A bar appeared on the TV screen

The horizontal bar on the TV screen

This type of TV malfunction is probably in third place after the breakdowns of the lowercase and PSUs. A narrow horizontal white bar on the TV screen indicates a frame scan malfunction.

Such a malfunction as a horizontal bar on the TV screen can occur for several reasons:

  1. Malfunction of a personnel microcircuit;
  2. Defective capacitors strapping the personnel microcircuit;
  3. There is no power supply to the personnel microcircuit;
  4. Annular cracks in the elements of personnel scanning (CR).

It can manifest itself in different ways. It is a bright narrow horizontal strip on the screen or a strip 3-4 cm wide. It depends on which element and which cascade is malfunctioning.

Perhaps it is necessary to start with the simplest one, check the microcircuit and its binding for the presence of ring cracks in the soldering. For some, they arise even after a year of operation (for example, for Erisson), for others after many years, here it is enough to solder the conclusions to fix the malfunction.

Next, we check the presence of supply voltages. Depending on the chip used, the voltage can be one or two, for example 9 volts and 45 volts. The preliminary stage of the microcircuit is powered by low voltage, and the output stage by a high one.

The power supply of the KR is mainly provided by the TDKS, however, there are televisions in which voltages are supplied from the power supply.

Let’s take a look at the KP of a Rolsen 72FS10T-5 TV using the TDA8356 chip

A bar appeared on the TV screen

The power supply of the KR is carried out with a voltage of 16 V (3 pin) and 45 V (6 pin) through the breakaway resistors R405. 1 Ohm and R416 22 Ohm. When these resistors break off, a horizontal bar will be observed on the TV screen. A break in these resistors may indicate a malfunction of the frame chip or some kind of load in the Kyrgyz Republic. If the resistors are intact, then the microcircuit is most likely alive and it is necessary to change the electrolytes in its bundle.

As I wrote above, a horizontal bar on the TV screen can appear with faulty capacitors in the frame of the personnel microcircuit. Here, the very first thing to pay attention to is whether there are swollen capacitors for powering the microcircuit in the output stage (usually these are high-capacity capacitors of 1000-2000 uF). For example, let’s look at the CD of the Rolsen C2135 TV:

Here we change the main ones: C406. For power, C405. Voltage boost, C406. The best thing is checking the parts with a replacement, but in some cases you can “throw up” additional capacity, that is, solder the capacitor and see the result.

When analyzing the performance of the microcircuit, look for damage to the case, and if it is warming. You can check it also in this way, drop out the microcircuit and check the resistance of the power leads (in this case 3 and 6) to the negative terminal (case), there should not be a short circuit or too little resistance.

Of course, a malfunction with a horizontal bar on the TV screen can occur with the output of other elements, for example, the breakdown of the personnel coils, but they are quite rare and have never come across to me.

During operation, the TV is subjected to mechanical damage. Because of this, disturbances occur in the operation of hardware modules, which manifest themselves in the form of various defects. The vertical stripes on the Samsung TV screen may indicate the failure of several modules at once.

Now we will examine in detail how to quickly diagnose a TV breakdown. Let us analyze the methods of troubleshooting, and also make a list of useful recommendations to prevent all kinds of defects from appearing on the TV screen.

Reasons for the malfunction

Vertical and horizontal stripes on the TV screen. This is not always an indicator of the presence of serious technical malfunctions. Such defects may appear due to easily explainable reasons:

  • Incorrectly adjusted image so that the stripes disappear, just start the automatic selection of optimal parameters;
  • Incorrect cable connection. Also, the cables can be clogged, clogged with dust, they need to be cleaned corny.

Stripes on the Samsung TV screen may also appear periodically. This defect is mainly accompanied by flickering of the picture, “sticking” of the frame or other distortions. All these nuances are of tremendous importance. Since they allow you to determine the nature of the breakdown.

Video: A bar appeared on the TV screen

Thin vertical line

Mechanical damage to the matrix

Vertical multi-colored stripes

Violations in the work of matrix components

Colored horizontal lines, spots.

Poor matrix loop contact

Horizontal strip of white color

Frame scan defect

Black lines

Conventionally, all the causes of incorrect TV operation can be divided into several groups: mechanical damage, short circuits, incorrect settings. The latter category does not need additional study. Consider the intricacies of determining the failure of hardware components, as well as the features of their recovery.

Broken matrix

It is easy to guess that the user becomes the cause of this malfunction, namely, his violation of the operating conditions of the equipment. A sign of mechanical damage to the matrix is ​​a monochrome vertical strip on the TV screen. This is a very narrow line, its width does not exceed two pixels.

