Care For Turtles And Keeping Turtles At Home

This is how the most popular types of turtles look like: Land Central Asian tortoise (lat.Agrionemys horsfieldii) The Central Asian tortoise lives in the states of Central Asia: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan in the steppe and semi-desert regions. It feeds, like all land turtles, on vegetation (field plants, dried forage grasses, indoor plants, and occasionally permitted […]

Rubella Turtle In Aquarium

Trachemys tortoise is a freshwater animal, quite often found in domestic aquatorrariums of lovers of all countries. In nature, these curious creatures live in the United States, Southeast Asia, South Africa, and also in southern and central Europe. They got their interesting name, of course, not for red ears, but for the color of the […]

How To Feed Shrimp Turtles

5. Feeding the Red-eared Turtles Under natural conditions, red-eared turtles feed on both plant and animal food. When keeping these animals at home, it is important to properly organize their diet so that it matches the natural value in terms of calorie content and the content of basic nutrients. Trachemys living at home need a […]

Red-Eared Turtle

Pet – Red-eared Turtle Turtle is an exotic but quite popular pet. Different types of these animals are found around the world. In nature, there is a huge variety of species of turtles. They vary in shape, size and pattern on the shell. One type of pet of this species is Red-eared turtle, a resident […]

How Many Turtles Live At Home

About 290 species of turtles live on the globe, in water and on land. These extraordinary creatures are considered centenarians who can exist in various conditions. They are hardy, can be eaten for quite some time, are immune to many infections, and, finally, their body is protected by bone “armor”. Turtles are the favorites of […]

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