16 Most Popular Types Of Domestic Turtles

Many animals live in glass containers: turtles, fish, lizards and crustaceans. Home terrariums usually contain a terrestrial species of turtles, from which freshwater and land animals emerge.

Types of water

Reptiles with swimming limbs with membranes. Most aquatic species of turtles inhabit water bodies with weak water movement. Mobile carnivorous reptiles, but herbivorous species are also found.


The tortoise is brown-green. Also called yellow-bellied tortoise. It lives in the shallow ponds of Mexico, South and Central America and Africa. The name was given due to red spots in the ears, there are species with bright yellow spots. On the head and legs are saturated green stripes. Young individuals are less intensely colored than mature ones. Carapax (upper part of the shell) of females up to 30 cm, males up to 15 cm, there are claws. In the diet of young individuals, animal food predominates. Sedentary and non-conflict pets.

16 Most Popular Types Of Domestic Turtles

Trionics Chinese or Far Eastern

16 Most Popular Types Of Domestic Turtles


Omnivorous turtles with a flat oval shell up to 30 cm in length. The color consists of alternating yellow and green stripes. Individuals like salt or fresh water with a temperature of 18–22 degrees and a large amount of vegetation near a reservoir. They are found in southern Europe and Central Asia. In nature, climb high into the mountains. They live for 30 years. Sexual differences are clearly visible in this type of freshwater turtle: the tail of the males is more powerful and long, the carapace is concave.

16 Most Popular Types Of Domestic Turtles


Aquarium turtles with a small shell up to 18 cm and a disproportionately large body. Having a harmless appearance, reptiles can injure false teeth. Come from North and South America. They live in shallow streams and swamps with abundant vegetation. For keeping at home, a capacity of 60-100 liters is suitable. They feed on animal food and dry food.

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European marsh

Dark green turtles up to 35 cm. The body is covered with bright spots. Big and long tail, on the paws of the membrane and sharp claws. Reptiles live near lakes and ponds. European marsh turtle is listed in the Red Book. Contained at an air temperature of about 30 degrees.

16 Most Popular Types Of Domestic Turtles

Kinds of little

According to the scientific classification, small turtles are considered freshwater species, the average size of which does not exceed 13 cm. A 100-liter terrarium is suitable for pets.


Small reptiles up to 13 cm. Color from reddish brown to black, carapace with three keels. Unpretentious in care, an aquarium up to 100 liters is suitable. They inhabit the countries of South Asia, in the forests they lead a completely land lifestyle. They are omnivorous, consume fruits and vegetables, do not mind eating fish. In some countries banned for home maintenance.

16 Most Popular Types Of Domestic Turtles


Turtles got this name because of the musk glands under the shell. The length of the oval carapace is 7–13 cm. There are light spots on the dark head and shell. Young turtles are distinguished by three longitudinal ridges on the carapace, disappearing over the years. They feed on mollusks, insects, and small fish. Range: from Canada to South America. In the natural environment are the orderlies of the reservoir. Turtles swim well, in the terrarium there should be an island and a reservoir.

16 Most Popular Types Of Domestic Turtles


Amphibians up to 12 cm long. Carapax is black, without protrusions. On the carapace, head and limbs, light yellow spots are evenly distributed. And also there are color variations with orange and reddish splashes. They live at room temperature. For convenience, place shelters in a glass container and water plants in a pond. The turtle leads a daytime lifestyle. Type of food – insectivores. The young eat exclusively animal food. Plants are rarely eaten. In nature they live in wetlands and wetlands.

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16 Most Popular Types Of Domestic Turtles

Pond Reeves

Tortoise with a shell length of 13 cm. Carapace is painted in brown tones. There is olive, gray-green and black body color, there are yellow stripes. Females are lighter than males, the tail is shorter. Allowed temperature is not lower than 22 degrees. It is known that turtles can survive negative temperatures.

16 Most Popular Types Of Domestic Turtles


Home turtles are endowed with the feature: in case of danger, the gap between the plastron and the carapace closes. The closure genus consists of the following species:

  1. reddish silt tortoise;
  2. silt red-cheeked;
  3. silt yellow-eared;
  4. common musk;
  5. musky keel.

16 Most Popular Types Of Domestic Turtles


The carapace of these 9-centimeter turtles is slightly extended forward, has a slight bulge. Color from olive to brown depending on the breed. On the forelimbs, scales and 4 or 5 fingers. The muzzle is oblong. Females are larger than males. Carnivorous species eating fish, mice and shrimp.

16 Most Popular Types Of Domestic Turtles

Types of land

Compared to freshwater, land animals are slow and peaceful. When domestic turtles feel danger, they hide in a shell. Among land reptiles there are giant ones up to a meter in length and small 10–12 cm. In captivity they live on average 30 years. You can read a separate article about caring for land turtles.

Central Asian

A popular pet sight. At home, grow up to 10-18 cm. The turtles have a light carapace with dark shields, four-fingered limbs. Once a week you can have a swim. They do not like when they are disturbed, they prefer peace and regularity. Provide animals with air at 30 degrees and sandy soil in which they can dig.

16 Most Popular Types Of Domestic Turtles

Star or Indian

Beautiful pets with an unusual shape of the shell. Shields are convex, slightly pointed with a catchy pattern in the form of stars. The carapace is dark, the pattern is yellow. Turtles are medium in size, females reach 25 cm, males – 15 cm. Varieties living in Sri Lanka and South India have 5-7 rays per color. Individuals from the north of India have 7–9 thin “star” rays. Eat plant foods.

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16 Most Popular Types Of Domestic Turtles


The color and content preferences are different for the subspecies. Color is monophonic or dark with yellow splashes. On the front legs of domestic turtles, 5 fingers, hind limbs with spurs. A hump of horn tissue is present on the back of the thigh. Sizes up to 35 cm.

16 Most Popular Types Of Domestic Turtles


The size of the shell reaches 12 cm, females are smaller than males. The shell is sand color with black spots. The content is whimsical, susceptible to disease. Herbivores, in nature feed on plants of the genus sagebrush. Calcium and D3 are added to the diet. The ability to determine the sex of this species is provided at 15 years old. Contained in groups of its kind in a spacious tank.

16 Most Popular Types Of Domestic Turtles


The size of the shell is up to 20 cm. In appearance, it resembles a Mediterranean tortoise. The shell is light brown with a dark pattern. Over the years, the color fades to yellowish gray. There is a horny tip on the tail. They feed on peas, beans, clover and fruits. Supplement the diet with slugs and snails. Mobile pets are especially active in the warm season.

16 Most Popular Types Of Domestic Turtles


Some species of domestic turtles are small and relatively unpretentious. Even for such animals, you will need a spacious and long aquaterrarium, an ultraviolet lamp and a water filter. Approach the maintenance of a domestic turtle responsibly, and then it will delight the opportunity to observe it for a long time.

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