In some situations, this defect appears, but later disappears. If more than 7 days have passed since the appearance of the strip, then this is a sign of serious hardware damage to the TV.

Replacing the matrix is ​​an extremely laborious and expensive process. Therefore, if the fears were confirmed, and on the Samsung TV the band appeared due to damage to the matrix, it makes sense to think about acquiring new technology. If the warranty does not expire, then contact your service representative.

You absolutely cannot replace the damaged matrix yourself. Since this requires special equipment. The use of improvised tools will provoke an aggravation of the malfunction. It is more rational to contact a service center.

In addition to the breakdown of the matrix itself, there are also violations in the operation of its components. For example, the appearance of black lines on the screen is a sign of failure of the column decoder, which is located directly on the matrix. Over time, the line thickness will increase. Therefore, delaying the repair is not worth it.

If you want to repair the TV yourself, then you need to take into account several important points:

  1. Mostly all cables, loops and conductors are very thin. They can be easily damaged. Therefore, you need to be as careful as possible.
  2. To solder the contacts, you need to have the appropriate equipment (infrared and hot-air PS, magnifying devices) and professional skills.
  3. You must know the location system of the base modules of the TV, so as not to accidentally damage operable components.


Due to moisture entering the LCD TV, contact oxidation occurs. This failure can be determined by the characteristic green coating on the cables and contacts. If the magnitude of the malfunction is insignificant, then you can remove plaque from the surface of the conductor yourself. Cleaning is carried out with a knife or blade.

When, due to moisture in the bottom or middle of the screen, large stripes or spots appear, it means that the problem has reached serious proportions. Simply removing the plaque does not solve the situation. First you need to check the voltage of the contact circuit with a multimeter. In this case, contact a service center.

Moisture causes damage to the LEDs of the LED backlight. Therefore, blackouts may appear in certain areas of the screen. It is possible that the problem arose due to improper care. In no case should you spray plenty of cleaning products onto the surface of the screen. Special liquids need to be sprayed onto microfiber or a dry cloth, and then wipe the display.

Broken loop

In some situations, stripes appear on the screen due to damage to the matrix cable. Broken conductors are far from always recoverable. Sometimes you have to replace them with new components. You can order a new loop in the service center, first inform the managers of your TV model.

It is better to entrust the elimination of hardware failures to the masters, but if you want to do everything yourself, then you need to prepare the following tools: screwdrivers or bits PH, PZ, TORX, HEX, SL. The connection cable of the matrix is ​​located inside the TV, so the work begins with the removal of the back cover. Loosen all screws and gradually open access to the broken component.

All connections are fastened using special connectors. It is not necessary to solder the wires. It is enough to press lightly on the latch. The connection principle can be compared with an Ethernet cable.

The arrangement of basic modules is different for all manufacturers. Therefore, you need to carefully study the details of the assembly. You can find it on the Internet on the official website of the manufacturer.

Other mechanical damage

Black horizontal stripes on the TV screen may occur due to cable connection problems. To fix the problem, it is enough to disassemble the TV, and then connect the cables correctly. It is possible that as a result of mechanical damage, some conductors are damaged. In this case, they need to be replaced.

A white narrow horizontal strip on the TV screen may also appear due to a break in the matrix wires. It is extremely easy to identify this breakdown, push the cable a little or slide to the side: if all the defects disappear, then the malfunction is diagnosed correctly. Solving such a malfunction is an extremely complex process. Take a magnifying glass or other magnifying tool to determine the location of the broken wires. Recovery is carried out using conductive varnish or heating the contacts to the appropriate temperature. If you overheat the contacts, the malfunction will be exacerbated.

Troubleshooting tips

The equipment is not insured against damage and premature failure. Televisions, too, were no exception to this rule. Mostly all abnormalities in the plasma can be eliminated. The main drawback is that the cost of some components is comparable to the price of a new TV. Therefore, it does not always make sense to change the matrix. It is possible that after a while other nodes will stop working.

What should I do if stripes appear on the display before the end of the warranty period? Much depends on the cause of the defect. For example, if the catalyst for the problem was the mechanical damage to the screen due to the fact that the TV fell corny, and there was a blow to a hard surface, then you should not count on free maintenance. However, if defects arose due to incorrect factory assembly, then the manufacturer compensates for the troubleshooting. It is more expedient to refuse repair. Insist on getting a new TV.

Do not forget about prevention, which helps prevent the appearance of black and white and color stripes on the TV screen. Some useful recommendations from experts:

If you plan to hang the equipment on the wall, then you need to use a special bracket. Do not use homemade fixation systems. Follow these tips, and then on the TV screen strip or any other defects will definitely not appear.