  • If the light has the form of a vertically moving strip of a light object, you should turn off the function of local dimming.

If the defect is too large or very striking. Only the repair will help. It should also be noted that the light will be recognized as a defect only when it is clearly noticeable not only against a dark background and in the dark, but also with bright external lighting and a bright picture. In all other cases, it is considered a feature of the TV model.

If there are discovery of lights, repair the TV is not recommended independently, since interference in the work of human equipment that is not necessary for repairs with knowledge and experience can lead to an even greater number of “spots” or finally disable the device. An experienced master is without much difficulty to determine the cause of this malfunction and, if possible, quite quickly eliminate it.

The only valid action at home, permissible as an attempt to repair a TV at home is to slightly loosen the bolts that are attached to the back cover of the device, and put it not for a long time by the matrix down.

Why spots appear on the screen

First, consider the general problems inherent in the entire modern TV technology, regardless of its type. The benefit of them is much less than that of old analog TVs, because for the correct visualization, although it is complicated, although only one element is a matrix.

Manufacturing defects

This is not only the budget, but even premium models of eminent brands. Samsung, LG, Philips and others.

Advice! The only option to avoid factory marriage is to carefully check the equipment at the time of purchase.

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Almost every firmware has special software. Nets aimed at identifying broken pixels (black and white dots), spots and other shortcomings. If the factory marriage was discovered at home when buying through an online store, then the seller is in any case must replace the goods.

Physical damage

Strong pressing or blowing on the screen of the TV can cause color spots. Over, broken pixels can spread to the rest of the matrix, which is characteristic of budget models, where there is no independent protection for each sector. Such damage exclude any repair-only replacing the matrix.

Moisture and air entering the matrix

There may be a violation of the rules of transportation by the seller or incorrect operation by the user of equipment. Even a few drops of water or dust particles that have fallen into the body of the matrix can cause unpleasant spots on the LCD screen of the TV.

High temperatures

If there is a heater or other strong heat source next to the TV technician, then the matrix can stratify the LCD devices, or stop working at all if it is a plasma panel. In this case, small lights appear, which gradually fill the entire screen space.

The shape and color of the spots can also say a lot about the nature of the problem, which allows you to immediately begin to solve it. For example, in old analog TVs, multi.Colored spots indicate excessive magnetization of the screen. To eliminate this trouble, just transfer the device to another place, away from the electromagnetic technique that affects it.

Yellow spots indicate the already begun process of delamination of the matrix, which is characteristic of budget models that have been actively used for more than 5 years. Expensive TV technology for the most part is deprived of such problems.

How to remove stains on matrices

If the spots arise on the matrix, then they should not try to remove them yourself. In this case, it is advisable to contact the service center, the masters of which will carry out professional repair of equipment at a specially equipped workplace.

As mentioned above, the appearance of spots on the matrix means that this problem can only be solved by replacing it with a new. To do this, the specialist of the service center removes the device case and then disconnects all the wires and loops. Next, the screws holding the matrix are twisted. After that, the master extracts a faulty part and sets a new matrix in its place. Then it remains only to tighten the screws, return the wires and train to their places, and also assemble the case.

white, spot, appeared, screen, samsung

When a screen replacement is necessary?

Most often, it is required to replace the screen after serious mechanical damage, when the repair is inappropriate or is much more expensive than a new matrix. This happens in the case of a strong blow to the screen or its fall. Such spots have a clear boundary of the blow, as well as traces of cracks. Some new screens can show vague contours, this is due to the fact that the pixels located nearby begin to burn out from excessive stress.

There are spots about the oca on the screen of the TV, see further.

When you can’t do without repair

It is much worse when, instead of “cloud” highlights on the screen, bright clear light points are observed.

This suggests that the optical dissecters of the LEDs of the backlight under the influence of high temperature have peelled off and fell off. For this reason, the light does not dissipate, but beats a powerful beam directly through the layers of the matrix.

This problem is eliminated only in a workshop, by replacing either LED assembly, or replacing a spoiled light source.

Some “kulibins” offer to glue the dumped cutters to the place, but the prospects for such a repair are doubtful. The fact is that the positioning of the cutter on the crystal of the LED is a very responsible and high.Precision operation, and to do it “on the knee” is quite problematic. The best option is to replace.

This repair is unambiguously recognized as a warranty, therefore, if the defect occurred during the warranty period, then it will be eliminated at the expense of the manufacturer.

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