How To Feed A Water Turtle The Right Diet For Decorative Aquarium Turtles

How To Feed A Water Turtle The Right Diet For Decorative Aquarium Turtles

Waterfowl turtles in their natural habitat feed mainly on animal food. Trachemys live in fresh ponds and lakes. In their native waters, insects and larvae, mollusks, small crustaceans and medium-sized fish are accessible to reptiles. It is necessary to feed a small decorative aquatic turtle at home in such a way that as close as possible the pet’s menu to the natural diet.

General requirements

Aquatic decorative turtles feed on both animal and plant foods. Dry food is best combined with natural products. At the age of one year, reptiles require one meal a day. During the period of the active formation of the body, it is useful for young individuals to eat protein-rich foods, including insects and raw fish. Through a natural diet, beneficial elements are best absorbed.

An adult aquarium turtle is fed every other day, or two. After a year on the eared-eared menu, the content of plant foods rises to 50%.

A single serving is determined so that after 30 minutes the pet has completely eaten it. A young turtle usually needs 2-3 pieces 1 cm³ in size. Adult chunks may be a little large. If after 30 minutes the food remains in the aquarium, the serving volume for the next time needs to be reduced.

Due to the characteristics of the esophagus of a domestic aquatic turtle, food for it is not thermally processed. Correctly offer your pet food at room temperature. Hot and cold food can cause a refusal to eat, or cause illness.

You can feed a small decorative turtle with tweezers, or leaving food in the aquarium. Some owners teach pets to eat on land. Most reptiles prefer to take lunch to the water, which is why they have to change it more often. To keep the aquaterrarium clean longer, you can feed the aquatic decorative turtle in a separate container with water.

How To Feed A Water Turtle The Right Diet For Decorative Aquarium Turtles

In winter and autumn, reptiles usually eat less often, but in large quantities. In summer and spring they prefer to eat less, but more often. There are no special rules for feeding turtles by season. Changes in diet are necessary only for animals that are preparing for hibernation and out of it.

Harmful and healthy products

Small decorative water turtles at home eat only what a person offers. To provide a reptile with a balanced diet, you must use a diverse list of products. Turtle food is combined with natural food.

Situations when at home aquatic turtles eat from a human table meet. Trust in the tastes of the pet is not worth it. Dry food for other types of animals and dishes for humans are not suitable for reptiles.

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Fish and seafood

The fauna of freshwater lakes and ponds is a natural food for home turtle. Low-fat river fish is suitable for reptile food. Small can be given with bones and entrails as a whole. Large fish are crushed, large bones are finely chopped, or crushed. Fatty fish such as capelin, sprats, sprats and herring should not be given.

Aquatic turtles eat small crustaceans at home. The most popular among them is live gammarus and other representatives of the genus Amphipods, Daphnia.

How To Feed A Water Turtle The Right Diet For Decorative Aquarium Turtles

Crabs and shrimp can be given raw. Occasionally, you need to treat your pet with mussels and oysters without shells and octopus tentacles. Many red-eared turtles love squid, but they can’t feed pets. In reptiles of such food, their eyes become cloudy.

Meat and offal

The meat of terrestrial animals is difficult to digest by the digestive system of reptiles. They are not recommended to feed a small turtle. Even adults should never be given meat of fatty varieties, including pork and lamb. Red-eared turtles should not be offered chicken, whether raw or cooked. Beef should not be given either in slices or in the form of minced meat.

It is strictly forbidden to treat reptiles with factory sausages, sausages and pastes. Food is not digested, and spices and preservatives have a negative effect on the health of the animal.

To nourish the body with vitamin A, turtles occasionally need to be given beef liver and heart. Reptiles feed exclusively on raw food. Animal proteins after heat treatment are poorly absorbed by the digestive system of a freshwater predator. Trachemys can eat mice and frogs.

How To Feed A Water Turtle The Right Diet For Decorative Aquarium Turtles

Plant food

The little turtle needs to be fed carrots and lettuce, if it shows interest in them. Extra care is required with other vegetables. Foods high in oxalates and phosphorus are harmful because they interfere with the absorption of calcium.

Offering freshwater meat eaters citrus fruits, berries and fruits is best with caution. One of the safest foods is an apple. Turtle can eat seedless flesh. In limited quantities, you can give pear, banana, melon, watermelon apricot, raspberries and strawberries. Fruit seeds and peel of citrus to red-eared turtles are harmful.

How To Feed A Water Turtle The Right Diet For Decorative Aquarium Turtles

To prevent goiter diseases, products containing strumogenic substances should be avoided. They interact with iodine, interfere with its absorption, and contribute to the growth of thyroid tissue. Therefore, red-eared turtles should not be given cabbage, turnips, beans, soy and nuts.

