How To Care For A Turtle

For a long time, a man treated reptiles with a certain prejudice. However, there are species of reptiles that inhabited our Earth even before the advent of the dinosaurs. It’s about turtles. Quite harmless and meek creatures manage to adapt to different habitats. Only at first glance does the tortoise seem an innocent and sluggish […]

Do-It-Yourself Aquaterrarium For The Red-Eared Turtle

For the maintenance of adult red-eared turtles, a rather large terrarium is required. Finding a suitable device can be difficult, and its cost will cause a significant blow to the family budget. The best solution would be a home-made aquarium (aquaterrarium) for a turtle – to manufacture such a device does not require special knowledge […]

How Do Red-Eared Turtles Breed At Home Step By Step

Many owners of reptiles love animals such as red-eared turtles, the reproduction of which in domestic conditions implies sufficient knowledge. Usually, in captivity, reptiles do not differ in great sexual activity, because the occurrence of offspring happens quite rarely. But the low birth rate of the Red-eared turtles in domestic criteria is justified in most […]

How To Contain A Turtle

When my five-year-old son was presented with a turtle (without asking my opinion on this matter), questions immediately arose, but what should I do with it? What to feed? Where to hold Do I need a terrarium for a turtle? Do I need to heat it? And many other questions. Unfortunately, all my knowledge about […]

Rubella Turtle In Aquarium

Name (rus): Red-eared Turtle, Yellow-bellied Turtle Name (lat): Name (eng): Yellow-belly slider Suborder : (Cryptodira) Crypto-TortoiseFamily : Family: (Emydidae) Freshwater turtles Subfamily: (Emydinae) Half-BoxedKind : (Trachemys) Decorated / SlidingSubspecies: Trachemys scripta elegans (Elegant Red-eared) (Red-Ear Slider)Trachemys scripta scripta (Yellow-bellied slider)Trachemys scripta troostii (Cumberland Slider) Description of the Red-eared Turtle: The shell of an adult red-eared […]

How To Feed A Turtle

At home, not only land but also aquatic species of turtles are increasingly being kept at home, respectively, the food supply for such an exotic pet must be selected in accordance with the species characteristics. Features of the nutrition of turtles Depending on the type of food, there are three main subgroups of domestic turtles: […]

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