How To Make An Island For A Red-Eared Turtle

How To Make An Island For A Red-Eared Turtle

The main parameters of the island

The size of the island should be 3-4 times the size of the amphibian. If several turtles live in the aquarium, then the land should be 2 times the area of ​​the shells of all pets.

The turtle island must be accessible, i.e. positioned so that the animal can easily climb onto it. It is best if a gentle gangway leads to the land surface.

The land should be rough, which will help the pet to easily move on it, turn around.

It is necessary to calculate that the island withstands the weight of the turtle and is stable.

The dry area should be located above the water level and not wet. Otherwise, the pet will not be able to dry and warm on it properly.

How To Make An Island For A Red-Eared Turtle

The island should be located 15-20 cm below the edge of the aquarium for the red-eared turtle, otherwise the animal will easily escape from it.

Above land should be installed heating in the form of an ultraviolet lamp. After all, water does not pass ultraviolet rays poorly, and they are necessary for the turtle to grow, produce vital substances in the body, and the proper functioning of organs. However, the temperature on the island should not exceed 30 ºС.

It is important that the land is made of non-toxic materials.

How To Make An Island For A Red-Eared Turtle

Types of islets

One of the most common options is a sushi made of glass. For its manufacture, a glass rectangle is cut corresponding to the size of the pet. With the help of aqua-sealant at the desired height, it is glued to the walls of the aquarium. Its surface, also using sealant, is encrusted with natural pebbles. The ladder can be made of glass or a rough piece of plastic. All work must be carried out in a completely dry aquarium. You can populate a turtle in it after two days. During this time, the sealant will dry out, and its smell will disappear.

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It is easy to make an island on your own from a piece of tile. This is an environmentally friendly material that will not harm the health of the turtle. Tile is attached to the aquarium with sealant. However, it is smooth and the animal will glide over the surface. Glue the island with a piece of rubber mat "under the grass", pebbles or make neat cuts on its surface with a hammer and chisel.

How To Make An Island For A Red-Eared Turtle

The easiest option is an island of large stones. They are placed in the corner of the aquarium, but first the stones must be washed with soap and boiled in a saucepan for 5 minutes.

If you decide to make an island on your own, it is not recommended to use polystyrene, as it crumbles, and the turtle can be poisoned by swallowing a piece. Usually, floating islands are made of this material. But they are not suitable for turtles. The animal will not be able to climb onto an unstable surface, moreover, under the weight of the body of the animal, it will turn over. And you should not use snags and branches as sushi for turtles, since in water they quickly succumb to the process of decay and spoil the water.

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