Aquatic turtles eat grass plants and algae. Freshwater is suitable duckweed, water hyacinth, pistol and hornwort. The list of permitted herbs contains non-toxic meadow plants, including clover, dandelions and daisies. Many reptiles love sprouted barley and oats.

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Insects and mollusks

Water turtles can be fed with larvae living in the water, including bloodworms and corvettes. Ground insects are suitable for food. Often for red-eared turtles, crickets and locusts become a favorite treat. Useful in composition are the ognevka, the larva of the fly flies, and earthworms. Zofobasa before use must be beheaded. Insects can be fed live, dried or frozen.

How To Feed A Water Turtle The Right Diet For Decorative Aquarium Turtles

Shellfish are well absorbed by the digestive system of reptiles. Snails can be offered alive and thawed. It is better not to give turtles without shells better, since toxic substances perform a protective function in their body.

Among the delicacies for the pet are:

  • coils;
  • ampullarium;
  • physical;
  • mariz;
  • land snails.

It is permissible to treat domestic aquatic turtles with achatins, which have reached 1-1.5 cm in length.

Maggots in composition are a good food, but when turtles get into the stomach they continue the life cycle. Since the larva causes decomposition processes around itself, it can irritate the mucous membranes of the reptile organs. The flour worm contains a lot of fat and few other nutrients, therefore it is recognized as useless.

Other products

The tortoise that eats from the human table is doomed to disease. Reptiles are harmful to eat bread, cereals, seasoned and thermally processed dishes. Even crab sticks that are made from fish waste are indigestible animal feed.

Dairy products, including cottage cheese, should not be offered to turtles. The animal receives calcium from fish bones and insect chitin shells. Chicken eggs cause bloating tortoise flatulence, so they are also prohibited. As a source of calcium, crushed shells from boiled eggs can be used.

Dry food

If the turtle eats only dried and canned products, it lacks vitamins and beneficial elements. Factory dry food – easy to use, well stored and can serve as one of the dishes in the diet of a turtle. To choose quality products, you need to pay attention to the composition.

Many varieties are made on the basis of dried gammarus, which is difficult to digest with red-eared turtles and contains few useful substances. Among these, it is impossible to choose a dish for the basis of the reptile menu. Occasional use is permissible if the turtle receives other food in addition to feed.

  • JBL ProBaby;
  • JBL Gammarus;
  • Tetra Gammarus;
  • Tetra Gammarus Mix;
  • Zoomir Torty.

From the company Tetrafauna you can choose mono-feed, where only one type of food is present in the composition, such as daphnia or grasshoppers. They are conveniently combined with natural food and used as goodies. The same role can be played by canned house crickets.

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How To Feed A Water Turtle The Right Diet For Decorative Aquarium Turtles

Varieties containing fish and fishmeal are better than feed based on gammarus. The leaders in the manufacture of such are JBL and Tetrafauna. The composition based on fish and shrimp is enriched with larvae and insects. Good mixtures can be used for alternating with natural products, as a full meal.

  • JBL Agil;
  • JBL Schildkrotenfutter;
  • JBL Energil;
  • Sera Raffy I;
  • Sera Raffy Royal;
  • Tetra ReptoMin Baby.

Dairy products, eggs, brewer’s yeast, colorants and preservatives may be present in water turtle feed. Owners should carefully study the label to weed out options with harmful impurities.

Live feed

A tortoise living in an aquarium is useful to hunt small fish and snails. Fresh food tastes better for reptiles and preserves maximum nutrients. Snails, fish and larvae can be grown independently and save on factory feed. To do this, you will need a separate container, since next to the reptile, live food will not have time to multiply.

The most unpretentious for growing a house are snails. Many mollusks are hermaphrodites; for breeding, it is enough to place several individuals in the aquarium. Favorable temperature for breeding is 22-28 ° C, algae, boiled vegetables, rotten leaves are suitable as food. The container with snails needs to be closed so that they do not creep. The easiest way to start is with coils.

How To Feed A Water Turtle The Right Diet For Decorative Aquarium Turtles

In the same aquarium with shellfish, you can breed fish. For turtles, experienced owners often breed guppies because of their ruggedness and fecundity. If fish live in the tank, snails do not need additional feeding.

If there is no food, frogs, tadpoles and land snails can be caught for the red-eared turtle. River snails can be carriers of parasites, so treating them with a pet is not recommended. Earthworms need to be digged away from the fields, as farmers can cultivate the land from pests.

Homemade blanks

You can cook your own food for your pet. Snails are subject to freezing. To do this, they are rinsed and, without wiping, closed in a cold place in the container. Frozen moisture forms an ice crust, which contributes to long-term storage.

Gammarus, daphnia, coretre and bloodworms can be dried at home on their own. Gauze is pulled onto a wooden frame. The design is installed in a ventilated room, so as to ensure air circulation from below and above. It is advisable to choose a place away from sunlight. The raw materials are distributed over the gauze in an even layer and kept until completely dry.

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